Cooking With Soul : The Wedding Project- Part 3 (Chronology)

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Thought of the day-“There is no remedy for love, but to love more.”-Henry David Thoreau

With a sincere hug given to Yanie by her Father, Mr Awang, Bakri now carries the utmost duty in taking care of Yanie. Mr.Awang and Madam Nur had been carrying out their duty as parents for decades and it’s time to ‘let go’ their little precious Yanie, venturing the world and its challenges, with her husband. For this final part of our documented wedding project, I shall reveal the chronology of the entire event, from the beginning to the end. It is our own way to share with readers about how Malay locals held such a wedding event. We believe in sharing details of our culture with the rest of the world as much as we believe in the importance of understanding others culture.

Yanie, emotionally hugged her mother, Madam Nur as a sign of respect and thanks towards Madam Nur dedication in looking after Yanie all this while. 

The Preparation

‘Berinai’ is one important feature for the Bride

There were 3 important elements that we emphasized in preparing for the wedding. Since we were not into engaging outside caterer, which means we did cook for our guests of more than 1000 pax, we needed to set-up a temporary kitchen in another residence of ours at Kampung Ketiau, Putatan. Next that we all looked into was the logistics at the Bride’s Residence, particularly tents, desks, chairs and decorations. The third thing was the Bridal Bed. All other smaller things such as invitation cards, banners, door gifts and many more were efficiently arranged by our team headed by Katrina, weeks before the event.

The temporary kitchen was set from scratch. In the pic, Katrina, Wan and Yus were discussing the layout of the Kitchen @ Ketiau.

We cooked all food for 3 days in our Temporary Kitchen, securely placing it in suitable packaging and send all of em’ to Kinarut few hours before each event. Overall, we prepared food for more than 1000 guests, quite a daunting experience but then exciting and fun! We do look forward to do this again in the near future! Preparing the temporary kitchen was not one easy task. Safety, hygiene and ‘movement’ were 3 important aspects that we carefully looked into.

Some of the 16 dishes that we’ve cooked!

Hinava Peria and Ayam Goreng Berempah

Daging Masak Merah, Kari Daging and Terung Bersambal


The main tent was put up at the parking compound at the Bride’s residence. Most tables and chairs including the 2 buffet counters were positioned here with the remaining being inside the house. There were many guests coming on all three days and at times we all had to find some space for the late comers. 1000 plus guests definitely not a small number, no matter how much we worked hard to provide seats for all. One thing for sure, there were extremely many guests and they were happy to be there, at the event.


The Bridal Bed was another important thing in the event as this was the place where the Bride and Groom seated, ‘watched’ by curios and curious guests. In Malay Wedding, Bridal Bed is always something that being looked into carefully, be it for the colors, functionality, layout, scheme and theme. So was the Bridal Bed for Yanie and Bakri. We all ensured that it’s ready before March 17, 2017.

The Invited Performers

The Hosts, Mr Awang and Madam Nur invited 3 performers to make things merrier. In a typical Malay Wedding in Sabah, these 3 performers are a norm. Without them, wedding event will look ’empty’, people need the ‘loudness’ from their skillful play. Guests need their ‘rhythm’ from whatever instruments they are playing. It has become a culture, particularly in Malay Weddings.


The Kompang Team. Sometimes there are more than a team in a wedding event.


The Dee Jay/ Announcer who skillfully played songs and Karaoke for guests


The Kulintangan Team

Solemnization Day (18 March 2017)


Bakri and his family/group arrived at the Bride’s House, Yanie. 


Briefing before the Solemnization


The Solemnization or Nikah being done by Yanie’s Father, Mr Awang


Exchanging Gifts


Putting on the ring to officially marked their new chapter as Husband and Wife!


Yanie, getting blessings from her Husband, Bakri

Wedding Reception (19 March 2017)


The groom, Bakri arrived at the Bride’s Residence


Bakri entourage being welcomed by the Host, Mr. Awang


Groom being invited into Bride’s House


The spat custom or Merenjis where invited guests were to put some fragrant Beras Kunyit on the Couple’s hands. The ceremony was led by Yanie’s Grandmother, Madam Remimi followed by her parents and other prominent guests. 


Cutting the Wedding Cake!

The Guests


The Kompang Boys having lunch


Lining up for some delicacies..


Guests enjoying lunch


Guests with Me and Katrina




Madam Nur happy to meet an old friend!


Making the guests happy!


Eating time!


Getting that delicious Food prepared by us!


Happy Guests!


It’s that time where people lined up for the best food..


Bakri’s Family/Entourage arriving..


A memento with Bakri & Yanie


Wouldn’t miss that photo opportunity yeah..


Lunch time..


One great photo..

Our Hope

To both Bakri and Yanie, we do hope that you two will be have the greatest moments being husband and wife. Challenges are norm but determination, love and perseverance are the keys to maintain your sacred relationship. This entry and the previous 2 entries are dedicated to both of you and to all your future children, grandchildren Et Al. At the same time, we meant to share with International Readers some cultural aspects in a typical Sabahan Malay Wedding.



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