Top 3 destinations to visit this June holidays

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If you’re new to travelling and want a hassle free holiday, a package tour is the way to get the best holiday deals. Package tours include accommodation, sightseeing around attractions and activities depending on what you are into. It provides safety, as your schedules will be planned, while giving the best value for money.

1. Japan

Japan is a metropolitan city. It has both a highly developed and market oriented economy and infrastructure. It’s rich in culture, and great landscape. Japan is also known for its advanced technology, which is reflected through its consumer products, vending machines and public digitised public toilets.

Book a Japanese tour today if you’re looking for the perfect family holiday. You could visit the capital city of Tokyo, containing attractions such as Shibuya district, home of Japanese pop culture and fashion. Alternatively, if you’re bringing the kids, head an hour away from the city of Tokyo to Disneyland.

2. China

Acquiring major economic success for itself over the last few decades, China is an interesting place to visit, especially if you are into seeing how modern history is being made. China holds a strong traditional culture while adopting the luxuries of modern day development. Small traditional houses are nestled amongst the behemoth skyscrapers of the big cities.


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China Tours are easy to book, and often feature a mixture of big city sightseeing and traditional sites. The benefits to tourist keen on going to China are indispensable, from the convenience of having prepared transport, and since mandarin, and other dialects is the language of choice by many locals, there are a lot more benefits of having a knowledgeable guide to help with itinerary arrangements.

3. Queensland, Australia

Queensland Australia is a great destination if you’d like natural attractions, great scenery, fresh farm produce, accompanied by fine dining experiences. Head down to fortitude valley to get spoilt for choice, with the wide variety of restaurant serving cuisines from all over the world. Remember to set a budget thou, expenses can really pile up if you’re spending a day at fortitude valley. You’ve been warned.

Just a short train or  bus ride away from Brisbane is the Gold Coast,  a world class surfing destination. Enjoy a day of water sports such as surfing, jet skiing and activities for the entire family.

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If you’re bringing the family, and are into fine dining accompanied with hiking trips in the great outdoors, there are tour plans suitable for you.

Due to the long distances between each attraction, and lack of public transport access in rural areas, transportation provided will be an asset to anyone who wants to get the most of their holiday.

The top 3 destinations for a  holiday is Japan, China and Queensland, Australia. You’ll always have someone to show you around, nice places to visit, friends, and the feeling of safety when you’re travelling in a group.


Source: AdaMacey via Flickr

Japan – Take a trip to Japan for latest technological innovation, quirky and pop scene, and a unique and rich culture.

China – Take a trip to China to witness modernization in action, where economic development has propelled the city areas co-existing amongst the tradition villages.

Queensland, Australia – Take a trip to Queensland to find amazing flora and fauna, and fine dining experiences for the whole family.





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