Plaza Premium Lounge @ Penang International Airport (Domestic Departures)

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The Plaza Premium Group tagline “We will enhance your airport experience” gave us that assurance that we will be having seamless transit at Penang International Airport. We’re on our way to Kuala Lumpur from Langkawi and we had to transfer to another flight at this airport. We can’t imagine waiting for our flight in the middle of the crowd. Luckily, Plaza Premium Lounge offers that perfect hideaway.


Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures) at Penang International Airport offers a private but accessible waiting lounge with comfortable seating,  freshly prepared hot meals, a selection of chilled and hot beverages, workstations with Wi-Fi connectivity, international and local magazines and newspapers and multiple TV stations. Washroom and shower are available in this lounge. Walk-in guests regardless of airline and class of travel are welcome to enjoy the facilities offered in this lounge.

Opposite security screening checkpoint, Domestic Departures (Penang International Airport)

Opening Hours
0500 – 2300 daily


+60 4643 7340

Lounge Use Package
2 Hours – RM 168
5 Hours – RM 238
10 Hours – RM 258


Guests may find themselves waiting for their flights in total comfort, away from the crowd. Business travelers will have their own space to work as Wi-Fi and Internet Station are available. Passengers in long transit hours may indulge in the food and beverage offerings without the need to queue at the airport’s restaurants. Economy passengers will have the option to travel in style, chilling out at this lounge until their boarding time. Simply put, Plaza Premium Lounge caters for all type of travelers.


There are 3 main sections in this particular lounge. The first section is after the entrance where there are plenty of comfy sofas to sit on. Reading materials and live screen of boarding time with gates are available.


The second section is also a seating area and it’s located between the main section and dining hall. There is a private room here meant for guests to take a nap ,perfect for those in long transit.


In the third section, there is a dining hall with proper dining tables. Washroom and shower are located after this dining hall. Available in the dining hall are buffet and  ala carte counters. Guests may have their meals here or simply take it to the seating area where chairs with tables are provided.


The dining table is large enough to accommodate 4 guests at a time. We had our breakfast here as it’s nearer to the buffet and ala carte counters.


The dining area offers flow of delicious, freshly prepared food and wide choice of beverages. Guests may choose to have their preferred meals from the ala carte menu or simply choose from the buffet counters. There is a Chef on standby and staff are around to help you with any request of yours.


Place your order and the Chef will prepare your meals right away. We’re here during breakfast time so we took the opportunity to have that delicious Fish Ball Noodle Soup, Dry Soya Sauce Noodle and Scrambled Egg Croissant. The lunch service starts at 11am and we ordered Nasi Lemak.


Fish Ball Noodle Soup-Rice Noodle, fish ball, fish cake and vegetables in a clear seafood stock. It’s one simple and common dish but tasted amazingly delicious, perfect for breakfast.


Dry Soya Sauce Noodle-Noodle, fish ball, fish cake, shredded chicken and vegetables in supreme soya sauce, topped with spring onion. This is another highly recommended dish for breakfast if you are at this lounge. It takes just a while for the Chef to prepare this dish and you can have it as many times as you want to!


Scrambled Egg Croissant-Fluffy croissant with freshly cooked creamy scrambled egg served with salad. The croissant was indeed fluffy, flaky and fresh. Perfect to have it with hot coffee as we did!


Nasi Lemak-Served with Curry Chicken, sliced cucumber, tomato, peanuts, egg and sambal ikan bilis. We love the sambal and curry chicken and we did ask for a second as it was amazingly delicious.


The beverage section offers juice, coffee and there’s plenty of canned drinks available.



Apart from ala carte options, light buffet is available and it is served accordingly for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Salad and fresh fruits are available as well in the buffet section.

While the lounge itself is not that big, it has adequate facilities that we both need during our transit. We needed that private space while waiting for our flight and it provide endless flow of delicious food and beverage. The ala carte and buffet items might not be lavish as in other lounges in Plaza Premium Network but it’s great enough for us. This is a lounge for domestic passengers and we’re pretty confident that it has everything that domestic travelers need.

There is another Plaza Premium Lounge located in the International Departures area. We believe it has better offerings for passengers flying to international destinations. Overall, we enjoyed the experience transiting in this lounge. It gave us that space, away from the crowd. If you are at Penang International Airport and are looking for a great lounge to wait for your flight, Plaza Premium Lounge is what you are looking for.

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Plaza Premium Lounge is a global service brand headquartered in Hong Kong, as well as the industry leader in Premium Airport Services. Their goal is to make guests airport experience seamless and effortless, and through their hearty services, they change the perception of travel at the airport.

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