Malaysia Music Teachers Training College (MMTC) Christmas Recital 2017

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For MMTC Kota Kinabalu
Photos by MMTC


MMTC Teaching Team with CEO and Principal, Mr.Peter Chua, together with Students involved

KOTA KINABALU – The Malaysia Music Teachers Training College (MMTC) held a free musical showcase aka Christmas recital at the public at the Theater Hall of Music Mart, Asia City. The event was officiated by MMTC’s CEO and Principal, Mr. Peter Chua.

The two-hour showcase started at 7pm and saw the performances of the first and final semester students who displayed their skills in playing musical instruments such as the violin, cello, and piano. Some of the students also displayed their vocal prowess, performing covers for popular songs like the ‘Manca Sollecita / Lascia-Ii’ mash-up, as well as other English and Spanish songs mash-ups.

The students also showed off their instrumental skills, playing popular hits like Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ and Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’ on violin, in addition to popular Christmas selections, such as ‘Mistletoe’ and ‘Jingle Bells’.


MMTC Christmas Recital by first and final semester students

According to Chief Operations Officer of MMTC, Mr Kelvin Kong, the Christmas recital is part of the tests conducted by the college for the students’ appraisals. For each recital, the students will be required to look after all aspects of the event, from planning and event organizing to rehearsing for their performances and making sure that all the sound systems are working well.

“Many people mistake us as a music college, but what we really are is a college that teaches life skills using music as a neutral medium of teaching,” said Kelvin. He added that in MMTC, the students are taught to develop their life skills: improvisation skill, leadership skill, organization skill and communication skill.


Performing Students of  MMTC, looking forward to a bright future in musical performing

“Organizing a musical showcase as such would give the students the opportunity to practice all these skills,” Kelvin added.

The musical showcase / recital is held thrice a year at the end of each semester, namely in April, August, and December. Apart from giving the students an opportunity to practice what they have learned in MMTC as well as brush up on their performance skill, the public will also have the chance to enjoy free musical performance and get to know more about MMTC and its vision and mission.


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