Borneo Divers Invited Children from St Theresa and De La Salle Hostel for a day trip in Mamutik Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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For St Theresa & De La Salle Hostel Kota Marudu and Borneo Divers Sabah & Sea Sports

Picture before going to Mamutik Island
Picture before going to Mamutik Island

(Image header: Group photo in front of Borneo Divers Dive Academy at Mamutik Island)

16 October 2017, Kota Kinabalu – As part of Borneo Divers and Sea Sports (Sabah) Sdn Bhd’s corporate social responsibility. Borneo Divers Dive Academy and Leisure Centre invited 81 children from St. Theresa and De La Salle Hostel Kota Marudu to their new facility at Mamutik Island located within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park along with Sister Rose and an assistant. The children were in the island from 11am to 7pm.

Group Photos with Children of St Theressa and De Lasalle Hostel with Sister Rose
Group Photo with Children of St Theresa and De La Salle Hostel Kota Marudu with Sister Rose

The Children arrived STAR Marina of Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa at 10:30am, after registration and safety briefing the children were transferred from STAR Marina Jetty to the island with 4 boats. Upon arriving Mamutik Island at 11am, they were given light snacks before and an introduction to our Financial Controller, Ms Chew Peck Kim. The children started their fun-filled activities at the beach.

Some children that received academic award
Some Children that receive academic Awards

After about an hour of fun at the beach, Chef Aidil treated the children to a scrumptious meal, from delicious Sabah Fried Noodles to Grilled Chicken Wings to Curry Lamb and many more. Borneo Divers team members then entertained all the children with games and music. They played crazy walk, balloon passing, treasure hunt and had a “Baby Shark” dance session. Everyone incredible fun Children were thrilled with the prizes won during the games session.

Children having lunch
Children having lunch

After the games, all the children were invited to the in-door dining room for study award giving ceremony where children with good academic achievement in school and public exams were given a token of encouragement for their outstanding performance which were sponsored by Datuk Admund Looh, owner of Borneo Divers and Sea Sports (Sabah) Sdn Bhd and our good partner, Lianhai Holidays in China. Thereafter, dinner was served before they were being transferred back to Kota Marudu.

Children having fun playing games
Children having fun laying games

Chew Peck Kim, Operations Controller said, “Borneo Divers is very happy to that all the children had a fun day in the island today and will be happy to welcome them into the island every year. She also mentioned, “Compliments to those who did academically well and those children who did not receive any awards should not be discouraged but strive to work hard academically and hopefully excels in other areas of interest and to grow up to be a useful person in this society.”

This amazing day would not be a success without the good support and generous sponsorship of Classic Holidays, Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, Borneo Nature Explorer, Sabah Parks and the team members of Borneo Divers.


5 thoughts on “Borneo Divers Invited Children from St Theresa and De La Salle Hostel for a day trip in Mamutik Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

  1. wah, bestnya budak budak semua ni, hope they have a great day…
    dorang tak pi diving ka? lama mrs pip ndak masuk laut diving…
    rindu pula mau pigi diving …

    1. Lan

      Hi Mrs Pip,
      Thanks sebab singgah kat bog ni. Ya, I think the kids were happy from morning till evening they were given special punya attention by the sponsors. They enjoyed it. Wah, you are a diver too? Awesome. Ada ni satu trending bah, the mermaid free diving di Terengganu. I badly want to try it lah. hehehe.

      1. saya ambil open water course saja, nak upgrade ambil master dive tu mahal dan tak cukup syarat lagi … tapi lama dah tak dive, & saya ni cuma akan dive with my husband. haha, he is the only person I trust to dive with … lagipun kalau diving ni, mmg kena ada trusted buddy … muehehe… bagus juga kalau ada free diving, tapi kat Terengganu la pula …

    1. Lan

      Hi Chris from
      Thank you so much for dropping by. Yes, the kids were very happy that day for being able to visit Mamutik Island. Oh if you come here one day to Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia), do tell me ya, will show you around. Our contact number is in the CONTACT US. Visited your blog and you have amazing photos in your posts. Luv em all! Thanks again Chris.

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