15 Reasons why you should have Iftar @ Selera Kampung, Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu

Written by @Lan 
(Photos/Videos by curiostraveller.com and Terrance Terry Labansing)


Yes, we will be honest. We were invited to see what Selera Kampung has to offer to Iftar Diners. However, we were there, just the two of us, without supervision from any of the Hotel’s staff. We were given the liberty to judge for ourselves whether this particular Selera Kampung is great for Iftar Diners. We wrote this article without any influence from the hotel’s management. We came to a firm conclusion that Selera Kampung @ Sutera Harbour is the place for you to come and have Iftar. Here are 15 reasons to justify our findings (as to why you should have Iftar @ Selera Kampung: The Pacific Sutera Hotel’s Ballroom, Sutera Harbour).

#1 Cost/Price


Of all 5 star Hotels/Resorts in Kota Kinabalu city, Sutera Harbour is offering the lowest price. While other 5 star Hotels/Resorts chose to impose higher price, Sutera Harbour opted to stay at the lowest, which is RM128.00nett per adult and RM64.00 net per child. There’s more! If you come in a group of 20 people or more, you are entitle for 20% discount. That’s a lot of saving, we say. SHMGCC and SPP members enjoy a 25% discount. Make your own comparison in regard to Ramadan Buffet prices of other Hotels/Resorts and you will know what we’re talking about.

#2 Food Varieties: It’s the biggest Bazaar in Kota Kinabalu


For that low price, you get to indulge or shall we say, spoilt for food choices. There are more than 300 cuisine from 13 states of Malaysia with daily rotating menu. International menus are served as well. Paying RM128 (or lower, if discounted) for more than 300 dishes is indeed wise. You do the maths while we say that you are free to have as much as you want as this is Buffet we are talking about.


Diners will be spoilt with abundance choice such as rendang Sumatera, sup tulang herba (beef bones in herbal soup), nasi kerabu, nasi kandar, chicken shawarma, Arabic-style with roasted leg of lamb and many more. We’ve been here, tasted almost everything and we have no doubt about the food varieties.

#3 The experienced Chef


The mastermind of the food preparation, excellent food choices and presentation is none other than Chef Chandran Narayanan. He has more than 30 years of experience in culinary world. Iftar diners are in good hands as Chef Chandran and his hard working team will ensure that diners have the best food. We personally met him and we were told that food quality is his first priority.

#4 Buffet Layout


There are 3 main areas where you will get to see the buffet. It’s being cleverly designed and located that way to give diners ‘easy flow’ and access without having to ‘compete’ with other diners. At other Hotels/Resorts. food of all types are being arranged ‘together’ in one same space. Here, the desserts and beverages are arranged in the ballroom. The mains are being served in the ballroom’s foyer while barbecued items are served outside the foyer. There is enough space at each area so that diners have that easy access and flow.


#5 Diners flow or Movement-Mobility Factor


Diners mobility is one very important factors when dining in a place with hundreds of other diners. While you don’t really mind sharing that space, the last thing you need is having difficulty to move around. The Selera Kampung is held at the Pacific Sutera Hotel’s Ballroom, that’s a huge space and ensuring that shoulders don’t bump. It’s easy to move around here. You will rarely get to see one big crowd in the buffet area as food stations are scattered everywhere. There are ‘lanes’ or path, where you can walk without having to ‘queue’. Simply put, no human ‘Traffic Jam’ at this place.

#6 Ghazal Performance


Diners will be entertained with a special Ghazal Performance. They play traditional and contemporary music. The main vocal will sing some great songs too! We both were truly amazed with their performance. Here are some videos of them performing.

#7 Surau facility


Muslim diners need not worry as there is a dedicated surau/prayer room with prayer mats and on-site ablution facility for Tarawih prayers led by Imam. Diners may break fast and then perform their Maghrib prayers as well as Tarawih. Diners may continue with dinner afterwards.



#8 Parking


Everyone knows that Sutera Harbour Resort is Mammoth in size, it’s a huge complex. The Pacific Sutera Hotel alone has ample parking space and that comes with a constant supervision by their security team. You may have your Iftar peacefully without having to think about your car’s safety. Best of all, parking is free!

#9 Service


Service is definitely way excellent here. Staffs will clean your table, collecting all used plates the moment you need them to do so. Staffs are friendly, attentive and helpful. Sutera Harbour Resort is known for its excellent service as all staffs are well-trained. Staffs will appear from nowhere once you need them. They have the sharpest eyes, though some are young in age, their attentiveness and detailed attention will surprise you.

#10 The Culture/Theme


The Selera Kampung Ramadan Bazaar Buffet is of traditional kampung-style cuisine that reflects the colorful background and culture of Malaysians. While having your Iftar here, you may take the opportunity to indulge and learn the culture in both food and lifestyle. It is a way to deepen your knowledge especially when it comes to the food of the other states in Malaysia. The staffs ‘attire or uniform’ are not that formal. They in fact wear Sarong and Songkok (Male Staffs) and it’s such one thoughtful way to let diners have that ‘Kampung’ feel.

#11 Ambiance/Decoration


We’re pretty amazed with their decoration. The Sutera Harbour Resort took things to a different level, surpassing the decorations of other 5 star Hotels/Resort, in regard to dining ambiance/atmosphere. It took staffs days just to install all that pillars and other elements. The reason, to give an ambiance that best describe Iftar, Eid (Aidilfitri) and ‘Kampung’ feels. You don’t get to see such mega decorations such as this in other Hotels/Resorts in Kota Kinabalu City’. Believe us when we say that you will be amazed when you have your Iftar here.

#12 They Have Raya Cookies!


Well, Raya is still long way to go but if you are having Iftar here, you will be surprised to see some Raya delicacies, be it cookies or cakes. You don’t have to wait that long to have some Raya sweets such as Makmur and Pineapple Tart. Sarawak Layer Cake or Kek Lapis Sarawak is served here too! It’s one great choice to start you break fast session or have it as dessert with coffee or tea.


#13 They Have the best Nyonya Laksa!


Let us tell you all a secret, the Best Nyonya Laksa we had so far was actually at Selera kampung @ Sutera Harbour Resort. You may think that the serving is small as the bowl is not that big, but remember this is a buffet. You may have that delicious Nyonya Laksa as many times as you want to. It’s so creamy and the ingredients gives that great ‘pungent’ taste while the sambal will enhance the flavor of that broth. It’s one dish that we truly recommend. Have it first before any other mains and you will be thanking us for recommending it.

#14 Great Satay awaits you


Don’t get us wrong. We are not underestimating Satay served in other eateries that have Iftar Buffet. While all Satay in other places are equally the same in both taste and presentation, the Satay being served at Selera Kampung is by far the best we have ever consumed. The quality is almost identical to the Satay served by one National Airline for its premium passengers. The meat, tender while the gravy/sauce are amazing! Do come here and try it and see if we are telling the truth.

#15 You don’t want to miss that Roasted Lamb


It’s one particular trendy dish during Iftar, nationwide speaking, that yum Roasted Whole Lamb! It’s being served here as well at Selera Kampung @ Sutera Harbour Resort Kota Kinabalu. The delicious and fluffy Arabic-Style rice really complement that Roasted Lamb. It’s one of the best that we’ve had so far and we are pretty much sure you don’t want to be left behind.

Our Thoughts

We’ve listed 15 reasons why you should have your Iftar @ Selera Kampung, Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu. We list those reasons from our own thoughts without any influence from the Resort Management or F&B Team. It will be up to you entirely to decide whether to come or not based on what you read in this particular article. While we did enjoy our Iftar experience at other places, we enjoyed more here as somehow this place gave us some unique experiences.

Everything about this particular Selera Kampung were amazingly great. The food, service, ambiance and so many other elements were superb. It’s indeed a very clever decision of the Resort’s Management to shifted the Iftar Buffet to the Grand Ballroom of Pacific Sutera Hotel. Last year, it was at the Function Room(s). This year, it’s about that BIG space, giving diners an extraordinary Iftar/dining experience.

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