Jalur Gemilang and Sabah Flag distribution @ Wisma BTC, Inanam

“Sehati dan Sejiwa”

Translated by @joehairie & Blogged by @Lan 
Photos by curiostraveller.com


In conjunction with Malaysia 60th Independence Day (31 August) and Malaysia Day (16 September), Syarikat Kumpulan BTC Berhad and its Staff celebrated both important days by distributing Jalur Gemilang and Sabah Flags to the public. The theme of the event was ‘Sehati dan Sejiwa‘.


The flags distribution was officiated by Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Joachim Gunsalam (Assistant Minister of Local Government and Sabah Housing). Also present were Tuan OCPD M.Chandra (Kota Kinabalu District’s Chief Police), Puan Hajjah Asnah Tahlil (Political Secretary to Minister of Community Development) and Director of Kumpulan BTC Berhad, Y.Bhg Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir bin M.E Sikkandar, Executive Director of Kumpulan BTC Berhad, Datin Hajah Sithi Kathija Begam binti Jailani and other Executive Directors.


According to the Director of Kumpulan BTC Berhad, Y.Bhg Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir M.E Sikkandar, the yearly mandatory program started in 2013. The yearly celebrated Independence Day is important to mark Sabah rapid economic growth under the leadership of Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah.


Y.Bhg Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir M.E Sikkandar added  that Kumpulan BTC Berhad is of Bumiputera Company that consists of various ethnics, religion and race in Sabah, Malaysia. That makes the program (Independence Day Celebration) as one of the many ways to foster patriotism spirit among the staff and the public, indirectly.


This noble effort meets the objective of ‘My Country, one heart one soul‘ theme that was recently highlighted by Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah. Y.Bhg Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir M.E Sikkandar stated that the program by Kumpulan BTC Berhad has no intention to support any political parties as it’s just an approach to foster the Patriotism Spirit in Malaysian thoughts and minds.


According to Y.Bhg Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir M.E Sikkandar, 2017 is the fifth year of the program at Wisma BTC, Inanam thus marking the initial plan of Kumpulan BTC Berhad to turn Wisma BTC into a Tourist Favorite Spot. He insisted that this is a long run planning and the company hopes to succeed in achieving its main objective.


This year Flag Distribution Event involved not only staff of Kumpulan BTC Berhad and the public but also some tourists who came to Wisma BTC to gain experience in celebrating Malaysia Independence Day.


Kumpulan BTC Berhad and invited honorable guests that included YB Datuk Dr.Joachim Gunsalam, distributed 5000 Malaysia and Sabah Flags to the public in this event. There’s Parade of 20 cars consisting of Antique Cars from Syarikat Vintage Malaysia (headed by Mr. Raja Manikam and his son, Mr.Dinesh Raja Manikam) followed by other official transport of Kumpulan BTC Berhad.


The event started at 9 a.m at the Wisma BTC HQ and ended at 11 a.m after the Press Conference with invited guests and Media Representatives.

















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