Take a ‘Leisurely Walk’ on that nerve-wracking Rainbow Skywalk @ The Top Komtar, Penang

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First impression? A normal walk on a curved path. 68 floors above. Not a big deal. And so we lined up and when that little gate opened, we had to move forward as there were some people behind us. No turning back. The only way out is to go along the semi circle path, till the exit. From the outside, it looks like a 1 minute walk or less. Step on it, you will take 10 minutes to exit, not including time for selfies or wefies. It happened to us while we thought we’re brave enough to ‘leisurely walk’ on that nerve wracking Rainbow Skywalk at The Top, Komtar, Penang.


According to the The Top official website (Link);

“Ever wonder what a bird’s eye view of Penang is like? The Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck offer stunning seamless views of George Town and beyond. Located at George Town’s highest point, the open-air Rainbow Skywalk is at Level 68, on the rooftop of Komtar tower, offering visitors the thrilling experience of walking on air 249m above ground. Meanwhile the air-conditioned Observatory Deck at Level 65 also features a glass walkway that lets you watch the world go by below.”


Technically, we know that we’re 100% safe being on top here but as human being we tend to worry about the possibility of dropping down there, from as high as 68 floors! That’s scary and ironically that’s what makes people aka adrenaline junkies keep coming to The Top at Komtar Penang. It gives that satisfaction by having to overcome fear of walking on a path that is made of glass. So, we pursued with that ‘little ambition’ of ours to have that walk. Here’s our experience; meant for newbies reference.


From the 5th floor, you will be ushered by an attendant into an elevator. It will take you to the 65th floor where the Observatory Deck is located. During our visit, the Observatory Deck is under renovation so we directly went up to the 68th floor by taking another elevator. The first thing we saw on the 68th floor was The Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro. We’re here not to eat so we went straight to the door that leads to an open air rooftop. There are 4  things that visitors can do on this rooftop.


1-Go around and enjoy the amazing view of Georgetown and part of Penang Island 






2-Lounge, casually, have that Tapas and Cocktails



Best time to casually lounge here is after 5PM, enjoying the best that Coco Cabana has to offer while waiting for sunset. Staff will be approaching you once you are seated. To read more about Coco Cabana offerings, click HERE.


3-Take a walk on Rainbow SKywalk


This is the main reason for people to come to The Top at Komtar Penang. It’s an activity that is perfect for Adrenaline Junkies. Do it during day time or in the evening, or both; if you have the whole day. Re-entry on the same day is allowed.



4-Enjoy that beautiful sunset view


Need that sunset view from 68th floor height? This is the place. For now, the management of The Top Komtar allow ticket holder to return as many times as they want to (on same day). If you are visiting in the afternoon, you may come back later for that beautiful sunset view. We did!



As mentioned, our main reason coming here was for that ‘leisure walk’ on that nerve wracking Rainbow Skywalk. For first timers, here’s what to expect.


First thing first, adhere to the #1 rule, wear that shoes cover. It’s free, available before the entrance to the Rainbow Skywalk. If you are not wearing it, you will be denied entry.


It looks nice, so wear it!


Locate the entrance to the platform and patiently wait for your turn. Some people will take 20 minutes or more being on that Skywalk. Be nice, don’t complain as you will do exactly the same later!


Just walk and enjoy the view, around and below. No need pushing here, no running or jumping as well! You want everyone to be safe anyway.


Just keep walking and make a quick stop if you need to take pictures.


Appreciate the little things below..be proud that you above there, 249 meters higher than everyone else below.


Now, it’s time to slowly and bravely sit on the surface. Take as many pictures as you want. This will take about 10 minutes or longer! Be considerate towards other adventurous, they need to have that walk as well. You may do it again and again, the whole day if you wish.


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 There will be an official to take photos of you that will be printed for sale. There is no obligation to purchase it, you may decline if you wish. Take your own photos and pose like there is no tomorrow. No one will stop you unless you are standing there like an hour, blocking other visitors. As mentioned, you are entitled for same day multiple entry.


Repeat the same process in the evening and you will get to see Gorgetown city during both day time and night time. Both are equally interesting so make sure you use your multiple entry wisely as we did!


Our thoughts


If you are planning to visit Penang, do make sure that you list this attraction in your itinerary. We highly recommend it as it is among the best thing to do in Penang Island. Having that bird’s eye view of this amazing Historical City is something that you don’t want to miss. The ticket includes admission into several other attractions on the 5th floor. While most are meant for kids, The Top is for everyone.

Since multiple entry is allowed, we suggest that you come here in the afternoon, spend about 1 hour, exit and proceed with your city tour or shopping. Come back at 5pm or at least before sunset to have different perspective of Georgetown city, the night view! If Coco Cobana isn’t your cup of tea, head down to 5th floor where you will find countless of eateries that serves amazingly delicious foods.

We’ve been here, done with the ‘leisurely walk’ on that Rainbow Skywalk, enjoyed every second of it. We thought we’re brave enough but it turned out to be a walk with sweating hands. It’s once in a lifetime thing to do. It’s your turn now. 


The Top @ Komtar
1, Jalan Penang
10000 George Town
Penang, Malaysia
Phone: (+6) 04 262 3800
Email: sales@thetop.com.my
Official Website: Click HERE
Official Facebook: Click HERE


Current Promotion. Source: The Top Official Facebook page (Click HERE)



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