Chef Christian Recomio : A Biography

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During the Tiffin’s Food Court Celebration of Food and Drink (December 8-24, 2017), Dewakan’s Darren Teoh and Sitka Studio’s Christian Recomio will collaborate and host three-day pop-ups from 15 to 17 December serving casual versions of their innovative brand of haute cuisine for no more than RM25 a plate, offering diners an opportunity to experience good food skillfully cooked with fresh and rare ingredients.

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Having come from a family of food, Christian was always destined to be in the industry. His mother a classically trained chef and catering manager, and father, a South American with a love of all things Mexican.

Never one to follow the well trodden path into kitchen life, and not being one to enjoy who liked being told what to do, he started his own small boutique sandwich shop; The Earl of Sandwich, back in 2000. This proved a huge success with queues out the door every,lunchtime selling the classics along with more adventurous combos.

Owning the small sandwich shop and selling his product to hungry chefs that worked in the area opened the door to doing some part time work in seafood bistro two doors away. Here he learnt to fillet fish, make classic French sauces and help run the pass in the head chef’s absence.

In 2003 the opportunity arose to purchase Moonfish café. It was time to leave the sandwich shop behind, it had expanded as far as it could, and Christian took a leap of faith.

The absence of a business mind proved the biggest challenge in the early years at Moonfish café, disaster was kept at bay by fundamentals, customers kept returning superb seafood cooked very simply on a plate. It seemed the less complicated the food was, the busier they became. Moonfish capitalized on the world-class produce available in Aberdeen, a distinctive factor of its’ success.

The restaurant was built with a limited budget; second hand crockery and odd sets of cutlery. Moonfish has a very strong loyal customer base and has now become a destination restaurant for anyone travelling to the North East of Scotland.

In 2007, having been approached by local oil and gas businessmen, Christian opened Fusion Bar Bistro and was given a blank canvas in which to work. No expense was spared as the restaurant was geared towards those with a disposable income and liked the finer things in life. With an extensive wine and champagne list, Fusion Bar Bistro opened to much acclaim. The menus were small consisting of only 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts, thus focusing on quality and perfection rather than quantity.

Prior to opening Fusion, Christian spent a month working in Barcelona at Restaurant Santa Maria with Paco Guzman, a former chef at el Bulli. Influenced by the molecular wizardry that was the major force in world cuisine at that time, Christian learnt the foundation of using new equipment, technique and the use of chemicals in a modern kitchen.

On returning to Moonfish in 2010 more experienced and with renewed enthusiasm, the restaurant underwent a full renovation and make over. Dishes were more refined while still focusing on the freshness and quality of the main ingredients. The restaurant beverage list was overhauled with the addition of cocktails and emphasis on gin. Staff were sent to France for wine tastings and training. In 2011 and every year since, Moonfish Cafe has been voted runner up in best restaurant from the prestigious Observer Food Monthly awards.

n 2012 and with the New Nordic Cuisine in full force, Christian, keen to develop his own style and eager to learn, embarked on a 3 month stage at restaurant Noma, voted best restaurant in the world 4 years out of the past 5. This is where Christian learnt the most, with over 50 chefs serving only 40 guests, dishes were painstakingly composed by Chef Redzepi and his team. All ingredients are local, with nothing imported. With a new knowledge of foraged, forgotten vegetables and herbs Noma’s gastronomy is like no other.

Influenced by his travels particularly his time in Noma, where preserving, smoking and pickling are prevalent in his cooking, with a strong emphasis on foraged foods such as pine, sorrel and wild dill flowers, the Nordic theme is obvious. Although Malaysia has the complete opposite climate the same rules apply, he is enthusiastic about seasonal vegetables and new found herbs and spices. Christian’s dishes are simple and sometimes playful using the same ingredient in two or 3 preparations. Often dishes are paired down consisting of simple strong flavours belying the work that’s gone into them. The aim of Christian’s food is to create clean tasting flavoursome food and to use as few ingredients as possible.


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