Savouring the best of Jom Penyet @ Aeropod Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu

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Located on level 3 in a newly opened integrated linear city named as Aeropod, is Jom Penyet, a newcomer in the burgeoning concept of Nusantara cuisine. Though relatively new, we do think that Jom Penyet offers among the best Penyet cuisine in Kota Kinabalu city. Our team and other prominent social media influencers were privileged to savour the best of Jom Penyet @ Aeropod Tanjung Aru.


Jom Penyet is on the same level with this beautiful Garden Fountain that is almost similar to Ara Damansara, maybe a bit smaller but it gives that much needed tranquility especially to those opting for Jom Penyet’s outdoor dining area. The restaurant opens daily from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening, though at times it will be temporarily closed for private functions.



The outdoor dining area is airy and casual; that comes with amazing view of the mentioned Garden Fountain. While office workers dine here in the shortest time possible, casual diners will find that it is way comfortable place to hang around while enjoying the many delicious dishes of Jom Penyet. Inside, but still considered the outdoor are the beverage bar and couple of dining tables.


The interior and exterior are of modern concept but simple enough that pleases diners eyes. We kind of preferring this setting as it truly match the eatery’s dishes. There’s no excessive decoration whatsoever and that’s great as we personally dislike being in an eatery that is too overly-decorated. Simplicity is the keyword and that’s sufficient enough for diners.


Comfortable indoor dining area is available for those wishing to dine in an air-conditioned space. This particular section gives diners the view of the actions going on in the Kitchen. The dining area is separated from the kitchen by large see thru glass wall, enabling curious diners to have a closer look at how foods are being prepared and cooked by Jom Penyet skillful chefs.


Given the privilege to have access into the kitchen, we noticed that foods at Jom Penyet’s Kitchen were meticulously prepared with utmost attention towards hygiene followed by systematic arrangement of each element; under Jacob Chong’s supervision, the Chief Everything Officer or CEO. No flaws are allowed under Jacob’s watchful eyes. Customer’s satisfaction in regard to food presentation, taste consistency and supposed flavours are the most important things for Jacob.


Back to the indoor dining area; at the very end of the hall, diners will be able to have a view of Kota Kinabalu International Airport’s runway. Kids and even grown-ups will be excited to see some planes movement, be it for touch down or departing. At this very particular end of the hall, where the large glass window is located; there’s a slide that can be used for evening’s private functions.


Perhaps the most obvious but interesting feature of Jom Penyet is the long wall inside the eatery that embedded cartoonish artwork; creatively designed by Sabahan artist, Sheng Haw Lim. The artwork is in the menu as well which ably to make diners smile seeing the story line of each page. Browsing the menu is kind of casually reading a comic book, it’s not that typical menu with straight forward names of dishes.


Penyet (Smashed) Options- Chicken Leg Quarters, Chicken Wings, Fish, Squid and Prawns 


Grilled and Soup selections


More soup and a la carte options



We love the way they arrange each page with food categories alongside some fun artwork. It creates that fun dining environment; and that’s before the food are put on the table. Things gets more interesting when diners sees their preferred food. Our first impression, foods here were well presented; each element was neatly arranged and that alone, straight away indicated its deliciousness. That’s how we see things here, and that’s before we start consuming.


In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year Celebration, Jom Penyet offers diners their own version of Yee Sang. It’s uniquely different as the elements are not of those traditional elements but of smashed proteins and its condiments alongside those crunchy, delicious crackers. Each set of this unique Yee Sang is priced at RM128nett and the portion is big enough for 8-10 pax. Advance booking is required should you need to have your Yee Sang Tossing at Jom Penyet.


We have done couple of Yee Sang Tossing recently but the experience at Jom Penyet was indeed unique as there were no usual ingredients such as shredded veggies like daikon, carrot, cucumber, jicama, and yam, slices of raw salmon or mackerel and pickled ginger. Instead we were tossing Ayam Penyet, Ikan Penyet and other unusual but equally delicious ingredients. We highly recommend Jom Penyet’s version of Yee Sang to those looking for something different this coming Chinese New Year.


Soon after the unique Yee Sang Tossing, we proceed with lunch; savouring the best of Jom Penyet, having that resplendent, succulent and irresistible dishes; cooked with love. We tasted each dish and every single dish was amazingly delicious, completely suited our palate. Each protein was properly cooked, greens were fresh, rice had the supposed texture and all other elements complemented each other. Most dishes were presented on a unique ‘local basket’; a clever way to increase diners’ appetite.

These were what we had during our visit:


Ayam Penyet – RM11.90


Ayam Bakar – RM12.90


Sotong Penyet – RM14.80


Udang Penyet – RM14.80


Kambing Bakar – RM19.00


Rendang Daging (Beef Rendang)


Clear Tom Yum Soup (Seafood) RM12.50


Sup Ekor – RM10.00


Rojak Special – RM10.80


Soto Special – RM11.80


 Beverages: We both opted for Kopi Special RM4.50 & Air Bandung RM3.00

All dishes and beverages were well-presented and most importantly, heavenly delicious! Portions, generous and we love how they have carefully thought of the position of each tiny elements; from Tempe, Tofu, Crackers to Acar. Chicken and Beef were perfectly cooked, tender, so to say.

The supposed flavours and textures were spot on. The soup selections were equally delicious and our favorite was the oxtail as it’s so tender, plus the soup was full of flavor. The Rojak was delicious as well with generous and delicious gravy on top of the yellow noodles.

The clear Tom Yum soup was something way different than what most eateries in Kota Kinabalu city are serving. We had this version during our trip to Bangkok and we have to say that it’s almost similar to what Jom Penyet served to us. The Sambal was amazing as well; cooked to perfection. The level of spiciness was adequate to please our taste bud.

Bloggers/Influencers with Jacob Chong, Jom Penyet’s Chief Everything Officer (Far Right)

The dining experience at Jom Penyet was a stellar one as we had a feast; a great one with amazingly delicious foods that were well presented. Staff at Jom Penyet were attentive, friendly, informative and helpful. Most importantly, they smiled genuinely and work efficiently. With a little more effort by the management and staff, we both believe that Jom Penyet will become one of the popular place for diners in Kota Kinabalu city to have high quality but affordable Penyet cuisine.



Lot D-3-3, 3rd Floor Block D, Aeropod Tanjung Aru
Kota Kinabalu 88100
Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: (+6) 013 730 2241
Official Facebook Page: @JomPenyet (Click HERE)




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Credit: Image by Jom Penyet (Link)

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