Cooking With Soul: The Wedding Project- Part 2 (The Cast)

Written by @Lan
(Photos by
Bakri & Yanie

Thought of the day-“Two Souls but a single thought, Two Hearts that beat as one”-John Keats

That unforgettable happy day, March 19 2017, Yanie and Bakri were officially ‘tied’ and has become united, as husband and wife. New life, new journey, so many new things in their ‘to do’ list. For 3 days, starting on March 17, the Remimi’s became their own ‘stars’, preparing things from scratch, with no help from outside professionals. We became our own ‘cast’ or shall I say our very own ‘crew’. It’s our Wedding Project for our beloved Yanie, we did all with the fullest sincerity, to the max. This entry is to introduce the Remimi’s and our little role(s) that emphasized on the spirit of togetherness, creating that sense of satisfaction.

The Cast

@Joehairie (Floor Manager) entertaining a guest

As mentioned before, this particular Wedding Event was perfectly organized and run smoothly by the Remimi’s family members themselves, from scratch, with no professional help at all. With a team of  more than 40 people, we ensured that guests were treated equally, given the best attention, had the best food cooked with love from our very own kitchen.

Bob, refilling the food

This is how a typical Malay Wedding in Sabah, Malaysia being done. While many opt to get help from Prominent Wedding Planner(s), some (such as us) prefer to run the event by ourselves, from A-Z. That being said, this entry is to enable International Readers to understand how the locals  (of Malay race) organize a wedding.

Bakri & Yanie with Madam Remimi (Center)

There’s no other special person than Madam Remimi herself, grandma to Yanie. She’s our Mentor and gave her best input/ideas from the very beginning. Our cooking station was not at the Bride’s House. We decided that it’s best to position the temporary kitchen at Madam Remimi’s residence. It was here that we were under constant ‘supervision’ by Madam Remimis herself, who kept ensuring that we cook with full of love. That being said, Madam Remimis was our motivation to put our best foot (or shall I say food?) forward in running the event, from scratch.

The Hosts: Yanie’s Parents (Madam Nur-Left & Mr.Awang-Right)

Yanie Parents, Madam Nur and Mr.Awang were of course two important figures in manning the event. At such age, I am personally amazed by their strength and determination to hunt for all the things needed for the event, they did it by themselves without extra help from anyone else! The Cooks demanded this and that, all sort of ingredients for the cooking process and they obliged, delivering each item on time.

The rest of Remimi’s team consist of many dedicated cooks, door gifts specialists, designers, runners & helpers. 


From Left-Right
Upper Row:
Waweers (Bridesmaid), Jaja (Chef), Siti (Helper), Bakri & Yanie, AmoiR (Helper), Katrina (Adviser), AmoiS (Chef’s Assistant)
Lower Row: 
Farhana (Helper), Com-Com (Chef), Betty (Door Gifts Presenter), Orkid (Flower Girl), Najaah (Helper) & Kak Ida (Helper)


@Lan (Chef), Bakri & Yanie, @ Joehairie (Floor Manager/Chef)


Junaidi (Runner/Photopgrapher), Idz & KChik (Door Gifts)


Izan (Beverage), Sam (Beverage), Madam Remimi & Mass (Helper). Not in Pic: Nuratirah


Standing (Left-Right):
Bob (Runner), Sam (Beverage), Farhan (Runner), Didi (Runner),  Bakri & Yanie, Juh (Electrician/Logistics), Joehairie (Floor Manager), Wan (Head Chef), Jamil (Runner).
Sitting on Floor:
Izan (Beverage), Olee (Logistics), Junaidi (Runner), Yus  (Beverage-Chief), BMit (Runner), Nazeem (Runner), BChik (Runner), Bam (Helper), Arul (Helper). Not in Pic: Khai (Helper).


Mel (Right-In dark dress-Logistics) 

Untitled - 2 6

Yuyu (Door Gifts Presenter/Flower Girl)


Rina & Daughter . Not in Pic: Ira & Curly

Untitled 18

Yanie’s ex-students that came all the way from Nabawan to help the team: Amoi, Juhi, Juniter & Nellena

Happy Moments

@Joehairie, Katrina & Besties

Roslee & Juh

Katrina & Didi
Siti, Jaja & Joehairie
From Left-Mel, Katrina, Com, Jaja, AmoiR, Wan & Nazem


From left-Com, Jaja, Katrina


Bam, Zarul and Najaah with BChik 


@joehairie presenting his singing talent

-To be continued in Part 3-


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