Friday BBQ Cookout Buffet Dinner @ SOLUXE Hotel Kota Kinabalu (Formerly known as Narada Hotel)

Written by @joehairie
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(Invited Review) (This Eatery is HALAL CERTIFIED)

We both came here on Friday, August 4, 2017. Although this was the 2nd time we have been to this eatery, this particular Friday BBQ Cookout Buffet Dinner was a first for us. The eatery is better known as Coffee House and is located on level 3M. We came around 6 pm and the buffet was to start at 6.30 pm. Staff were already busy setting up all stations/buffet spread. The BBQ area was quite ‘smoky’ as the whole roasted lamb was nearing its perfection, almost cooked! Chefs were seen barbecuing all types of meats, including Satay! This is our review about Friday BBQ Cookout Buffet Dinner at Soluxe Hotel Kota Kinabalu (formerly known as Narada Hotel)

About Friday BBQ Cookout

Credit: Soluxe Hotel

According to the Hotel’s Official Facebook Page (Link):

“The Friday Night BBQ ALL YOU CAN EAT returns! Join us for an evening of savouring BBQ favourites as we fire up the grills by the pool at Narada Hotel, Putatan. With our highlight of the night, the juicy roasted whole lamb, to beef kebab, grilled seafood and chicken, and much more, our buffet line will surely kick off your amazing weekend! Located at the Coffee House, Level 3M, only for RM68nett per person, call 088 327 777 to reserve your table today!!”

About Soluxe Hotel

The Current Re-branding

Credit: Soluxe Hotel

The name of the hotel will be re-branded, following its original name- Soluxe Hotel Kota Kinabalu, a decision made by Tarlia Enterprises Sdn Bhd, the owner of the hotel. With the positive growth in the hotel business over the past 2 years, the owner has decided to operate and manage the property under his own local-based management team.

The re-branding decision has been under discussion for several months and the change has been approved by the authorities and the new name updated in their records recently. A new certificate with the name of the hotel updated as Soluxe Hotel Kota Kinabalu has been issued and this change is effective immediately.

For more information about Soluxe Hotel Kota Kinabalu, click HERE

Our Experience

The overall buffet layout, during the evening that we came, was divided into four main sections. There were the BBQ section located next to the swimming pool and inside another three, the Dessert, Starters/Appetizers (Including Beverages and Ice Cream) and main courses sections. All the sections were strategically and cleverly located in order to ensure smooth flow for diners.

To those who have never been to the Coffee House @ Soluxe Hotel Kota Kinabalu, here is the layout, drawn by us, not exactly to the scale but at least it will help you to imagine the position of each section.



The BBQ section

We first went to see the BBQ section where staff were seen barbecuing all that alluring meats and seafood items. The main ‘star’ was of course the juicy roasted whole lamb.


There were Satay, grilled Prawns on skewer with pineapple and many more great food to be seen in the buffet spread.


Right before 6.30 pm, the roasted whole lamb was already perfectly cooked. The charred skin indicated that it’s really ready for customers to line-up and get some of it. The Chef was indeed working hard to slice the whole lamb.


Another Staff was seen grilling all that great food, from selected vegetables to chicken wings, satay, fish ball and many more. We both were indeed delighted to see the grilled pineapple. Grilled and Charred sweet pineapple is of course our favorite!


Exactly 6.30 pm, diners were seen lining up to get their favorite grilled food. Their happy faces suggested that this place really served amazing barbecued items. The BBQ section was indeed a very popular place among diners. There was non stop flow of diners, flocking here to get the best of the best!


Some of the diners were of course the in-house guests of Soluxe Hotel. Being foreigners, they were of course delighted to see some local food being served in the buffet spread.


One of the popular food (Apart from the Roasted Whole Lamb and Satay) at the BBQ section were Pineapple Prawn Skewer and Beef Kebab with Mint Yogurt.


There were plenty of dipping sauces available on the buffet counter and the mint sauce was great enough for both Beef Kebab and Roasted lamb.


Beef Kebab with Mint Yogurt and Pineapple Prawn Skewer


Beef and Chicken Satay!


Staff were having busy time trying to replenish the Satay spread that keep getting emptied by diners. The meat was tender, delicious and fragrant. The peanut sauce was amazingly delicious!


The Dessert Section


There was long buffet table that had all the yum desserts from local to international desserts. The Bubur Kacang was so delicious that I had two servings! There were some sliced little cakes and even freshly cooked cassava fritters and pancakes!


The Chef in charge of the Dessert station. He cooked some amazingly delicious cassava fritters!


Yum Cassava Fritters!


The Chef cooking pancakes!


Beautiful, crispy and delicious pancakes!


Yum, cute desserts!


More desserts! Guess this section was crowded by the kids and young at heart!


The Starters, Beverage and Ice Cream Section


There were so many great things to grab here from the free flow of ice cream, beverages and wide choice of delicious starters/appetizers. Staff were pretty attentive as they religiously refilled empty servings.


Ice Cream section!


Our favorite, Strawberry and Vanilla flavors!


For the beverages, there were 3 choices; Rose Calamansi Juice, Orange Juice and Jasmine Tea. If you come on another buffet session, the choices might be different as it’s a norm to rotate food and beverages menu.


Free flow of Coffee and Tea were served as well!


Yum Appetizers/Starters!


Fresh fruit from Watermelon to Papaya were served as well. Below are some of the appetizers/starters that were served during our visit..


Tempeh Sambal Bilis and Hinava.


Acar Rampai, Potato Salad with Smoked Beef and Kerabu Mangga. There were many other starters being served such as Bambangan.


Main Courses section


There were so many main courses to choose from at this section. All of the offerings were equally delicious. We tasted each of them (in small portions of course) and not only the dishes were presented beautifully but tasted great as well!


In between the Appetizers/Starters and Main Courses section, there were some alluring pickles such as Mango. There were local crackers as well and indeed all of them were crispy and tasted great.


There were many delicious main dishes to choose from. Below are some of the dishes that were offered to diners during the evening that we visited. Note that the Chef might rotate dishes, so if you do come to the next session, you might be seeing some different main dishes.


Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp and Chicken, Willam Potato with Tomato Salsa and Grilled Chicken Thigh with Cajun Spice.


Grilled Sweet Potato and Pineapple, Corn on Cob and Ma Po Beancurd with with Black Mushroom.


Sausage Skewer, Lo Han Chai and Baked Potatoes.


Baked Penne with home made Tomato Sauce


Our Thoughts

We both think that the BBQ Cookout Buffet Dinner was reasonably priced. It’s RM68 nett per adult and RM48 nett per adult. It’s worth paying for that price as the offerings buffet spread was amazingly generous. Most importantly, food tasted delicious and it shows that the food here are being honestly cooked and served. The last thing that we all always want is some bland food, surprisingly the food here did not disappoint us.

It’s a brand that has always been overshadowed by the bigger ones and food hunters normally skip this eatery due to mouth-to mouth news of not so delicious food. We visited this eatery two times and never once did the eatery fail in delivering delicious food, consistently.  Staff were friendly, polite and attentive. Although there is some room for improvement in regard to the overall service, they are all are doing their best to give equal and great service to diners/customers.

For its great food, layout and location, we highly recommend this eatery to all diners in Kota Kinabalu city. The Friday BBQ Cookout Buffet Dinner was excellent in terms of food, in both taste and presentation. This is the buffet session that we highly recommend to all of you. Since it’s held twice a month for August and September 2017, we suggest you to mark your calendar. The next session are:

Friday 25 August 2017
Friday 1 September 2017
Friday 29 September 2017
Time: 6.30 PM to 10.30 PM

(Formerly known as Narada Hotel Kota Kinabalu)
One Place Mall, Lorong Putat 3
Putatan, Kota Kinabalu
Tel : (60) (88) 327 777
Official Website: Click HERE (Click HERE for more information about the Coffee House)
Facebook: Click HERE