Cultural Night 2017 @ BTC Inanam Restaurant : 9 reasons why you should not miss the Buffet, Entertainment and other highlights

“Good times start with great food”
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Finding a good buffet in Kota Kinabalu city is easy but having a great buffet with reasonable price is something that is quite rare here; great buffet in the sense that you get values for the price you are paying. There is one fortunately, brought to you by Kumpulan BTC Berhad. They ‘re-branded’ the buffet concept to the next level, naming it as Cultural Night. Happening every weekend (Saturday) at BTC Inanam Restaurant, diners will be amazed to see many great things from generous buffet spread, cultural performances, busking, clown appearance, Halal Mart and many more.

If you are a visitor/tourist to Kota Kinabalu City, you will be pleased to be here as it’s kind of ‘a one-stop center‘ where you get to experience things, in food and culture, in one single visit. For the locals, it’s time to ‘invest’ your money, paying for buffet that really gives you that truly, great dining experience. Here are 9 reasons why you, your family and friends should not miss the Cultural Night by Kumpulan BTC Berhad.

1-Reasonable Price


For RM45 per adult and RM20 per child, diners gets to experience not only for the alluring dishes in the buffet spread but one will have the opportunities to be entertained by the non-stop cultural performances, busking and for the kids, the clowns are on stand-by to hand-out custom made balloons! It’s one big place where apart from the buffet hall, there are Halal Mart and the ala-carte section (purchase is optional) to be visited by diners! All these for just RM45 per adult and RM20 per child which is truly a bargain, reasonably priced!

2-Generous Buffet Spread

We were made to understand that the dishes will be rotated every week to deliver the best for diners. On the night that we came, there were 6 sections namely, the appetizers, soup, main course, roti canai, beverages and desserts! Here’s the menu for the recent Cultural Night that we attended;

Note: Menu will be rotated every week

The food served were amazingly delicious, nicely presented and of Sabah & Malaysia characteristics. Staff are incredibly efficient in re-filling empty dishes and in terms or service, excellent! Below are the images of yum dishes served during the recent cultural night;

Pecal, Ulam and Lato


Fresh Green Salad!



Varuval Chicken and Lamb Curry

Ikan Masak Lemak and Sayur Goreng Jawa

Black Pepper Beef and Nasi Briyani Kuska


Roti Canai Station!


3-Cultural Performance


Sumazau dance

Selected and rotated cultural performances are being presented for diners in this weekly Cultural Night. While enjoying the yum heavenly delicious food from the buffet spread, diners will be entertained by the dancers, performing dances of various ethnics in Sabah. At some point, dancers will invite diners to dance together on the stage, an opportunity for tourists/visitors to have fun and learn the techniques of traditional dances.


Daling-daling dance


Diners on stage, having fun with the dancers!

4-Busking Performance


Styna Akustik Rangers

Taking turns with the traditional dance performance, the busking performance will present their talent, singing the latest and yesteryear song selections accompanied by live music. Currently, the Styna Akustik Rangers is performing on stage and they are indeed super talented, in vocals and instruments. Need to request a song? Why not! Send in your requests through the staff manning the hall. Use this opportunity to get the Birthday Song playing if your group is celebrating someone’s birthday!


5-Clown for the kids!


While enjoying the buffet and performances on stage, diners especially kids will be entertained by the Clowns, giving away custom made balloons along with their special tricks! Kids will be fascinated by their humorous acts! The elders will surely have uninterrupted dinner as the kids will be busy with the clowns.


6-Visit the Halal Mart

Credit: BTC Halal Mart Official Facebook Page (Click HERE)

The Halal Mart by Kumpulan BTC Berhad is just next to the main dining hall (buffet area). The Cultural Night is from 6.30pm to 12.00am and you will have ample time to visit the Halal Mart. There are so many great items imported from the Middle East such as packed food and drinks, spices, dates, ingredients for cooking and many more. You are not obliged to purchase anything, use this opportunity to have a look at the items being sold, who knows you want to drop-by next time.


For further details, check out BTC Halal Mart Official Facebook Page: Click HERE

7-Handicraft Showcase


There is a long table, showcasing the crafts, contemporary and traditional and the prices are reasonable, cheaper than in Kota Kinabalu’s shopping Malls! You may even bargain and the lovely owner will try to meet your demand, creating win-win situation for both buyer and seller. For tourists/visitors, this is the chance for you to purchase crafts that are reasonably priced, doing perhaps last minute shopping before returning to home.


8-Friendly Staff/Great service


Being Food and Service Critics, we are aware of the previous reviews such as in TripAdvisor. While some were satisfied with the overall experience dining at the ala-carte section, few were a bit annoyed by the service element. However, Kumpulan BTC Berhad seems to have its team improved in the service element. Staff are very polite, friendly and attentive.


The recent introduction of Buffet Service (in Cultural Night) brings a whole new level towards the service element. We went around, checking out things in the ala-carte section and the service there was excellent. Staff were here and there to deliver the best for diners. Rest assured that diners will receive the best attention while enjoying the cultural night’s buffet and its other highlights.

9-A visit to the ala-carte section


Though it’s a separate section, it can be accessed directly from the buffet dining area. It’s a section where other diners are opting for great food from ala-carte menu. The prices, incredibly affordable and most importantly, well presented and delicious! Since the buffet is running for about 6 hours or so, diners will have ample time to walk around in this area, looking at the chefs cooking and presenting ala-carte dishes. This section has plenty live cooking sections and it’s indeed interesting to see the Chefs cooking with undivided attention. Perhaps you may soon want to visit this section to have some great foods!

Live cooking stations!


The dining area for ala-carte section

For further details, check out BTC Inanam Restaurant Official Facebook Page: Click HERE or their Official Website: Click HERE

Our Thoughts


This particular Cultural Night by Kumpulan BTC Berhad is worth to come for its affordable price and side activities. It’s one of its kind in Kota Kinabalu city. Yes, there are several other buffets that have cultural performances but then this is currently the buffet that comes with all other interesting things to see and experience.

For the tourists/visitors coming to Kota Kinabalu city, we highly recommend this event to be included in your itinerary. It’s indeed ‘one stop’ center where you get to enjoy many things from food to culture, in one single visit! For locals, try something different from the regular buffets in the city. Muslim visitors need not worry as this outlet and its products are Halal Certified.

Venue: BTC Inanam Restaurant (Location in Google Map, click HERE)
Time: 6.30pm-12.00am
Price: Adult RM45/Pax Kids RM20/Pax
Info/reservation-Please contact
Puan Suzie 016 442 8276
Mr.Saul Hamid 013 851 2082
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For further details, click the links below.

Kumpulan BTC Berhad Official Facebook Page: Click HERE
BTC Inanam Restaurant Official Facebook Page: Click HERE 
Official Website-Menu: Click HERE
Instagram: Click HERE

The Cultural Night is brought to you by:

28, Jalan Burung Keleto,
KM 8, Off Jalan Tuaran Bypass, 88450
Inanam, P.O. Box 14180, 88847 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
CONTACT NUMBER: (+6) 088 435-786 / 438-786















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