There are moments when Customers need to observe the details before placing orders : When customers are NOT ALWAYS right about Tavern’s Nasi Lemak Lobster

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Note: This article is of our own opinion and we are not being paid for writing this article. We wrote this article honestly, in order to create ‘awareness’ for customers who simply ignore details in advertisement/menu and simply order things as they please, only to realize that they made mistake(s) and start to blame the whole universe. As we did write about this product, some people contacted us and did blame us. For that, we have the right to write our own thoughts to counter that baseless remarks.

It’s been quite a while that we’ve written something related to the importance of having crystal clear minds, objectives, ‘needs’ and sharpest eyes when visiting a restaurant. There’s a saying ‘customers are always right’. The power of social media will somehow prove that this saying is no longer valid. When things got viral, customers tend to be a bit emotional and will always forget to consider the real ‘facts’.

The Case

We recently dined at Tavern Kitchen & Bar and we’ve tasted their latest menu, Nasi Lemak Lobster. We think it is one great product especially for the fact that it is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Recently, one diner particularly voiced out some negative reviews about this product, with direction towards its price. We wrote about this product (to read it, CLICK HERE) and we did mention that the offer (RM49++) is for the first 30 plates only.

All other reviews from bloggers and instagrammers did mention that too. The problem occurred when this particular customers was not the first 30 customers and hence being charged higher price. This customer took this matter to the Social Media. We thought that the customers views are entirely wrong. That customer admitted seeing the advertisement outside the restaurant. That customer saw the terms clearly, LIMITED TO 30 PLATES DAILY and FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

While there are other cases that customers are right, this case proven to be the customers fault for failing to check whether his or her order was in the first 30 PLATES DAILY. Being a writer, we felt that it is the right thing to do to correct things, to educate customers that it is important to pay attention and ASK before placing orders.

Let us give one example. There is a sale in one Shop, selling shirts. When you are about to buy a shirt, you test, asking for different sizes, colors and so on. You will ask if it is on discounted price (since colors on price tag indicates certain discounts). If you think it is not worth buying that shirt, you walk out or you will stupidly buy it. The same rule applies to buying foods. You check, you ask, conforming. This is the direction of this article.

An Analogy

We give one simple analogy. A comparison. A restaurant  kindly offers 50% discount for their buffet but only for the first 50 customers. Some smart people will know that it is best to call the restaurant in advance to secure a table or two. Some walk-in customers will ASK staff or observe all the advertisements placed outside the restaurant. Some will properly ask for the details before placing orders. That is an undeniable POWER that belongs to customers before they purchase anything.

The best question to ask is, “Am I still eligible for that 50% discount? Are there already 50 customers ahead of me?” Ask. Ask…and ask. That is our power that cannot be denied by the restaurant. True yeah? Absolutely yes. If somehow a customer asked and told that the quota is full, then it is that customer’s right to go ahead paying the more expensive rate or simply walk out.

If that customer still wants to go in the buffet then he or she must be held responsible for whatever food or beverages being ordered, simply because he or she walked in and refused to understand the DETAILS in the advertisement. At a later stage, this customer was charged the non discounted price and this customer chose to voiced out his or her disagreement in Social Media.

Then there it goes, all the readers and followers who was not there to see with their own eyes, will say everything that they want to… and the reputation of that particular eatery goes down and down and down, just because of one “simple” misunderstanding. These particular readers or followers who do not understand the whole thing will be blaming the eatery.

The comparison to the situation above is here; an interesting case involving a customer whom recently dined at Tavern Kitchen & Bar, located at Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. They recently launched a menu, first of its kind in Malaysia, Nasi Lemak Lobster. Soon after having that Nasi Lemak Lobster, this customer chose to voiced out some ‘unbelievable’ remarks specifically about the price being charged.

In Facebook, that customer, wrote this…

“I was attracted by an ad outside of this restaurant. The ad written on the original Rm79 of nasi lemak is doing a promotion, ….and we will dine in this restaurant. “

Read the whole thing HERE

That customer saw this advertisement…(and even uploaded it) so we re-uploaded it in this blog!


This particular customer was amazingly impressed with the Intro Price of RM49. Who doesn’t want cheap food yeah? The interesting part was when the customer decided to go into the restaurant and order WITHOUT specifically ask if he or she is still good to go for the first 30 plates daily. That customer admitted seeing the advertisement! Yes, as that customer even uploaded it complete with a receipt.

If that customer really saw the advertisement, he or she will be able to see that  terms, LIMITED TO 30 PLATES DAILY and FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. No matter how wrong the waiter or waitress is (according to the customer’s point of view). it is A MUST for this customer TO ASK if it’s still all right to go with the promotion price, is it still valid for that particular day..

Had that customer ask that question to that waiter (that was blamed), that customer will find out that the first 30 orders have been placed..obviously it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! It will then be that customer’s right whether to dine in or simply say WALK OUT! That waiter will not stop anyone wishing to leave the premise. It’s anyone (customers) right whether to dine or not.

Out of nowhere, sympathizers will surely blame Tavern Kitchen & Bar as this customer was charged RM94.34 for a plate of Nasi Lemak Lobster! Those sympathizers simply forgot to pay attention to the advertisement uploaded by the customer.


Why was it RM94.34? 

It’s simple. Remember the Terms “LIMITED TO 30 PLATES DAILY” and “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE”? What happens after 30 plates? Well, obviously that promotion price is no longer available… it is that simple. All that a customer need to do is to check whether he or she still eligible for that 30 PLATES promotion. Again, simple thing as one really need to do is ASK, ASK AND ASK. It won’t kill you if you ask. So ASK!

To clarify things, the owner of Tavern Kitchen and Bar have repeatedly posted everywhere, this statement..

“Our customers are given the menu so they can decide what they’ll like to order. We have several items on our menu, as shown in the photo above:
1. Medium lobster (400 grams) promo price RM49. Our normal price is RM79. All prices are subject to 6% GST and 10% service charge, as stated in the menu. 
2. Large lobster (600 grams) is RM89. Total price after 6% GST = RM94.34.
3. Add-on giant tiger prawns RM49. 
4. Add-on giant squid RM38. 
Our customer had the large 600 grams lobster, which is RM94.34 after 6% GST. “

It is crystal clear that after the first 30 promotion plates, there will be no more promo price of RM49. How is it possible to know if one is good to go for the first 30 plates with price of RM49? ASK as it is clearly stated in the advertisement that it is for FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

Now, some people will argue that there should not be another size of lobster with another price after the first 30 plates, as to not confuse customers. Mind you, there is no LAW prohibiting any eateries to sell things after a set of promotion ran out. While it is entirely up to customers to dine in or walk out, it is also entirely up to eateries to sell what they want to, simple because they are business entities and their core is to sell food.


Remember the buffet (in the analogy) that offers 50% discount for the first 50 customers? Is that restaurant wrong to charge full price for the 51st customer? Should they stop selling after the first 50 customers? So, tell us if it is wrong for Tavern Kitchen & Bar to stop selling after the first 30 promotion plates? One need to remember that they have clearly stated that the promotion price is for 30 plates only. What happens after the first 30 plates? We answered this question above.

A follower added another remark: (non related to Nasi Lemak Lobster)

Water also kena charged sky high price ah? (Plain water is chargeable?)

If you look closely the receipt attached above, you will notice that it’s not ordinary PLAIN WATER or SKY JUICE as addressed by Malaysians. It’s KANGEN purified water. That particular person did not even bother to check what KANGEN purified water is about and simply jump to conclusion that it is PLAIN WATER or SKY JUICE (if you prefer calling it that way).

This is another example how emotions really played its role in viral posts. People are so emotional without even looking into the details. It is fun to join in the process of condemning others yeah? Probably. But by doing so, how many innocent people and eateries becomes victims in viral posts? People post things as they like to without even bother to check the facts and details. So in this case, is Tavern Kitchen & Bar is at fault?

Some readers even suggesting to prolong this issue to the Consumers Tribunal or whatever name it is. They suggested that without even weighting the pros and cons, the facts, the details and the source of this particular problem. Personally speaking, if you have the guts and the facts, why not just proceed with the intention? If you look into the details provided in the advertisement, who would you think is going to win in this case?

Remember the customer who complaint? That customer admitted seeing that advertisement. Did he or she read the details or emotion played its role in making the customer to simply jump into the restaurant to enjoy Nasi Lemak Lobster? Did he or she simply look at the image and was tempted to try that Nasi Lemak Lobster? Before placing orders, did he or she asked if the first 30 promotion plates are sold out?

Can we really blame Tavern Kitchen & Bar for selling Large Lobster after that first 30 plates (with Medium size Lobster)? Is it ethically wrong to sell another size of the same product with higher price, if the first promised 30 plates sold out? Back to the analogy, is it ethically wrong for the restaurant to charge full price for the buffet after the first 50 customers?

Can we really blame the waiter who served that customer who complaint about the high price? Logically, there is the possibility that the first 30 plates will not be available the whole day, right? That customer certainly was not the only person in world wanted to try that Nasi Lemak Lobster. Everyone wants to try it.

Delicious or not, it will be up to individual palate. The BIG questions, is it ethically right thing to do, to accuse an eatery that is selling one particular food at promotional price, for 30 plates daily? Is it wrong to sell the same product with different size and price after the first 30 plates? IS IT SO HARD TO ASK if you are still eligible for the first 30 promotion plates?

OR PERHAPS this customer thinks that he or she is the only person eligible for the first 30 promotion plates, with or without asking. 

SUE US if we are wrong

To this particular customer, if our logical questions are wrong in the eyes of any Law in any country in this world, sue us. We bravely put forward our thoughts for the benefits of eateries worldwide and for the customers to CAREFULLY THINK, using the brain, before posting anything in Social Media platforms. Customers are not always right. All right, eateries are not always right as well. None are perfect in this world. There is always room for improvement.

We still think that Tavern Kitchen & Bar did nothing wrong. They are business entity. Whatever they want to sell after the first PROMISED 30 PLATES, is entirely up to them. Same goes to the other eateries. For customers (as we are customers too!), always use the simplest method before dining out, ASK AND ASK. If you don’t like certain things, simply walk out. Don’t order, consume then complaint for no reasons.

Back to the analogy, will we be able to blame that restaurant that sells buffet at 50% discounted price for the first 50 customers? Can we stop them charging the normal price after the first 50 customers? In the case of Tavern, they are selling BIG LOBSTERS after the first PROMISED 30 PLATES. Is that wrong? Also, is it logical to charge the same price for BIG LOBSTER as in that MEDIUM LOBSTER?

Think. Ask. Study the advertisement. Don’t like certain things? In doubt? Simply ask (investigate on your own) or simply walk out. So, are customers always right? Tell us. 







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  1. Inilah susah kalau ungkapan ‘customer is always right’ tu disalah guna … sy pun hari2 berdepan sama customer .. sangat susah mo explain klu dapat customer yg dia ingat dia bijak sangat .. huhu

    1. Lan

      Salam Mia Kassim. Thanks sebab sudi berkunjung ke blog ini. You are absolutely right. Appreciate your opinion sangat2. Lan.

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    1. Lan

      Thank you tynienih sebab drop by here. Appreciate that so much and we appreciate your honest opinion too. Thanks!

    1. Lan

      Hi Lanseikong, thank you so much for dropping by. Really appreciate that. Glad that you like that Nasi Lemak post. Thank you again. Lan, on behalf of joe.

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