Our Iftar Experience @ Bazaar Ramadhan 2017 : Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

Written by @joehairie
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That particular Briyani Gam station caught our attention. It’s that first impression that matters. Big whole Lamb with Briyani Rice were indeed the stars here, at least for us. It’s our first Iftar experience outside home this year. A dining experience that we will cherish for a very long time as the dishes were just amazing in numbers, taste and presentation. This is our Iftar experience at the famous Bazaar Ramadhan 2017 at Latest Recipe, by Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu.


While most diners opted to see the ‘goodies’ on that vast buffet spread, we chose to look at the barbecuing process that took place outside the hotel. The Chefs and their diligent assistants were seen working very hard to prepare all that grilled fish, chicken and so on. They didn’t even realized that our cameras were on to capture the moments. Indeed, they put all their attention to their grilling work.


Inside, various food stations waiting for diners to come and grab things as they wish. It’s a buffet, no limitation or whatsoever. Covering International cuisines, the Bazaar Ramadhan at Latest Recipe gives diners the vast choice of food from Sabah local dishes to Asian as well as Western. Mathematically speaking, that RM168 is indeed worth paying as there are more than 168 items to eat! Each dish cost less than RM1 and diners may have it as much as they want to. Those with Early Bird and Pre Purchase Vouchers are indeed smart diners.


Back to the main ‘star’, the Nasi Briyani and Lamb! During our visit, this was the most popular station and we bet it will still be, for the next remaining Ramadhan days. If you do come here, line-up at this station ahead of the other stations.


Diners opting to have their Iftar here will be spoilt for the choice of food! Some will convert as indecisive diners, moving to and fro between stations, thinking what’s first and what’s last. It’s hard decision we say. We both were that ‘converters’, coming in with firm decision and ended up being ‘lost’ in a ‘food paradise’. We made rounds and rounds, in search for the best among the best.



Perhaps the Satay Station was the best. Endless skewers were served. We had countless of that tender, delicious beef and chicken Satay. The peanut gravy was great, it’s peanuty of course but had the right consistency, not watery as what we found at most eateries. Each time diners emptied the buffet containers, more skewers were brought in by that attentive staffs. It’s endless serving, well at least until closing time. The Lemang was great, tender and with right texture.


On second thought, may we say that the Ayam Penyet Bambangan was the best dish? People were lining-up that evening to get portions of this amazing dish. It tasted amazingly delicious with Bambangan as the major element followed by the other spices such as lemongrass. It’s crispy and tender!



Sambal fans need not to worry about it at all. There are plenty available here, all are presented well and each of em’ are yours, go as you please. Choose from less spicy to extreme spicy or choose through names, from Sambal Belacan to Sambal Kicap.



At the Chinese Delights Station, there’s this BOLD dish we say, named as Chick Kut Teh, a Halal version of that Bak Kut Teh. The difference between the two, Latest Recipe is using Chicken meat. The taste? It’s a bit herbal, almost successfully replicated the original version, as told by a friend, Joanne. It’s not that strong thought the herbs taste, it’s acceptable. It’s a kind of soup that I will be looking for if I have fever.


The Fried Quail and Fried Beef were amazing as well. It’s indeed ‘a mind boggling’ Bazaar Ramadhan as there’re just too many good foods available at all stations. It’s so hard to decide which station to go first, that was our dilemma, but in a good way as it indicates how great the buffet spread is.



Next to the counter that serves Chick Kut Teh is the Chicken Rice, another popular spot. People lined -up for that delicious, fluffy Chicken Rice, tender chicken meat with amazing condiments such as blended ginger, chili accompanied with sweet, salty light soy sauce. Simply put, it’s a Perfect Chicken Rice!



The Sotong Kangkung Station was great too! The Sotong Kangkung that we had was delicious and it’s the best we had so far. We love how diners are ably to communicate with the staffs and ask questions or getting more information of certain dishes. It’s one way of learning new recipes.


There’s even Coconut Heaven Station! Fresh and young coconut are available and the best thing about this station, all the yum desserts are just side by side. There’s even banana and sweet potato fritters! Simply put, it’s a dessert station with many great choices. No worries about beverages, there are plenty choices at the designated station.

Overall, we enjoyed our Iftar experience here at Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu. We love what we’ve seen in 2016 but we’re absolutely satisfied and pleased seeing the Bazaar Ramadhan 2017 overall concept and presentation. We truly recommend this Bazaar Ramadhan of Latest recipe by Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu to all Iftar/Sungkai ‘hunters’. It is among the best in the city and you surely don’t want to miss it this year.

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