Food Fiesta and Cultural Night @ BTC Inanam restaurant, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

“Good TIMES start with great food”
Written by @Lan and edited by @joehairie
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Diners enjoying their moments!

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For more information about the coming, 3rd BTC Food Fiesta and Cultural Night (Theme: Balik Kampung/Village Homecoming ) to be held on September 16, 2017, click HERE. The 4th BTC Food Fiesta and Cultural Night is scheduled on September 23, 2017 with Passage To India as the theme. Contact links are provided at the end of this article.

Kota Kinabalu is indeed a foodie-friendly heaven and there is absolutely no shortage of buffets. Great and worthy Buffet however is fewer. We both are a bit epicurean when it comes to dining but at times we are indeed happy enough if we see a buffet that is worth paying. Simply put, it all comes down to the values, extra things that makes us returning. The BTC Inanam Restaurant is currently having it’s weekly Food Fiesta and Cultural Night, held every Saturday and we’re lucky to be able to experience the first 2 events.

A table full of bloggers (Clockwise) Joe & Lan from, Mia from, Sharina from, Suzana from, Junzie from, Eca from and Natrah from (Credit: Jun-zie)

We came in as one big group, 8 bloggers that paid fullest attention to every details of the event. Personally speaking, I saw tremendous and astonishing achievement in terms of overall quality of food and side activities in the 2nd event, compared to the 1st event. This proved that the management is attentive toward improving the products and services. Having said that, we have no doubt that this event is worth to be recommended to all of you in Kota Kinabalu city.


The selection and quality of the foods in the buffet spread is quite extensive and excellent in the sense that it had that variety and deliciousness. We tried each of the food, from Appetizers to Desserts and each of ’em, heavenly delicious, perfectly cooked, well presented and cooked with soul. The number of main dishes were added in the 2nd event, giving that extra choices for diners. While the foods in 1st event were amazing, the 2nd were absolutely great and we think the 3rd event this week (16 September 2017) will surely be interesting!

The Buffet

Mains (Menu will be rotated each week according to theme)

Chili Chicken

Our favorite was the Chili Chicken. The Chicken were perfectly fried and later sautéed with spices and chili powder. It’s so crunchy on the outside and inside tender with all the flavor playing on the tongue. It’s a bit spicy as suggested by the name but we love it as it is. An outstanding dish that we hope to see more when we visit BTC Restaurant in the near future!

Butter Chicken

We also love this dish which is named as Butter Chicken. It had all the amazing flavors from spicy to buttery and it went well with the rice and Roti Canai! The meat was so tender and the complexity of the gravy is trapped inside, making the meat juicy and yum!

Daging Masak Rendang

Daging Masak Rendang or Beef Rendang was also one of the dishes that we love. It went well with the rice as well as the Roti Jala and even Roti  Canai. There’s so many great Nusantara flavors in any Rendang dish, this one, at BTC Food Fiesta and Cultural Night was amazingly exceptional. It’s perfectly cooked and the beef, tender and tasty. It’s not that spicy, which is great and

Roti Jala and Beef Rendang

The use of Kerisik or Grated Coconut gave that great texture to the outer side of the cooked meat. To our International Readers, this dish is the most favorite of all in the whole Nusantara Region-Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei . It’s available here in the BTC buffet spread, but at times will be rotated with other dishes.

Mutton Curry

Another top quality dish being served during the 2nd BTC Food Fiesta and Cultural Night was the Mutton Curry. In general, Mutton curry is an Indian curry dish that is prepared from mutton and vegetables and originated in Bengal, India. It’s a bit spicy due to the use of generous curry powder and its related spices but then it’s one great, delicious dish. The meat, absolutely tender, juicy and easy to separate from the bone. There were generous cut and tender potatoes inside the dish.


Another dish that was highlighted in the buffet spread was Ikan Masak Sambal or Fish Coated with Spicy Sambal/Gravy. The fish fillets were first fried and then put into a large wok that had pre-cooked gravy inside it. The gravy or sambal consists of many ingredients such as finely blended chilies, onions, seasoning, tomato and chili sauce and many more. That produced an amazing darker but reddish dish. It tasted a bit spicy which is the supposed taste but not to a degree that no one can handle it. It’s delicious, the meat; tender and juicy. The flavors of the thick sambal really penetrated into each fillet.

Stir Fried Mix-Vegetable

Then there’s Mix Vegetable, a combination of cauliflower, several type of mushrooms and carrot. All were briefly stir fried, adding that required seasoning. It’s one simple dish but tasted amazingly delicious, thanks to the presence of that mushrooms. This type of mix vegetables went well with all the main dishes being served at the 2nd BTC Food Fiesta and Cultural Night.

Pasta lovers were not left disappointed as there were Spaghetti Bolognese and Fettuccine Carbonara being generously served in the buffet spread. Both pasta dishes were incredibly spot on in terms of taste. The Bolognese sauce were tasty and so did the Carbonara sauce which was ethereal and creamy. Both pasta were cooked perfectly.


The Chefs must have carefully thought of everyone’s palate. There were so many elements being served as sides. The salad elements were fresh and crunchy. For the Rojak Buah lovers, they were happy as it’s served as well on the buffet counter. There were even several type of soup being served.


There were so many choices when it comes to bread, buns and dry cakes. For us, being adventurous foodies, we were like mix and match all type of food, it’s fun and we get to learn few things. We had 4 hours of feast anyway and that’s really quite a long time to savor each kind of food.


Of all sides, we were pretty much attracted to this lovely Ulam-ulaman, a traditional salad of the Malays. Ulam-ulaman is a type of vegetable dish that is normally consumed fresh and raw.  It is best eaten with rice and other dishes as an appetizer. As it is eaten raw and fresh, ulam-ulaman is high in vitamin and minerals. Ulam-ulaman has that anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties.

The beverages counter

There were free flow of iced and non-carbonated beverage as well as the Malaysian favorite, Teh Tarik or Pulled Tea. Both beverages really complemented the dishes served during the Food Fiesta and Cultural Night.

The Cultural Perfomances

Mangunatip Dance

There were 4 kinds of Traditional and Fusion dances being staged for the audience during the 2nd Food Fiesta and Cultural Night. Each week there will be different type of dances and for the 2nd week, the diners were presented with the dance performances of Suzau Papar, Tarian Joget, Bollywood as well as the famous Mangunatip Dance. All performances were very interesting to watch and the dancers even went to get some diners to dance together!

Here are some images and videos of that 4 dance performances.

Suzau Papar

Bollywood Dance

Joget Dance


Theatrical Mangunatip Dance!


With the exception of the Bollywood dance and Joget, the other 2 dances were accompanied by live music (using traditional instruments).

The Busking Performance

Styna Akustik Rangers

Taking turns with the traditional dance performances, the busking performance presented their talent, singing the latest and yesteryear song selections accompanied by live music. Currently, the Styna Akustik Rangers is performing on stage and they are indeed super talented, in vocals and instruments. Diners may even request songs and ‘showcase’ their talent by singing on stage as what blogger Jun-Zie did!

Blogger, Ms.Jun-Zie presented her talent by singing Kris Dayanti’s songMenghitung Hari

The Mascot Appearance


Kids were happy to see the Iron Man and Clown appearing before them, doing all kind of tricks and stuffs. It made the kids busy and that gave some quality time for the adult diners to fully enjoy their meals!


Our Thoughts

We truly enjoyed being here at the BTC Food Fiesta and Cultural Night, an event that put together all elements into one, from the yum, generous buffet to theatrical dance performances, busking performance and even the appearance of Mascots to entertain the kids. Diners are more than welcome to venture into the Halal Mart as well as the ala-carte section to see the unbeatable offerings.

This particular Cultural Night by Kumpulan BTC Berhad is worth to come for its affordable price and side activities. It’s one of its kind in Kota Kinabalu city. Yes, there are several other buffets that have cultural performances but then this is currently the buffet that comes with all other interesting things to see and experience.

For the tourists/visitors coming to Kota Kinabalu city, we highly recommend this event to be included in your itinerary. It’s indeed ‘one stop’ center where you get to enjoy many things from food to culture, in one single visit! For locals, try something different from the regular buffets in the city. Muslim visitors need not worry as this outlet and its products are Halal Certified.

Venue: BTC Inanam Restaurant (Location in Google Map, click HERE)
Time: 7.00pm-11.00pm
Price: Adult RM45/Pax, Kids RM20/Pax, Kids Under 5 F.O.C
Info/reservation-Please contact
Puan Suzie 016 442 8276
Mr.Saul Hamid 013 851 2082
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The Cultural Night is brought to you by:

28, Jalan Burung Keleto,
KM 8, Off Jalan Tuaran Bypass, 88450
Inanam, P.O. Box 14180, 88847 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
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