Cooking With Soul: The Wedding Project-Part 1 (The Menu)

Written by @Lan
(Photos by team members)
Yanie & Bakri

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Wedding ceremony is one important phase for all, be it for the bride and groom or the family members, not to mention the curious guests that expect things to be grander than the previous ceremonies they attended. Of all arrangements, food is definitely the most important aspect in wedding ceremonies. Guests need to be served the best food. Food must be prepared on the table. It’s indeed one enormous task that need detailed attention, to be executed perfectly, flawlessly. This is a story of how The Remimi’s perfectly plan to prepare the best for their guests on 18-19 March 2017, the day when Yanie and Bakri are to be united, as Husband and Wife. For these 2 days, Food will be prepared by some talented Cooks in the Remimi’s Family. This is their ultimate wedding project, Cooking With Soul.

The Coming Wedding Ceremony

Yanie & Bakri during their Engagement Ceremony in late 2016

While this entry is about the Cooking Plan, it’s equally important to elaborate about the wedding current and previous arrangements. Yanie and Bakri will be solemnized on 18 March 2017 (Saturday), to be followed by a wedding reception scheduled on the next day, 19 March 2017 (Sunday). All arrangements have been perfectly made prior to the said date, that’s 3 days from now. It was late in 2016 that Yanie & Bakri were engaged in one simple but meaningful Engagement Ceremony. The Wedding itself will be held at the Bride’s Residence in Taman Kinarut, Papar, Sabah.

Engagement Day in 2016

Yanie and Bakri are engaged in one simple but colorful Engagement Ceremony, an event that led to the said Wedding Day this coming 18 March 2017. It was during this ceremony that both families of Yanie and Bakri agreed for the Wedding’s Date as well as the Dowry (Hantaran). Here are some images of that Engagement Day executed in late 2016.


Bakri Family Members alighting from their vehicles. It is a custom for the ‘Groom to be’ family to come to the ‘Bride to be’ house and ask for blessing especially from the elders.


Bakri Family Members lining up with their Engagement Gifts. During engagement, gifts are not compulsory while a ring is somehow a must. However, it is a custom for the Malaysians of all races to bring ‘something’ and the girl’s family will return the kindness by preparing gifts as well.


In the picture above, Yanie’s and Bakri’s Family Members discussing the details of the wedding in 2017 as well agreeing into uniting the couple in one formal engagement ceremony. It’s indeed not that formal, it’s full of laughter and joy, having in mind that the Families will be united, harmoniously.


The Engagement Gifts from Yanie’s side for Bakri.


The Bridal Bed (Pelamin) meant for Engagement Day. The Bridal Bed was prepared by Remimi’s Family members.


Yanie and her lovely Mom, Puan Hajah Norsina

The Wedding Project-Catering

Cooking With Soul

Picture 158
The Previous Catering from Remimi’s

The Remimi’s is one big family, consisting of many talented cooks. It was months ago when they decided to opt for Catering Service. After much discussion and after realizing the possibility of getting a lousy Caterer, the Remimi’s decided that it’s best to prepare and cook the food for their guests. This time around, they invited me to be part of the Cooking Team. We had several sessions of serious discussion and we have decided to Cook for our guests, with our heart and soul, preparing the best, throwing a grand catering for 900 guests (maybe more!).

We delegate tasks equally to each family members, some are to prepare for the gifts and invitation cards, logistics, shopping, while some are to be in the Kitchen Team. I am truly excited to be one of the cooks for both days therefore I am taking this opportunity to share with all of you how we are to achieve that target, to cook with love, for 900 guests. We applied the term REWANG or GOTONG-ROYONG, in English, doing communal work by getting all family members joining hands for the coming wedding.

It’s going to be a typical Malay Wedding and guests are of all races/religions. Apart that we obviously have to prepare Halal Food, we have to consider the Vegetarians, Meat Haters, Meat Lovers, Children and even the Eldest. It means we have to prepare Food that will suit all diet, age groups and at the same time, presenting em’ with colors and soul. It’s going to be a grand task of all, having to cook for 2 events, the solemnization and the reception.

We are all actually good in cooking but none of us have attend any cooking school. None of us are ‘certified’ in that Formal Cooking Classes. We ain’t chefs at any Hotels but we have the experience in cooking for large groups as some of us had restaurants years ago. We seldom opt for Caterer Service whenever there’s a wedding. Well, we almost opt for one but since we always believe in our capabilities, we want to put something on that table, soulfully speaking, something that will make our guests happy.

With a team of 5 Chefs- Ridwan, Joehairie, Jaja, Katrina & Lan (May we use that title?) and 3 assistants, we will try our very best to cook the food with our soul and highest determination. Led by @Joehairie and Leading Chef (Ridwan) we have carefully select the best for our 900 guests. In the many entries ahead of this particular entry, I will write how we cook each food complete with some awesome images. Here are our complete list of Food that we are going to cook on both days (18 & 19 March 2017).

Solemnization Day (18 March 2017)
MAINS (To be served with White Rice)
Kari Daging-Beef Curry
Ayam Kicap Suhun-Chicken in Thick Soy Sauce with Glassnodles
Ikan Mangga Thai-Fish with Mango (Thai Style)
Ayam Goreng Kunyit-Turmeric Fried Chicken
Paprik Seafood-(Thai Sytle-Spicy) Seafood with selected Vegetables
Betik Goreng-Stir Fried Papaya Nusantara Style
Terung Sambal-Eggplants with Spicy Sambal/Gravy
Nangka Masak Lemak-Young Jackfruit cooked in Coconut Milk
Pickles/Selected Fresh Fruit/Local Cakes (Kuih-Muih)

Wedding Reception (19 March 2017)
MAINS (To be served with White Rice)
Ayam Goreng Berempah-Deep Fried Marinated Chicken
Daging Masak Kicap- Beef cooked in Soy Sauce
Ikan Masak Taucu-Fish cooked in Taucu Sauce (preserved fermented yellow soybean)
Hati Buyah Sambal-Beef Lung in Dry Spicy Sauce
Ayam Masak Merah- Chicken cooked in Red Sauce
Ayam Goreng Spicy-Deep Fried Spicy Chicken
Daging Masak Merah- Beef cooked in Red Sauce
Ayam Roasted Szechuan-Roasted Chicken (Chinese Style)
Hati Buyah Kentang-Deep Fried Beef Lung with Potatoes
Rebung Tumis Udang Kering-Stir Fried Bamboo Sprout with dry shrimp
Pajeri Nanas-Pineapple Curry
Kerabu Betik-Papaya Pickles (Thai Style)
Hinava Peria- Bitter Gourd Pickles (Sabah, Borneo Style)
Pickles/Selected Fresh Fruit/Local Cakes (Kuih-Muih)

Documenting the wedding event is one great way to share with International Readers the uniqueness of a Malay Wedding, especially in Sabah. My hope is to give some exposure of the culture here in Sabah in regards to the wedding ceremony with concentration towards the food presented to guests as well as the colors of Malay Culture. While such entry might look so personal, in the circle of the Remimi’s preparation, it is actually an open document that can be used by many to foster the spirit of togetherness during ceremonies. While currently many prefer to opt for catering service, I shall be sharing some communal activity in the Kitchen as an example how readers can benefit from applying the same concept in their own wedding ceremonies.

To be continued in Part 2


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