Malaysia Delicious 100 Food : The search begins..

Written by @Lan & @joehairie
In search for Best 100 Food in 100 Eateries Across Malaysia

Update: To see the full listing (ongoing from August 2017-April 2018), click HERE. In each listing, there will be a specific link to the in-depth review from us as well as to various platforms

From 10 August 2017 to 30 April 2018, we will be searching for the best 100 food in 100 eateries across Malaysia. It means we have to travel here and there and although it will consume much of our time, we are happy to run this project as in the end we will be able to line-up the list for “Malaysia Delicious 100 Food”. We will be inviting some eateries, walking in impromptuly or will accept some invitations. Here are some details of our latest project. For restaurant/cafe/stall owners, if you think your eatery ably to fit in our criteria, invite us over, where ever you are in Malaysia. For readers, this is the list that will make you ‘crave’ and become avid food hunters.


Welcome to the delicious. 100 which is the most comprehensive and relevant guide to eating out in Malaysia. Every inclusion on the Delicious. 100 list is one that we think is worthy of your time, money and visit.

Listing Period

August 10, 2017-May 31, 2018

Geographical Scope

Across Malaysia

Concentration & Prerequisite

Halal Certified Outlets OR with Muslim Friendly status which means absolutely no pork presence in the menu. While Alcohol is not supposed to be as one of the ingredients in the food that we are to consume and suggest in the Delicious 100 listing, we may consider outlets that serves Alcohol to non Muslim customers ONLY, in different set of glasses, separated from Muslim Guests, as in some restaurants of Major Hotels in Malaysia. Cleanliness and service are 2 important factors as well.


By Invitation OR Special Selection OR Impromptu Visit (Feel free to invite us – Click Contact Us)

Type of Eateries

Restaurants of any type, Stalls in Food Courts, Independent Cafes, Hotel’s/Resorts eateries, C.O.D service and even Street Stalls as long as PORK and ALCOHOL are not served to us, PORK is non existence in the menu and ALCOHOL is served to NON MUSLIM DINERS ONLY (As some eateries in Major Hotels/Resorts that are Halal Certified do serve alcohol to guests).

Type of Meal(s)

-any ala carte option

-any buffet option

-any take away option

-any type of beverage(s) but not Alcohol

Our approach in writing

While we will allow owners to read draft before we publish our article, we will maintain all our opinions (pros and cons). Our objectives are to produce the listing and write an honest review.

Benefits for Eateries

-Listed in our Blog as one of the best 100 eateries in Malaysia (with best signature dish-Other dishes will be highlighted as well).

-An in-depth write-up, 1 full article with related images in

-We will insert the eatery’s banner in our promotion page (one of the menu pages) for 365 days (by alphabetical order)

-We will run one time promo for the eateries in our Instagram and Facebook (for longer period of promo, please ask for more information)

-We will be launching our app that will be named as Malaysia Delicious 100 Food in March/April 2018 and the eateries will be listed, for as long as their businesses are running.

-Direct exposure to the mass, our readers, followers

Benefits for Diners

-Having a comprehensive and updated list of Halal Certified outlet and Muslim Friendly eateries across Malaysia.

-Ably to read in details about the product (F&B) and the outlet itself

-Diners may get honest review from us before they come to their preferred eateries

Second Listing

If we have reach the maximum 100 eateries in the listing, we will move forward to the second listing. This listing is for 2017-2018 while the second listing is for 2018-2019.

For further information, please contact us.

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