The Signature Food Fest 2017 by 11th Avenue Media Marketing : The 12 Participants (Restaurants/Signature Dishes) Part 1

Written by @joehairie and @Lan
Photos by, Alfred Allen, Evon Foo & Datuk Gordon Leong

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This recap (Part 1 of 3) highlights the first 4 dishes from a total of 12 dishes presented during the Judging process (October 3, 2017-October 17, 2017). The dishes are highlighted in alphabetical order and does not indicate the result. 

It won’t be long now for all of us to know the winners in various categories for the Signature Food Fest 2017. Organized by 11th Avenue Media Marketing, this year Signature Food Fest is quite interesting as 12 different eateries with 12 signature dishes are competing for various prestigious awards. The result will be announced on 31 October 2017 during the Award Presentation Ceremony. While waiting for that day, here is the recap of 4 dishes presented by 4 eateries. The other 8 dishes will be highlighted in Part 2 and 3.


Full Spring Chicken Meal
by Borenos Fried Chicken


With 2 outlets in Kota Kinabalu city, Borenos Fried Chicken presented Full-Spring Chicken Meal as their Signature Dish. This particular dish is perfect for sharing (Yes, you may have one full set for yourself). The Chicken, juicy, tender, delicious and surprisingly  not that oily as we have expected prior to the judging process. Borenos is Halal Certified and the outlet in Asia City Complex is open 24-7.

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Nasi Briyani Chicken Set
by BTC Restoran Inanam/ Kumpulan BTC Berhad



Kumpulan BTC Berhad through its Restaurant in Inanam presented Nasi Briyani Chicken Set that includes Sirap Bandung and Cendol. Those craving for this dish may visit the restaurant and take note that it is open 24-7! The Nasi Briyani was delicious when we tasted it. The side dish (Chicken Curry) proven to elevated the overall taste. Presentation was nice as well. The Cendol, absolutely yum!

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Bistro Mixed Grill (Chicken & Lamb)
by Dart Bistro Bar & Grill

Photo by Alfred Allen

Located at Latitude 6, Off Jalan Lintas, Dart Bistro Bar & Grill offers a great place to chill out after a long day work or even to spend time with friends during the weekends. For the Signature Food Fest, Dart Bistro Bar & Grill presented their generous serving of Bistro Mixed Grill (Chicken & Lamb) that include Fries and Salad.

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Chicken Ramen
by Ebizou Japanese Restaurant & Bar


Located in Imago Mall, Ebizou Japanese Restaurant is one of the two Japanese Restaurants participating in Signature Food Fest 2017. With detailed attention towards service and food, Ebizou presented Chicken Ramen, a simple but really delicious dish! This restaurant is pork-free and Muslim diners need not to worry at all.

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In Part 2 and 3 we will be revealing another 8 interesting dishes presented by 8 eateries/restaurants.


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