Brunei Satay House @ Indah Permai- Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Brunei Satay House @ Indah Permai, Sepanggar is one of the 100 eateries that is listed in Malaysia Delicious 100 Food 2017-2018

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Located in Indah Permai Township, some 16 KM from Kota Kinabalu City, Satay Brunei House specialize in Malay Brunei dishes. Their signature dish is of course Satay as indicated in the eatery’s name. Owned and managed by Mr. AG Shahril AG Ali, this eatery is first to be listed in Malaysia Delicious 100 Halal and Muslim Friendly Food. We went here on Saturday, August 12, 2017 and had a ‘feast’. It was an awesome and unforgettable dining experience, truly one stellar experience!

Owner of Brunei Satay House @ Indah Permai, Mr. AG Shahril AG Ali

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Brunei Satay House is one medium size restaurant. It’s not air-conditioned but it’s quite comfortable to dine here as the large opening at the front allows some cool air to come in and circulate inside the eatery. There are many dining tables with seating for individual, smaller and even bigger groups. Staff is attentive and friendly as they greeted us soon as we arrived at the restaurant. During our visit, the restaurant clean, spotless so to say.


During our recent visit, we had several dishes and all of the food and beverages that we had were extremely delicious. We’d like to recommend all of that dishes (as shown in the images below) to those planning to visit Brunei Satay House in the future.


Super Special Satay Set : Set B. Price: RM22.00. Apart from that normal sides such as Nasi Himpit, Cucumber and Onion rings, this set comes with the Fries as well!




We opted for the add-on, adding few Satay skewers of as well as Kelupis (a Brunei traditional kuih) and Kochung/Bak Chang/Rice Dumpling. 

Kochung/Bak Chang/Rice Dumpling
Ambuyat set at Brunei Satay House (Available during weekends). Ambuyat set elements: Top-Cucumber with Chili Sambal and the Sago Starch. Below: Ikan Ampap, Sir Fried Kangkong and Kuah Cecah. 

It was weekend when we visited this restaurant and during weekends, Ambuyat Set is served to customers as one of the special ala-carte option. To read more about Ambuyat, click HERE. Ambuyat is said to be a dish originated from Brunei and to eat that, one need to mix bits of everything from the Ikan Ampap (Click HERE to learn how to make Ikan Ampap) to the Kuah Cecah, a thick soup that is made from boiling the Ikan Basung with selected ingredients. Every elements in the Ambuyat Set were heavenly delicious. To eat Ambuyat, one needs to mix everything together in smaller portion, as shown in the images below.


Using special ‘chopstick’, get a small portion of the Sago Starch, dip it into the Kuah Cecah and eat it!


Get bits of the Ikan Ampap, combine the fish meat with Kuah Cecah, squeeze lime and mix everything together. Eat it with little portion of that Sago Starch.

Apart from Satay and Ambuyat, we had 4 other ala-carte dishes and six different beverages, as shown in the the images below.


Nasi Goreng Pulau Brunei


Nasi Kuning Ayam Madu


Nasi Paprik Ayam


Wantan Ho


ABC Brunei Special and ABC Milo


Cendol Brunei Special and Cendol Red Bean


Bandung/Jelly Brunei and Milo Tabur

Our Thoughts

We love all the food and beverages that we had during our recent visit to Brunei Satay House. Delicious, of high quality and many good words can be used to describe the taste of those food and beverages that we had. For Muslim diners, there is absolutely no need to worry when dining here dine here. The Owner himself is a Muslim. We are pretty sure that he instruct his team to use only suitable ingredients when preparing the food and beverages for customers.

We therefore have no doubt whatsoever in listing Brunei Satay House in our Malaysia Delicious 100 Food. Not only they are serving delicious food and beverages, the restaurant is clean and most importantly, 100% free of Pork and Alcohol. Service, outstanding. We dare to say that this restaurant is indeed one of the best restaurants we’ve been to.


Restoran Brunei Satay House
Taman Indah Permai
Jalan Sepanggar-Manggatal
Kota Kinabalu
Phone (Owner) : +60 16 843 5981
Phone (Restaurant) : + 60 19 586 8772
Facebook : Click HERE


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