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For its affordable, delicious and high quality foods, Jelapang Restaurant at Adya Hotel Langkawi is listed by in Malaysia Delicious 100 Food 2017-2018 thus making it one of the best 100 eateries in Malaysia.

We had a long day, exploring the west side of Langkawi Island, from Mount Machincang surrounding area to Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. We reached Adya Hotel around 7pm and after a quick rest and shower, we decided to check out the best that Jelapang Restaurant has to offer. We tried that awesome Steamboat Grill already for dinner on the first evening of our stay (Link), so tonight we’re thinking of having some great dishes from their scrumptious à la carte  Menu.


We’re extremely hungry so we opted to have 3 course dinner. Little that we know that Jelapang serves amazingly big portion for each choice from the à la carte Menu. It was @Lan idea to try that 3 course and though each course was great in taste, we had a bit of difficulty to finish our dessert! Obviously, we’re totally full on the second course already! Be warned, the portion at Jelapang is quite big though the average price is amazingly affordable.


Starter (Appetizer)


To start our 3 course dinner, we opted for Spring Roll and shared that delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Spring Roll (RM10.00)


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It’s piping hot when served to us and inside this Spring Roll is Deep Fried Vegetable. It’s served with Thai Chili Sauce. It’s indeed packed with generous amount of Deep Fried Vegetable. The filling was tasty, juicy, sweet yet had enough savory flavor and fragrant too! The Spring Roll’s skin was chewy, it’s supposed to be that way. Crunchy, crispy and tasty, that’s what we think about this Spring Roll.

Cream of Mushroom Soup (RM10.00)


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The soup, topped with croutons and garlic bread. It had the right taste and texture as I prefer. It’s neither thin nor thick, having the correct consistency. I dipped the spoon in the cream, ran my finger over the back of the spoon and the soup stays apart! I was able to detect the mushroom taste while the garlic bread was not tough, perfectly toasted, it’s between that crisp and soft texture.

Main Course

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Though each of us ordered 1 main course, we ended up sharing as we’re curious about the taste of both main courses. @Lan ordered Steak Cili Padi (Bird’s Eye Chili Steak) and I opted for Nasi Goreng Jelapang (Jelapang Fried Rice). Both dishes are signature dishes of Jelapang Restaurant.

Steak Cili Padi (Bird’s Eye Chili Steak) RM45.00


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@Lan saw this option in the hotel’s official Instagram page, weeks before coming to Langkawi and he immediately ordered this. He told me that he have never tried Steak with bird’s eye chili so he’s curious to know what it taste like. This fusion dish is about grilled tenderloin steak accompanied with fried potatoes, side salad dressing served with cili padi (bird’s eye chili). We both tasted it and it’s absolutely one brilliant menu! It’s kind of east meet west dish.  The steak, well done and tasted amazingly delicious, juicy and the gravy with bird’s eye chili elevated the taste. It’s not that spicy as @Lan thought of but he said that’s acceptable.

Nasi Goreng Jelapang (Jelapang Fried Rice) RM20.00


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Of all, this was our favorite, still is though! The fried rice; accompanied with satay, fried chicken, achar rampai, local crackers and topped with fried egg. At the bottom of that delicious fried rice was another layer of egg, as in omelette. We both cleaned the plate. Nothing left. The Satay, perfect texture for both meat and peanut sauce. The fried chicken, crispy and the sauce complement it. The achar rampai, gave that needed acidity and sweetness to balance the taste of other elements on the plate. It is indeed a dish that we highly recommend if you visit Jelapang Restaurant.



By the time dessert were served on the table, we were actually full and we had to take time to finish both dessert! I opted for that delicious Sago Gula Melaka while @Lan went for Peknga, a type of dessert that is famous in the state of Kedah.

Sago Gula Melaka (RM6.00)


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It’s a dessert that you should have if you come to Jelapang Restaurant. The price, amazingly cheap, RM6.00! The taste and presentation is worth more than that RM6.00! This dessert is about texture of pearl sago drenched in combination of sweet sugar and fragrant coconut milk. It is served with vanilla ice cream. This has to be the best Sago Gula Melaka that I have ever had! It will be the first thing I will have soon as I visit Adya Hotel Langkawi!

Peknga (RM10.00)


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Peknga is synonymous with Kedah Darulaman. Originally known as Roti Kisot, it is a basic bread dish eaten with fish curry or chicken curry and spicy anchovies sambal. At Jelapang, Adya Hotel Langkawi, guests may choose Peknga Nyok (coconut), Peknga Banana or Peknga Blueberry. It’s kind of pancake but it’s more rich in taste. Initially, @Lan said that it’s a bit sweet but then again when he had it with a cup of hot coffee, he loved it! This dessert is perfect for tea time and supper.


Our Thoughts


The food served to us were amazingly delicious and in big portions! It took us a while to finish all that wonderful starters, main courses and desserts. Luckily, we chose the right beverages to go along with each course. The Calamansi gave that acidity needed to balance all that food flavors. Hot Coffee was indeed a perfect match for that yum Peknga.

Plating as in presentation was excellent. For each course and each dish, the Chef and his wonderful team ensured that all the elements on plates were neatly arranged. Brilliant choice of colors in food presentation as it’s truly inviting, increased our appetite that made us ‘honestly explored’ each element on each plate!

Kudos to the Chef and his team as the Steak Cili Padi (Bird’s Eye Chili Steak) was not only delicious but inventive as well! Who would have thought to combine Cili Padi with Steak! That’s one brilliant approach. Though we have heard about such dish, this was our first time consuming it. The Jelapang Fried Rice was amazing too that we managed to ‘cleaned’ the plate, every single thing on it!

Both starters and desserts were beyond our expectation. We failed to find any flaw and for that we’d like to acknowledged the determination of the Chef and his team in ensuring diners’ satisfaction. The restaurant is immaculate, staff were amazing, polite and friendly.

We’re surprised with the prices of food at Jelapang, Adya Hotel Langkawi. Though it’s  a 4 star hotel, the prices are affordable. It is an eatery that we do not hesitate to recommend to all of you whenever you visit Langkawi. This restaurant is open to everyone, guest or non-guests. Interestingly, it is open 24-7 so do come whenever you feel like coming.


 Jelapang Restaurant
Adya Hotel Langkawi
No 1 PT, 4001, Persiaran Mutiara 2 Mukim,
Langkawi, Kedah, 07000, Malaysia
Phone: (60) (4) 960 8000
Website: Click HERE
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