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Mashawi Grill, Sepanggar is one of the 100 eateries that is listed in Malaysia Delicious 100 Food 2017-2018

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We were here in 2016. We’re here again in 2017 as we felt that it is appropriate to list Mashawi Grill, Sepanggar as one of Malaysia 100 best and Halal eateries, serving great food that comes with amazing service and dining atmosphere. It might not be one luxurious restaurant but it is a place where they serve food that is fit for a King. We said that before;

“There is a jewel that recently transformed into a ‘culinary oasis’ with such an unbelievably delicious middle east cuisine selections that is fit for a king but made affordable for all. It might be the only edible ‘jewel’ in Kota Kinabalu city”


The deliciousness of Mashawi Grill’s food is the reason for us to list this eatery in Malaysia Delicious 100 Halal and Muslim Friendly Food. All the food that we had here in 2016 and 2017 really stick quite well in our thoughts. We dare to say that we still are sticking to our opinion that Mashawi Grill is actually the best Independent Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu City. This eatery in fact is the only eatery that serves Middle Eastern Cuisine on a 100% scale.



They moved from their previous location to a newer place, but fret not as they moved just next door, keeping the previous lot as a Function Room. The Middle Eastern characteristics are still that obvious in their new restaurant. Who can blame them? They are serving Middle Eastern cuisine! Their business grew that rapidly in just one year as they have another branch in Austral 88 Kepayan. This is to enable those staying in that area to have much easier way to stay connected with the Mashawi Brand, most importantly the Food!


Their tagline, “A taste of the Middle East” is indeed true to a point that we had all that supposed taste during our visits to this eatery. At the time I was drafting this entry, my brain kept thinking of the food at Mashawi Grill. This eatery has never failed to keep pleasing our palate, though we ate almost the same dishes over and over again, we will still be craving for it again once we reached home.


The Mandhi Rice that we had in all our visits had the consistency in both taste and appearance. The Chicken Mashawi is still our favorite, it’s so tender and all the great tastes are under the skin. When it comes to price, it’s mind boggling thing to know that it’s quite cheap (RM12.90). For the quality in taste, presentation and size, we both still think that the price should be above RM20!


The Chicken Kebab is one great option too! Priced at RM12.90, it’s amazingly delicious and again the Mandhi Rice, superb! The portion is quite satisfying, one dish is quite enough to fill your empty stomach. But again, when you look at the menu, you probably still want to try this and that, as we did, always! Perhaps the next best dish at Mashawi Grill is the Turkish Pide Pizzea that comes with options of Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Mix. During our recent visit, we had the Mix.




All the Turkish Pide Pizza that we had from 2016 till recently, maintained it’s taste, size and presentation. There were generous amount of meat on the pizza and overall, it tasted amazingly great. There is no other place in Kota Kinabalu City that one can find amazing yum delicious Turkish Pide Pizza. It is only available at Mashawi Grill in both Sepanggar and Kepayan Austral outlet.


We had a ‘feast’ when we were here recently. If you do come in one big group, it’s much better to opt for the Family Mandhi Set that comes in 4 different range namely Family Mahawi (RM51.90), Family Combo (RM51.90), Family Half (RM65.90) and Family Lamb (RM68.90). Solo diners may opt for the smaller portions.


The Lamb Stew that we had was another dish that we highly recommend. The meat, tender, not chewy while the thick gravy went well with the Mandhi Rice. It’s one of the best Lamb Stew that I’ve ever eaten in the entire universe! The dipping sauce and Salad were just absolutely ‘heaven’, both were so tasty and went well with all other main dishes.


One thing for sure, up to this moment and for quite some time, we believe that no other Restaurants serving Middle Eastern cuisine (if they do ever exist) in Kota Kinabalu City will be able to match the level of consistency at Mashawi. Every aspect from taste, portion, presentation, texture and price are just so ‘well-organized’ and perhaps that’s the reason why people keep coming to this restaurant.

Our Thoughts

We’re absolutely did the right thing to have this eatery listed in Malaysia Delicious 100 Food. The eatery fit in all the criteria perfectly well. The food, delicious. Price, moderate, affordable and acceptable by average diners standard. The location is perfect and in fact they have another branch. Most importantly, we can guarantee that in terms of Halal issue, the Food here are good for Muslim Diners.

They managed to maintain the overall quality of their food. Consistency is the keyword here. Mashawi Grill is one brand that is very consistent in delivering their product. The food had the exact deliciousness, exact taste, in all our visits. There is no doubt about that. The recent visit was another great dining experience for us and we shall never ever forget that. It’s the only brand in the city that serves delicious Middle East cuisine and deserves the highest recommendation from us to all avid food hunters.


Mashawi Grill
(Behind Tang Dynasty Bay Hotel Sepanggar)
Jalan Sepanggar-Manggatal, 88400 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: +60 10 947 0913   /  +60 10 947 0918
Facebook: Click HERE
Instagram: Click HERE

Refer to Mashawi Grill’s Official Facebook Page for their outlet in Austral 88 Kepayan


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