Define:food’s Executive Chef Malcolm Goh : A Biography

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Executive Chef of Define:food will be joining the other culinary maestros (from 22-24 December 2017) in Tiffin Food Court 8-24 December 2017. It is a three-weekend long fiesta, an exciting gastronomical affair held in collaboration with more than 30 vendors and partners, to create the ultimate multi-layered, food court experience serving food from every continent including hawker favourites and casual interpretations of haute cuisine; creative cocktails, music, parties,
and more!

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Flavours of food have always dominated Chef Malcolm’s fondest of memories – more specifically, his mother’s home-cooked devil curry, chicken pong teh and sesame prawns on toast. He was raised by a homemaker mother, who prepared dinner for the family every weeknight without fail; but he never had the habit of lending a helping hand in the kitchen.

Back in school, being part of his high school band, his interest was in music. Upon his graduation, he decided against venturing into the local music scene that seemed unrealistic at the time.

Armed with almost zero knowledge in the kitchen, he enrolled for a Diploma in Culinary Arts at KDU University College, simply because he wanted to take on a course that’s not too theoretical or mathematical.

Tertiary life was mundane and morbid, made up of cluttering sounds of pots and pans, standing through the day washing and peeling potatoes, and just cooking according to recipes.

Come his internship at Sheraton Imperial, he met Executive Sous Chef Zubir Zain, whose authoritative commands, precise movements and respect garnered from his team, changed Malcolm’s mind about kitchen life, wanting to be under his tutelage.

He then honed his skills at other top hotel restaurants at Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur and Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur, learning all the tricks of the trade from many great local chefs.

Throughout his chef career, he has represented Malaysia in various culinary competitions around the world, earning himself noteworthy awards: 2015 Bronze Medal, Fish Hot Cooking, Hofex, Hong Kong, 2012 Silver Medalist, Cold Display, Culinary Olympics, Erfurt, Germany, 2012 Bronze Medalist, Hot Cooking, Culinary Olympics, Erfurt, Germany, 2010, 1st Runner-Up, Hans Bueschkens World Junior Chefs Challenge, Santiago, Chile, 2007 Apprentice Of The Year Culinary Malaysia with 2 Gold Medals in live Hot Cooking and Cold Set Display, 2006 National Winner Chaine Des Rotisseurs.

On top of being a chef, he is a television personality, starring in culinary productions like Asian Food Channel’s original production Great Dinners Of The World and Must Try Asia.

He’s hosted his own culinary show, Back To The Streets alongside host Zher Peen, where the duo went undercover in search of local culinary delights on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Being a passionate chef, Malcolm was also the main contributor and researcher for a cookbook titled Redefinition that centered around molecular cooking.

Malcolm is a true culinary artist of 12 years and counting, and is now venturing into the next progression of his chef career – opening his first restaurant, Define:food.

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