The Signature Food Fest 2017 4th Year Edition by Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing

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(Photos by Alfred Allen Ginsos and Press Release by 11th Dot Com)

L-R: Rory Richardson, Evon Foo & Renee Quimson (MSP State Director)

Kota Kinabalu – 25 September 2017

The Signature Food Fest is back for the fourth year in the row without fail after a big successful event last year where eight awards were given out. This year we witness more new establishment participants in the longest food fest platform right here at Kota Kinabalu.

Organised by Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing
Official Venue at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall  
Official Blog MejaRasaKK Blogspot
Official Photographer MC Manch Photography
Official Mobile Apps MoreFun

Opening Signature event will be held at the Awards Winning Shopping Mall Suria Sabah Shopping Mall this 29-30 September until 1st of October 2017, from 11am to 10pm, (Ground floor mall and admission is free).

Mr. Alfred Allen, Organizer of The Signature Food Fest 2017. Facebook Link (Click HERE)

The Signature Food Fest concept remain the same where brands/restaurants will showcase one of their signature dish from their original menu or simply design one menu as signature dish. The signature menu will be kept available for one month in their respective outlet where patrons may order and try.

The signature dish will be eligible for “Dine Win & Vote” campaign. Patrons can order their signature menu and stand a chance to win fabulous draw prizes in lucky draw. Simply attach together with the dining receipt with voting form to qualified. Start from 1st October to 30th October 2017 at respective Signature participant outlet.

Free copies of Signature Food Fest guide will be available during the opening signature event at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. Each restaurant also will receive 100 copies for their own distribution.

Mr.Alfred Allen explaining Signature Food Fest’s program 

The twelve Signature food fest exhibitors will offer special package and free sampling during the three days opening event. The public may enjoy free sampling and most of the participants offer halal and serve no pork menu.

During the same time and date, Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing is joining food platform with International Sabah F&B Fair; the event is organised by FSI Federal Of Sabah Industries at the main atrium of Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. It is a weekend not to be missed!

“We are extremely overwhelmed byt his year respond, with two well-known hotels in Kota Kinabalu are participating; namely,  Grandis Hotel & Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. There was not hotel participant last year. This year the hotels are more geared up and we look forward for more participation in years to come” said Mr Alfred Allen the organizer of the Signature Food Fest.

This year total of eight awards will made the highlights for The Signature Food Fest 2017 with one new awards mention.

Best Signature Menu
Best Ambiance
Best Customer Service
Outstanding CHEF
Best Plate Presentation
Facebook Most Popular
Blogger’s Choice Award
MoreFun Best Awards – New

Bloggers/Media/Exhibitors during the press conference 

About MoreFun mobile Apps

Established by a young local Sabahan entrepreneur, Mr Oscar Yong who aims to bring a new media platform for Sabahans. MoreFun can be easily downloaded FREE at both Apps Store and Play Store. There are more than 5000 downloads up to date, and few well known establishments have already becomes their their loyal merchant. The Signature Food Fest will have a special feature in their apps and showcase all the twelve brand participants. To find out more about MoreFun apps function, do download it.

Three Panel Judges:
1.Datuk Gordon Leong
2.Rory Richardson
3.Evon Foo

Blogger’s Judges:

Important Information:
Opening Signature Event
29-30 September to 1 October 2017
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (Ground Floor)
11am to 10pm

Signature menu offer period
01-30 October 2017
@ Respective Restaurant Outlet

Signature Awards Night (by Invitation only)
31 October 2017
Piano Lounge at Grandis Hotels & Resorts

The Signature Food Fest 2017 Brand Participants:

1.Borenos Fried Chicken
2.BTC Restaurant
3.Dart Bistro Grill & Restaurant
4.Ebizou Japanese Restaurant
5.Hard Rock Cafe – Kota Kinabalu
6.Little Melaka
7.Mosaic by Hyatt Regency Kinabalu
8.Rosea Cafe by Grandis Hotels & Resorts
9.Sakagura Japanese Restaurant
10.Shoney’s Dining & Bar
11.Tanjung Ria Kitchen by Hyatt Regency Kinabalu
12.The Glass Grill & Bar

Non-Restaurant participant (Booth in Special zone)
1.City Grocer
2.KW Machinery Sdn Bhd
3.Kangen Water
4.HS Living Solutions
5.Gateau House

Special thanks to:

1.Hard Rock Cafe – Kota Kinabalu for hosting the Press Conference
2.Grandis Hotels & Resorts for hosting the Signature Awards Night
3.Suria Sabah Shopping Mall – Official Venue
4.MC Manch Photography – Official Photographer – Blogger Judges
6.JC Printer – Official printer


This Press Release is  prepared by 11th Dot Com
Alfred Allen Ginsos (Event Organiser)
018 7778 369 / 010 238 4066