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“With our menu offerings, our guests are able to eat healthy and well while on-the-go. The Green Market offers guests a theatrical and educational visit with our open kitchen where guests are able to witness our chefs at work while awaiting their orders.”-Executive Sous Chef, Haward Lee 

We arrived at KLIA and transferred to klia2 for our flight to Langkawi. As our next flight scheduled to depart in the afternoon, we needed a place to chill out and were looking forward to have big brunch! In 2016, we visited the Plaza Premium Lounge (Link) so this time around we’ve planned to see what The Green Market is all about.

ABOUT The Green Market @ klia2

The Green Market @ klia2

The Green Market is located on the Departure Level, Public Concourse in Terminal klia2. It is a modern, casual outfit serving Japanese and Korean selections, promoting healthy dining by serving wholesome meals, using fresh ingredients and healthy cooking methods.

The recently launched new menu at The Green Market offers guests selections from Japanese, Korean and Malaysian specialities. Appetisers, ramen, udon, donburi bowls, bento boxes, maki, temaki, teppanyaki sushi, Korean favourites and local selections are available for your picking.

Popular favourites include Seafood Salad, Avocado Tofu Salad, Age Gyoza, Tori Karage, Tori Teriyaki Don, Garlic Chahan, Niku Udon, Tempura Soba, Shoyu Ramen, Tempura Bento, Chicken Shogayaki Bento, Caterpillar Roll, Spicy Tempura Tuna Roll, and lots more. Bibimbap, Ramyeon and Kimchi Soup are also top on the list.

For those who craves for Malaysian cuisine, The Green Market menu does not disappoint with choices such as the ever popular Hainan Chicken Rice, Tantan Noodles (Hero Dish of the Dining Award at the recent KULinary 2017), Mee Curry and Fried Koay Teow.


Chief Editor, @joeahairie

Soon as we arrived, staff immediately acknowledged and greeted us, a sign of how much they are into their passion; working in this outlet, providing top-notch customer service. Mr.Husni, The Airport Dining Manager for Plaza Premium Group was there doing his supervision task. He introduced himself and invited us to choose our preferred dining table.


Breakfast Menu

Soon as we’re seated, we were given the menu card. Since it’s still early, we’ve decided to have some breakfast before opting for lunch later. I opted for Good Morning! while @joehairie opted for American Breakfast.


Good Morning! : Butter milk-scrambled egg served with a fluffy, flaky croissant and a serving of highland green salad.


American Breakfast: A hearty breakfast of a free-range sunny side up egg, chicken ham, sautéed mushroom, chicken sausage and cherry tomato with toast.


After breakfast, we took time resting and doing some work online and soon after that we felt hungry again. It’s time for lunch and Mr.Husni gave detailed explanation of each item in the menu. Based on his recommendation, we ordered three type of freshly-squeezed juice and 4 main courses of Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Back to front: Charge Me Up, The Cooling Juice and Go With The Flow. (RM18 per glass)

The Green Market @ klia2 offers a selection of freshly-squeezed juices, slowly-pressed; at a very low speed to minimize oxidation to produce a higher quality and nutritious juice. We ordered The Cooling Juice (cucumber, celery, green apple and lemon), Go With The Flow (beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and mint leaf) and Charge Me Up (grapefruit, pineapple and lemongrass).

Charge Me Up

Since we both love lemongrass, the Charge Me Up juice is definitely our favorite. Taste wise, it might be a bit strong for some people but it’s perfectly all right for us. It really gave us that ‘momentum’, perhaps coming from the lemongrass citrusy, lemony flavor. Pineapple gives that extra acidity and overall, it really suites our taste-buds.

Spicy Tempura Roll 

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Maki (Rolled Sushi); Spicy Tempura Roll;-Flaky Maguro Tuna with spicy mayo (RM20)

Miso Ramen


Japanese Noodles; Miso Ramen-Homemade classic Ramen in a superior miso broth accompanied with tori karage, hanjuku egg, wakame and menma. (RM30)

Chicken Kimchi Ramyeon

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Ramyeon (Served with fruits, appetizer and miso soup): Chicken Kimchi Ramyeon-Chicken and vegetables with spicy kimchi ramyeon (RM30)

Chicken Bibimbap

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Chicken Bibimbap: Chicken, vegetables and egg with rice served in a hot stone bowl (RM30)

Of all 4, we both loved that Chicken Bibimbap. Bibimbap simply translates to “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables“. There are actually endless variations to this dish and worldwide, it is served according to customers preference and dietary requirements. Traditional and authentic versions of Bibimbap are served with raw beef and raw egg yolk with other vegetables but luckily at The Green Market, the ingredients are cooked, as we prefer.

@joehairie enjoying Chicken Bibimbap

Honestly, we are not that big fans of Korean dishes but the Chicken Bibimbap at The Green Market was spot on, served to our liking. The Bibimbap sauce was all right, mixing all other elements in that hot stone bowl was indeed interesting, not to mention the overall taste. The Green Market managed to change our perception towards Korean cuisine. We are now are more adventurous to try out more Korean dishes.



We have to say that The Green Market is one of the best place in klia2 to chill out while enjoying delicious Japanese, Korean and Malaysian specialties with bits of Western dishes. It is located not that far from check-in and baggage drop counters as well as Domestic and International departures main gate, thus giving ample time for guests to unwind.

Most importantly, The Green Market provide guests with an interactive dining experience and the option to eat smart, eat fresh and eat healthy while travelling. Simply put, The Green Market is the perfect stop to refresh and to curb those hunger pangs before and even after your flight. The Green Market is open to all, either you are flying or not, you are most welcome here to have a feast of their yum offerings.

Staff; amazingly professional, attentive, friendly and are on standby to fulfill your cravings of their food and beverages choices. The outlet was immaculate when we visited. Used tables were immediately cleaned and ready for next guests use.  While it is important to highlight the deliciousness of the foods, the prices are equally important to be highlighted as well; The Green Market @ klia2  offers affordable food items.

Location: Departure Level, Public Concourse, Terminal klia2, KLIA
Opening Hours: 0500Hrs – 0100Hrs daily
Tel: +603 – 8778 7103

To have a look at The Green Market menu, click this link: TGM menu Apr2017-040517 (2)


About Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge is a global service brand headquartered in Hong Kong, as well as the industry leader in Premium Airport Services. Their goal is to make guests airport experience seamless and effortless, and through their hearty services, they change the perception of travel at the airport.


To know more about the Plaza Premium Lounge(s) in both KLIA and KLIA2, click HERE.



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