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The long-awaited movie, Huminodun is set to premier at the MBO Cinema, Imago Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday 3rd December 2017. The Premiere will be an exclusive black tie/traditional glamour event featuring Sabah’s talented creative industries.

Part of Huminodun’s Crew and Cast during screening for Press (Held at MBO, Imago Shopping Mall Kota Kinabalu). L-R: Marc Abas, Jo Luping, Boni Mosios, Alexandra Alexander, Jenifer Lasimbang, Hazli Bojili and Aaron Cowan. Photo by

The event is being run by Siung Film Productions, the KDCA Women’s Council and the Kadazandusun Language Foundation as a fundraiser and 100% of the profits from the Premiere will be used to fund scholarship for indigenous culture and languages of Sabah.

Huminodun’s entire team (cast & crew) during screening for Press at MBO, Imago Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu. Photo by

MBO Cinemas have agreed to be the Official Screening Partner to bring this event to Sabah by launching the film simultaneously in all eight of its hall in Imago, allowing 1000 guests to witness this unique Sabah film production.

Imago Shopping Mall (A Subsidiary of Asian Pac Holdings Berhad) have also generously agreed to be Official Venue Sponsors of this event, making available space to hold a glamorous cocktail party and launch. In addition, Imago has agreed to sponsor the use of their large outdoor screen which will feature the trailer.

Red Carpet Interviews will be conducted by Sabahan YouTube sensation, Adam Shamil and by  Official Radio Sponsors Kupi Kupi FM.

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Huminodun is a unique Kadazan language production that tells the iconic story of the legendary Sabahan goddess Huminodun. When her parents, the gods Kinoingan and Sumundu, scourge the land to punish the people for their wickedness, she must find a way to save the world, no matter the cost. There are a number of versions of the story and the version as written by Dr.Benedict Topin (Kadazandusun Cultural Association Cultural Advisor), was chosen.

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The story of the making of Huminodun itself is a wonderful story about Sabahans pulling together to make something special. The Huminodun team is extremely proud of the fact that it was shot entirely throughout Sabah and 99% of its cast and crew are local Sabahans, with even all of the 250 visual effects shots being created in Sabah- a first for Sabah’s burgeoning film industry.

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The Director, Aaron Cowan, has over 20 years’ experience working in Hollywood productions ranging from The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Man of Steel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the Narnia movies, while its  and Associate Director, Jo Luping, is a Kadazan Sabahan and brings her experience working on the Lord of the Rings, New Zealand television productions and an award winning Middle East documentary to bear on this production.

Siung Films also are proud to have on their team the following Executive Producers to help them shepherd Huminodun to cinemas:

YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Sabah Deputy Chief Minister
Yg Bhg. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Dr.Herman Luping
YB Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah
Yg Bhg. Datuk Francis Goh

As Associate Producers, the following people have been instrumental in finishing the film:

Puan Joanna Datuk Kitingan, Boni Mosios, Rita Lasimbang and Jenifer Lasimbang

The film’s trailer when launched on Social Media earlier this year went viral and within a week had reached close to a million hits. This illustrates the amount of interest that the film has already generated and continues to generate amongst Sabahans. Sabahans have never seen themselves on the big screen before and this is one oft he first times they will have the chance to do so on such a grand scale.

Huminodun was mainly funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment, illustrating the tremendous amount of government support for this project as they believe in developing Sabah’s cultural heritage, its creative industries and to showcase Sabah’s truly remarkable scenery.

The production has also received financial support from private individuals and non-Governmental sources such as the Kadazandusun Cultural Association, Datuk Richard Bainon, Datuk Joseph Lantip, the KDCA Women’s Council and the Unduk Ngadau Committee.

Beyond financial assistance Huminodun has also received from organisations and companies all over Sabah. Particular note must be given to the Kadazandusun Language Foundation and its CEO Rita Lasimbang and her team. Their help with script translation and cultural advice has been invaluable.

In addition, as the film deals with our culture and heritage, Siung Films consulted Dr.Benedict Topin from KDCA to be a Cultural Advisor as well as Kadazandusun elders, Tan Sri Herman Luping, Rosenani Sogondu and Rosina Sogondu.

Siung Films believes that Huminodun has really showcased Sabah’s talent and have been so very fortunate to have such overwhelming support from local government as well as local businesses. Siung Films is incredibly proud to bring Huminodun to the screen and showcase Sabah’s beauty and talent.


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Ponompuan is the young ruler of her people, living in the jungles of Borneo. Her brother Ponompulan, who rules alongside her, is consumed with jealousy towards his parents-the gods Kinoingan and Sumundu-who he feels have abandoned him amongst humanity. In his anger, he turns the people against their creators.

When Kinoingan and Sumundu discovers his treachery, he is cast down from the world while they send seven scourges to the land in an effort to turn the people from Ponompulan’s evil ways. Ponompuan is heartbroken by this and after arguing with her parents, returns to the world to try to save her people.

She finds a desolated and broken land where people are starving and angry at their treatment. Ponompuan discovers that she has the power, through her mother, to heal people but this is not enough to bring them back from extinction, as there is no food or water. Her healing power slowly starts to pull the life out of her to such an extent that when her parents come to find her, they discover her near death.

Ponompuan convinces her parents that the people are as much their children as she and Ponompulan were and that the scourges have gone too far. Realizing that she is dying, she talks her father into sacrificing her in the hope that this act will release the pent up energy inside her to heal the land and bring bounty to the world.

Kinoingan, with the aid of Sumundu, sacrifices his daughter Ponompuan, bringing rain which cleanses the land. Ponompuan’s body is transformed by the rain into the plants that are now considered staples for the Kadzandusun community today.

Production Company:
Siung Film Productions Sdn.Bhd.
In Association with:
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah
Kadazandusun Cultural Association
KDCA Women’s Council
Kadazandusun Language Foundation
Vinoun Film Productions Sdn.Bhd.
Director & Writer:
Aaron Cowan
Associate Director & Producer:
Jo Luping
Executive Producers:
YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Dr.Herman Luping
YB Huguan Siou Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Datuk Kitingan
YB Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun
YBhg Datuk Francis Goh
Huminodun story based on the version by:
Dr.Benedict Topin (Kadazandusun Cultural Association)
Story translated into Kadazan by:
Rita Lasimbang (Kadazandusun Language Foundation)



Main Cast
(Photos from Huminodun Movie Official Facebook Page: Link)

Alexandra Alexander-Huminodun/Ponompuan

“Working in the Huminodun film has changed a lot of my understanding of Huminodun herself. I have gained an understanding about her importance amongst the KadazanDusun Murut community. There is more to her than her beauty, selflessness and wisdom. I’m also honored to be part of the effort to preserve our indigenous language. I wish I can continue and I do hope to do more for our indigenous people”

Boni Mosios-Kinoingan

“This movie has had a monumental impact on me. It really touched my heart when people say that the movie has impacted them and they even feel proud to call themselves Kadazan. With that I think it is a huge accomplishment for this movie to touch people and to transform them and allow them to know who they are.”

Jenifer Lasimbang-Sumundu

‘This film brings us closer together and promotes understanding. It is a bridge within our communities and a bridge to the world; for us to show the world who we are and for the world see us. Film making is hard work but for me this film was actually a lot of heart work. Our people are so talented and we really need opportunities and resources to create avenues to showcase our passion and our heart work.”

Hazli Bojili-Ponompulan

“When I first knew that I was going to be part of the movie Huminodun, I was excited beyond words. I was humbled by the maturity oft he direction of the film and passion of its cast and crew. I was blown away by how much talent Sabah had to offer and I knew immediately that Sabah is ready to take film-making to the next level with proper direction and support.”

Marc Abas-Pampang

“Personally, I feel thankful I have had the experience for the first time to collaborate with a filmmaker from another country. I learnt a lot of film techniques that I can use of my own film productions. I became more open to international standards.”

The Villagers
Joanna Datuk Kitingan
Sairah Indan
Philomena Engsun
Maria Pallait
Joel Pen Mosios
Bonie George
Johnny Damianus
Marco Abas
Remeo Anjulus
Oyumika Miura
Dennis Jaikul
Andrew Joseph
Julina Binti Yongun
Eva Fidelis
Medi Binti Sibun
Joey Lee
Shah Q
Luvita Koisun
Flavian L.Majail
Angeline Boilis
Dr.Mary Gambidau
Angelina Christy
Norita Mosios
Ruddy Giwol
Darren Calo
Micheal Luan
Simon Phan Chai Hin
Natalie Thomas
Mohd. Suhailin Ratimin
Daniel Hero
Franella Mary
Justinah Manai
Jayden Lee
Raymond Lee



Composer : Simon Bryant
Traditional Music : Mark P Baklin
Production Manager : Kentz Yong Niap Khon
First Assistant Director : Katak Chua
Second AD : Wan See Yang
Stunt Choreographer : Micheal Luan
Stunt Double for Huminodun : Eve Fidelis

Tinimungan Magagavau Penampang
Wildy D Moujing – Head
Jack L.Tinsung
Jokilin Sombuei
Thailah S.Kuting
Minnie Suiking
Micheal M.Tinsung
Jennefer Stephen Tinsung
Alice Litong
Hilda Tinsung
Nora L.Stephen Tinsung
Rosa Tinsung
Suzy Jonis
Julais Stephen Tinsung

Continuity : Monique Page
Production Coordinator : Steffi Kong
Production Assistant : Alexandra Alexander &  Wendy Chok Jia Ye
Production Assistant : Alexander Dobson
Production Runner : Intan Dol
Interns : Kate Christine Garside & Isabella Anderson

Camera, Grip and Electrical
1st Assistant Camera : Anthony Lam
Grip Technician : Dicky Loh Zhi Meng
Gaffer Technician : Samantha Wong
Camera/Grip/Gaffer : Charles Hazo
Assistant : Vincent Wong & Tshung Onn

Sound Recordist : Peter Pan Yee Hing
Sound Reocrdist : Ho Thau Kyun


List of Sponsors and Partners


Kadzandusun Cultural Association
KDCA Women’s Council
Unduk Ngadau Committee
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment
Sabah Cultural Board
Froggy Planet Sdn.Bhd
RAM Studios Sdn.Bhd
Zip Borneo
Mari-Mari Cultural Village
Tone Deaf Productions
Kinsabina Group Sdn.Bhd



Imago Shopping Mall, Asian Pac Holdings Bhd


Vinoun Film Productions Sdn.Bhd
Pipeline Productions Sdn.Bhd
Kupi Kupi FM
Citra Sari Productions-Datin Linda Haniff
ATI College


Vino Vino
San Pellegrino
Le Meridien
Tajon Homebrew
Outskirts Cafe
Kinsabina Group Sdn.Bhd
Kinsabina Sdn.Bhd
Huminodun Perfume
Native Remedies Neobayu Soul of Borneo
Kaandaman Jaya Enterprise

Official Wardrobe for Huminodun (Alxander Alexandra) and the Seven Unduk Ngadau-Borneo Olumis Collection Petrus Boyd Bensin
Official Wardrobe for Sumundu by Olumis
Official Men’s Wardrobe for the Producer, Kinoingan and Ponompulan Provided bu Jofanna Bridal
Official Events Manager-Creative Promotion Channel
Official Printers-K Graphics
VVIP Catering by Le Meridien
Catering by Borneo Momogun Spice, Sweet Garden Bakehouse and Hinompuka’ Cafe and Catering

For more updates, visit Huminodun Movie Official Facebook Page: Click HERE



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