Cooking Buah Sukun/Breadfruit: A fruit that will keep you full for the next few hours

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Thought of the day-“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected.”-T.Collin Campbell

In Part 1 (LINK) @Lan wrote an introductory article to enable all of us in getting to know more about Buah Sukun/Breadfruit. In this Part 2, we will be showing to the readers one of the many ways to prepare and cook Buah Sukun/Breadfruit. As @Lan mentioned in Part 1, this particular fruit though often neglected and being underestimated, has indeed high nutritional value. Consuming it will make one full for the next few hours. We’d like to thank Madam Remimi and Mr.Ag Damit for allowing us to document the simple process of cooking Buah Sukun/Breadfruit.


This is an immature Buah Sukun/Breadfruit. If you opt to deep-fry the content, you need to choose young Breadfruit.


If someone give it to you fresh from the garden, you need to let it sit for a while in order to get rid of all that sticky resin.


After draining the resin out from the fruit, it’s time to peel of the skin (as shown in the pic above)


Cut the Breadfruit to few blocks. This way you will find that it’s easy to cut off the middle part (the seeds).


When the seeds are taken out, cut the blocks into smaller size.


Since you already have smaller blocks, it’s then time to cut it to smaller pieces which is up to your preference. At this stage, your hand might be a bit sticky due to the presence of resin inside the fruit. Worry not, apply some used cooking oil on both of your hands, play it for a while and wash.


It’s important to wash all of the smaller pieces of Breadfruit, let e,’go through under running water. Make sure it’s totally clean.


Put some salt onto the bowl and spread evenly. You may add some turmeric powder or just anything you like.

The sliced Breadfruit is now ready for deep-frying process. Heat the cooking oil.


Depending on the size of your pan, cook all the sliced Breadfruit, do it in stages if your pan is smaller.


Deep-fry the sliced Breadfruit for few minutes.


Wait until the color turn to golden brown, it will be a bit yellowish if you use turmeric powder.


Fried Breadfruit ready for consumption! You may add anything you wish to make it interesting for you and your guests. Chili Powder, Cheese Powder or just anything will do. Best eaten when it’s still piping hot. Coffee or Tea are the best mates for this snack, be it for breakfast, tea time or even when you are hungry at night!

Credit: Madam Remimi and Mr.AG Damit

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Common names

( Source: National Tropical Botanical Garden )

arbol de pan, fruta de pan, pan, panapen, (Spanish)
arbre à pain, fruit à pain (French)
beta (Vanuatu)
bia, bulo, nimbalu (Solomon Islands)
blèfoutou, yovotévi (Bénin)
breadfruit (English)
brotfruchtbaum (German)
broodvrucht, broodboom (Dutch)
cow, panbwa, pain bois, frutapan, and fruta de pan (Caribbean)
fruta pao, pao de massa (Portuguese)
kapiak (Papua New Guinea)
kuru (Cook Islands)
lemai, lemae (Guam, Mariana Islands)
mazapan (Guatemala, Honduras)
meduu (Palau)
mei, mai (Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Marquesas, Tonga, Tuvalu)
mos (Kosrae)
rata del (Sri Lanka)
rimas (Philippines)
shelisheli (Tanzania)
sukun (Indonesia, Malaysia)
‘ulu (Hawai‘i, Samoa, Rotuma, Tuvalu)
‘uru (Society Islands)
uto, buco (Fiji)