Idea #18 Set Menu For Berbuka Puasa @ Ovise Hotel, Kudat, Sabah : 60 Sungkai/Iftar Ideas 2017

(Photo and Promotional Banners are from Ovise Hotel Official Facebook Page)

Kudat 1

Amazingly, though being from far from Kota Kinabalu City, Ovise Hotel in Kudat does cater for Iftar diners. If you are in Kudat during Ramadhan Month 2017 and looking for one specific place for your Sungkai/Iftar, then head to Ovise Hotel. Though they are not offering Buffet, they do offer great Set Meals for your Sungkai/Iftar. Check out the details below and contact the hotel for more information/reservation. Non Iftar Diners (Non Muslims) may take the opportunity of the same offering as it starts as early as 12.00pm.

Kudat 3

Kudat 2

Ovise Hotel
Shop Lot 1-4, Wisma Indah
Batu 1/2 KM
Jalan Temanggong Kurantud
Kudat 89058
Sabah, Malaysia
Facebook: Click HERE


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