Dinner in The Sky Malaysia @ Sutera Harbour Resort : Our Honest Review

Written by @Lan 
Photos & Video Clip by curiostraveller.com
(This is an invited review but honestly written)


Our own experience!

Some are pretty skeptical about the idea of dining 50 m up in the air. Some are just brave enough. Some are in between while some think it’s once in a lifetime thing to do. Up to this moment, safety issues, worthiness in terms of pricing and what diners gets in the end are the top questions being asked by our readers. We were among the first 44 people in Sabah to go on board this suspended sky platform to fully experience Dinner in The Sky. This review is to give readers precise picture of our experience and perhaps that will help them to be well-prepared before coming to Sutera Harbour Resort.

The Essentials: About


These are the information that you need to know about:


Marina Club, Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Online (Click HERE) OR get it from the sales counters in Sutera Harbour Resort


From August 1, 2017 to September 3, 2017


6.00 PM Borneo Sunset (Choose this if you want the sunset view)

7.30 PM Night Lights (Choose this for the evening view of Sutera Harbour and its surrounding area)

(Please note that you will be required to be at the Arrival lounge at least 1 hour before your flight/ experience, the lounge is on the 1st floor of Marina Club, Sutera Harbour Resort, opposite Spice Island Restaurant)


RM349 per person (and RM399 per person on weekends, inclusive of a printed picture worth RM39) which includes a 3-course dinner

Your 3-course dinner is prepared by:

:Chef Danielle Rossetto from Ferdinand’s, Sutera Harbour Resort. Staff on platform are rotated so you might be seeing other Chefs and Helpers plating up your 3-course dinner.

The Menu :

Please click HERE. You will be asked in advance of your preference.


TwoSpicy Entertainment, endorsed by Sabah Tourism Board and Co-Sponsored by Sutera Harbour Resort

All other concerns/issues/questions:

Please click HERE and you will get the answers for almost every questions of yours. If this page does not answering any of your concerns, click HERE to contact the organizer.


There will be enough lockers for everyone to store unnecessary items. You don’t need your handbag while dining on the platform!

Our Experience 

Tuesday, 1st August 2017. This was the day when Dinner in The Sky was officially launched (Click HERE to read more about it). Our Dinner slot: 7.30 PM. For visual reason, we mixed up the photos for both 6 PM and 7.30 PM slots so that readers may get to see almost everything about Dinner in The Sky. 



As mentioned, yes were exclusively invited to experience Dinner in The Sky. However, we wrote this review by pushing aside all that special treatment and will highlight things that are supposed to be seen and experienced by paying customers/diners. The first thing that we did was to get both of us registered by the staff at the designated lounge, an exclusive waiting area for diners. The Staff asked for our names and then asked each of us to sign an indemnity and waiver form.


Upon completing the registration process, staff invited us to wait in the air-conditioned lounge that has comfy sofas. Do note that this was a hectic day for the staff in the lounge but no matter how occupied they were with their tasks in arranging the VVIP’s, they did manage to ensure that every single person was given equal attention. We were reminded to use the restroom before the boarding the platform.

Note that the light refreshment were for invited guests during the opening ceremony only. No refreshment are served on normal days. 

Getting to the Platform


This is how the platform looks like. 22 people can be seated comfortably and no matter where your seat is, you will still get almost the same view as the others opposite to you as the platform will be rotating a bit while being up there. You will be asked to wait for your turn to go on the platform as they will call out names one by one. To make this review visually easy for readers, we were given the permission to go around and take some pictures.


This is how each seat looks like with all the safety features being there already. There is small platform down there for your feet. There is absolutely nothing to worry about your safety while being on the platform as the organizer mentioned that:

While seated guests will wear safety belts, standing presenter and crew are secured by safety harnesses all the time during the flight. A safety supervisor will brief patrons about all the safety regulations prior to the flight and will be in constant communication with crane operator and ground crew for a smooth flight. The experience has been approved by TÜV SÜD, the German organisation that validates the safety of products of all kinds to protect humans and the environment against hazards.



There will be enough staff to ensure each individual is safely strapped onto the seat! They will double check it again and again, just let them do their work. Think about what you are going to view later or simply look at the Chef and Helpers preparing the meals. Talk to your neighbors if you want to. Live and recorded Safety announcements are to be heard soon. This is the exact time where your brain will start to imagining things, good and bad.


While the platform is still on the ground, you will get to see the Chef starting to plating up the Starter. To see the full menu, click HERE. Don’t expect to see live cooking here, as all they actually do is plating up each individual plate (according to your preference). They have prepared the elements of the meal beforehand. Now if you are lucky, you will get to meet Chef Daniele Rosetto who designed the menu and Alice (we personally think that Alice is the best front staff in the entire Sutera Harbour as we’ve met her before at Ferdinand’s).

Chef Daniele Rossetto



Chef Ronnie and Evy

During our experience, Chef Daniele and Alice were on the 6.00 PM ‘flight’ and since we were booked on the 7.30 PM flight, it was Chef Ronnie, and 2 other assistants were on board (including Evy), a photographer and the cheerful, happy, easy going staff from TwoSpicy Entertainment (who did the safety briefing, cheering diners, taking photos, all rounder so to say). No matter which ‘flight’ you are in, the staff are all equally professional and most importantly, attentive to your needs and safety. .


Being up there is not only about enjoying the food but to appreciate the view and have some fun with everyone on board. Staff communicated pretty well with the diners and they repeatedly asked all of us about our condition, if we were feeling all right or not, things like that. So apart from safety issues that is clearly nothing to worry about, do know that the staff are extremely attentive and friendly.

The Ascend


When everyone including the crew/staff are ready, the ‘lift’ or ‘flight’ starts. I personally am not afraid of heights but I was worried that the gadgets or whatever belongings we have accidentally drop! We recorded the moments and here are the short videos for you to enjoy but do excuse us for the blurry and shaky videos. It’s hard to really concentrate on recording. As soon as the ascend started, dinner was served.



The Food

There are 2 choices, the Standard Menu and Vegetarian Menu (Click HERE). We both opted for the standard that came with the same Starter and Dessert (as shown below). For the main course, I opted for the Chicken and @joehairie opted for the Beef.


Starter: Scallop, prawn and octopus salad with asparagus on Romesco sauce Musculin and drizzle with extra virgin lemon dressing.


Main course for @joehairie: Roasted Pistachio nut crusted Australian Beef Sir Loin with Beef Juice Reduction


My main course: Oven Baked Slow Cook stuffed Chicken Roulade with spinach
and Smoked Caciotta Cheese with Creamy Mushroom Sauce.


Dessert: Chocolate and Apple Mousse on Sable Breton Cookie,
Laced with Star Anise Cream
Chocolate Pralines


We do think that the food served were great in both taste and presentation. We have to be realistic about the overall cost for each pax. RM349 is not for food only but for other things as well, the whole experience, so to say. The beef and chicken were both tender and juicy and the dessert, awesome! There is no other place in Sabah that we can have great food as we had while enjoying the view, 50 m above the ground, on a hanging platform!

Are we willing to pay RM349 (or RM399 during weekends) for this kind of food? Yes, absolutely. Honestly we don’t mind paying for that amount. The food were already amazing and the overall ‘flight’ experience, stellar! We have no issue at all with the food. After all, they do give choices of Standard or Vegetarian to diners and that’s already thoughtful of them. Chef Daniele Rossetto have done a very good job in creating and preparing the menu.

The Rotation


The platform actually rotate so that you get to see different views as shown in the video above.

Sakinah reclined the seat


Sakinah, the invited Celebrity Guest bravely reclined the seat. Bravo Sakinah! Not many of us did that, we both didn’t!

The Descend


You will start to appreciate things only when the platform is to descend and this is the moment that you wish it ain’t over. We were a bit nervous actually for the first 30 minutes and when it came to the final 10 minutes, the platform (with the help of the crane of course) began to slowly descend. That final 10 minutes made us a bit regretting for not being so ‘openly expressing our joy’.

Our Thoughts


Dinner in The Sky @ Sutera Harbour Resort was truly an amazing experience. It’s a once in a lifetime thing to do as we do not know where this ‘thing’ will be after Kota Kinabalu. It is here now in Kota Kinabalu, and certainly this is the right time to enjoy it rather than flying to a farther place just to experience it. We have no issues at all with any of the elements in the entire experience. The Staff, service, food, safety measure and just about everything were amazingly well-organized. This is one unique dining experience that we highly recommend to all of you. Try it before it’s destined for another location!

Appreciation & Memento


We would like to thanks TwoSpicy Entertainment, Sutera Harbour Resort and Sabah Tourism board for bringing this unique dining experience to Kota Kinabalu City. Thank you as well for inviting us to experience Dinner in The Sky Malaysia and to readers, we wrote this article without even getting any input from the organizer. They didn’t even have the opportunity to read the draft.

When we went back to the lounge, we were given 2 printed pictures, one for me and one for @joehairie. If you opt for the weekend ride/flight, this printed picture is included otherwise you have to pay for it (optional) during weekdays ride/flight. Again, we have no doubt that the experience is worth trying and most importantly worth paying for the quoted price. Don’t wait any longer, get your seat while Dinner in The Sky Malaysia is still available in Kota Kinabalu. You will not regret it, trust us!

For more information & reservation (click the link):
Facebook : @skydinnermalaysia

Tickets may also be purchased at Sales Counters located in Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Editor’s note:


We were exclusively invited to experience Dinner in The Sky @ Sutera Harbour Resort. However, the organizer did not influence the direction of this particular review. We were given the freedom to write as honestly as we wanted to.








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