Amazingly delicious À la carte dishes @ Promenade Cafe, Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu

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Promenade Cafe @ Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu is one of the 100 eateries that is listed in Malaysia Delicious 100 Food 2017-2018

(Promenade Cafe is Halal Certified)

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Promenade cafe at the Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu offers wide range ala carte menu. There is no doubt about the quality of the dishes in their ala carte servings as we recently went to this place and we’ve seen for ourselves their ability of serving great foods for diners. Most importantly, all foods served to us were delicious and for that reason, we listed this restaurant in our Malaysia Delicious 100 2017-2018 list.


We came in a group of 7 diners and were immediately welcomed by the staff. It was pretty busy evening (as the International Buffet was going on) but staff were able to equally divide their attention to all diners. We opted for 7 different dishes from the ala carte menu as shown below. For beverages, we ordered our favorites, fresh Orange, Apple and Watermelon juice.

Promenade Oxtail ‘Masak Asam Pedas’ (RM40.00)



This dish is about Oxtail simmered in spicy and sour broth with a blend of local herbs served with Steamed Coconut Milk Rice. It’s one of Promenade’s Cafe Signature dish. It’s so tender and delicious. We highly recommend this dish if you visit Promenade Cafe in the near future. It might look a bit reddish in color but believe us, it’s not spicy at all. The gravy was delicious as well and it went well with the Steamed Coconut Milk Rice.

‘Mee Mamak’/ Fried Noodles Mamak Style (RM26.00)


In general, Mee Mamak is an Indian Muslim type of noodle dish commonly found in in Singapore and Malaysia.  Mamak means uncle in the Tamil language. Indian being the third largest racial group in Malaysia plays an important role in influencing the local cuisines. The Promenade’s Mee Mamak is highly recommended as it’s presented nicely, clean with generous Prawns, Dried Tofu and other elements. It’s  elevated from the street food/hawkers version.

‘Mee Tuaran’/Tuaran Fried Noodles (RM23.00)


It is said that Tuaran mee is a Nanyang-Chinese fried egg noodle hawker dish from Tuaran in Sabah, Malaysian North Borneo. Normally it refers to the fried version, but it is also used to identify egg noodles that are made in Tuaran, Sabah. The Promenade’s was a much better version in comparison to the Tuaran Mee we had before. Here, it’s lees oily and we emptied the plate!

Soy-Braised Chicken (RM18.00)


This dish is served with steamed Hainanese Chicken Rice and Vegetables. We love this dish so much as the ‘dark-soy’ gravy was amazingly delicious when we had it with the Hainanese Chicken Rice. Though it’s braised in Soy, it’s not a salty dish. In fact it had all that balance of salty and sweet tastes with bits of star-anise and cinnamon flavors. The rice, fluffy, aromatic and the whole dish is complemented by condiments such as blended chili and ginger. Every elements of this dish, perfect!

Chinese Fried Rice (RM28.00)


This dish is about Fried Rice with mixed vegetables and chicken cubes served with Fried Chicken Wing, Fried Egg, Cracker and Pickled Vegetables. It may look like a standard Fried Rice but it taste amazingly great. The other elements such as that crispy Fried Chicken Wing and Fried Egg really elevated the dish. The greens were fresh and crunchy.

Chicken Quesadilla (RM28.00)


This Chicken Quesadilla by Promenade Cafe is a Mexican cuisine and in it are spicy shredded Chicken and Capsicum in Crusted Tortilla Skin. The Tortilla is cut into bite size pieces and inside, amazing filling that is so moist that you will be wishing there’s more of Chicken Quesadilla on the plate! It’s truly a dish that is perfect for everyone, even the kids.

Promenade Beef Burger (RM32.00)



This Grilled Beef Burger by Promenade Cafe is accompanied with Cheddar Cheese and Fried Egg, relish on Sesame Bun served with French Fries. Neo (the youngest in our group) had this entire dish for himself and a few days later, he told us that he is still craving for it. According to him, this Beef Burger is by far the best he had consumed. The rest of the group only managed to savor the French Fries and Salad! Well, we can’t blame Neo as this particular burger is so mouth-watering even in photos!

Our Thoughts

Promenade Cafe at Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu is indeed one of the best eateries (In a Hotel Category) that is worth visiting. We’ve been here, seen and tasted some of the dishes from their extensive ala-carte menu. All of the 7 dishes that we had were delicious and in great portions that were good enough to be shared (though you will regret sharing!). This particular Cafe is Halal Certified and there is no need for Muslim visitors to worry about when dining here.

While all 7 dishes were amazingly great in taste and presentation, we love the Oxtail Masak Asam Pedas specifically for it’s tender meat and thick delicious gravy. It is by far among the best Oxtail Masak Asam Pedas we ever had and up to this day, we are able to remember the exact taste of this dish. Personally, me and Joe are ably to remember 4 different versions of Oxtail Asam Pedas that we had in Malaysia and one of them is of Promenade’s.

In terms of service, the staff were efficient, attentive, polite and friendly. We love the delightful and modern ambiance of this cafe. The dining tables are arranged nicely and lighting is perfect. Simply put, everything about this cafe are great, not only that the foods are amazingly delicious, it’s indeed a place perfect for families and big groups. For their delicious foods, we have no doubt at all to list this cafe in Malaysia Delicious 100 2017-2018, one of the best 100 eateries in the whole country!


Promenade Cafe
Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu
No.4, Lorong Api-Api 3, Api-Api Center
88000 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: (60) (88) 265 555
F&B Hotline: (60) (88) 252 396
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