Malaysia Delicious 100 : Irresistible Tom Yum Kung at Malaysia Thailand Halal Food Festival (MATHAF)

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Tom Yum Kung  @ Malaysia Thailand Halal Food Festival (MATHAF) is listed by at #98 in Malaysia Delicious 100 2017-2018.


Malaysia Thailand Halal Food Festival (MATHAF) is a ‘mobile’ food festival that highlights amazing food of Malaysia-Thailand origin. The organizer of this event ensures that the Festival itself reach the mass by having it in different places, each for a period of time. At the time or writing, MATHAF is currently held at Giant Hypermarket Setapak (9 March-18 March, 2018).


We visited MATHAF while it was at Giant Kelana Jaya. Basically, all MATHAF venues will have the same vendors. So if you miss a particular MATHAF, check out the announcement in their official Facebook to know the next location. There are many kind of foods, affordable and most importantly delicious, being sold here. Of all, we love the Tom Yum Kung so much as it was delicious when we tried one bowl.


There are several tents that will have Tom Yum as their main highlight. All are equally great and you only need to choose your preferred vendor. The Tom Yum that we had was amazingly delicious, had all that supposed characteristics of authentic Tom Yum. Though it was served in disposable plastic bowl, it tasted much better than most restaurants in Malaysia. It’s one of the best Tom Yum we have ever had.



Malaysia Thailand Halal Food Festival
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6 thoughts on “Malaysia Delicious 100 : Irresistible Tom Yum Kung at Malaysia Thailand Halal Food Festival (MATHAF)

  1. Delicious 😋😋. I really really want to taste this food. I am adding this in my trip list, when I visit Malaysia, surely I taste these delicious food.

    Thanks you so much for sharing.

    1. Lan

      Hi Danny
      On behalf of the team, thank you so much for visiting the blog. Yes, you can find many amazing foods here in Malaysia. Do come and enjoy food hunting!

  2. hanim

    I would like to invite MATHAF , organise event at our place SEGAR ROYALE GARDEN, Taman Segar Cheras. Our ground floor can accommodate 80 lot and our rooftop we have more place.
    Contact me for more details .
    We also known as Pakir Bertingkat , next to leisure Mall.

    1. Lan

      Hi Hanim
      The organizer can be contacted through their Facebook Page. The link is at the bottom of the short article. In their official FB, you may find their contact number. Thank you so much for visiting the blog

      Lan and Joe

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