Asian Hidden Culture: Seeing the Supernatural. A spooky but true story about some limes in a hotel room : Just make sure you don’t found one!

Written by @Lan 
A true story inspired from real thing that we had experienced 

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Asians believe in supernatural things, mostly do! Lost spirits are being mentioned here and there but obviously, you will not believe it until you encounter one! Trust us, we ‘met’ one. Being travellers, we have to stay in many hotels from non star to 5-star hotels. Years ago, we encountered one strange but spooky experience, a real one in a super luxurious hotel room. (We can’t reveal the name of the hotel otherwise we will be in court in few days time!). Regard our true story as one good entertainment if you want to, it is up to you to believe it or not but don’t blame us if you experience ‘things’ after finding one damn lime.

One fine sunny day, we checked into a great hotel, said to be the best among the best. Being elite members of their membership program, we were upgraded to that freaking awesome Club Floor, an unbelievable large room situated in the very corner on the 4th floor. The room had everything that we needed and service was way excellent.

We stayed for 4 nights and funny things started to happen on the very first moment when we went into our room. The staff carrying all our luggage(s) came in to the room backwards. He didn’t dare to face the room. Our thoughts that moment “oh maybe he was just concentrating on the amazing weight of that luggage(s).

The room smell nice with all that aroma coming from that so called Fragrance Candle and oil. Jump we did on the bed, enjoying that fluffy mattress, so to say. It’s almost evening so we decided to venture a bit around the hotel complex. Everything went well until we came back to our room.

We decided to sleep at 2 in the morning. At 3 a.m, we both woke up as it felt incredibly hot inside the room, checked the temperature, it’s set at 18 but it felt like burning 90. Then Joe heard ‘running water’, obviously someone turned on the tap. I was on bed so did Joe on his own bed, who’s the third person? None, we checked in as duo, remember?

Of all the sudden, the the room was at its normal temperature again. The sound of that running water, gone. As were too tired, we decided to forget about the whole thing and went back to sleep. Another surprise coming in the morning. I am one freaking customer who always ask for the current bill to check if there is any flaw, I always feel someone charging something to our room, yes I am being paranoid.

This time I was right. Someone called a number from inside our room at 3 a.m. Someone but not me and  Joe, made that stupid call that cost us 0.50 cents. This happened every single morning and we end up paying that RM3.50 during check-out as the hotel Club Manager said it was us who made that call.

A deeper investigation by us, end by us knowing that the number belongs to the clinic that’s being inside the hotel. The operation hours for that particular clinic is during day time only. However, we were being charged as someone in that clinic, picked up the phone. Simply put, 2 ‘unseen’ and ‘unknown’ people cost RM3.50, a small amount but very mysterious.

Someone called the clinic, someone picked up the phone. A little kid can even tell it’s not the two of us as it’s impossible for us to go into the clinic at 3 a.m! That Club Manager failed to digest the logical explanation from us..or did he pretend to not believe us?

On the second night, we ordered something from the room service. The staff came into the room, backwards, right to the table but never once he look at anything in the room. He just stared on the floor even when we signed the bill. He quickly went out without even saying anything, he looked pretty much pale.

On the third night, a friend came over to visit us and since it was pretty late we asked him to stay for a little while until 6 a.m as we were concern about his safety going home. He stayed and he slept on that comfortable long couch. He didn’t say anything when he left, he just looked pale and did not smile even for a second.

We met him in the evening over dinner and he told us that while we’re sleeping, he was fully awake and heard the running water, someone’s running here and there (he saw some shadow) and eventually ‘a long hair person’ was looking at us. He told us that there’s someone else in that room. Did we believe him? Mmm, not completely. He vowed not to come to our room again no matter how much we persuaded him.

That late evening, Joe couldn’t sleep as he heard that damn running water again. I was asleep and he told me about his ‘experience’ when he finally woke me up. We both felt the same humidity or something, it’s way too hot for a hotel room that is equipped with air condition.

Later during breakfast, he admitted seeing one ‘long and big’ creature at the very left corner of our room. It’s way big and mimicking a form of a woman. So, the room is really haunted, and since it’s day time, we braved ourselves going back to the room, checking on things.

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The first thing that Joe did was checking what’s under the bed and under the TV Cabinet. Under the TV Cabinet, he found slices of almost dried limes and one fresh lime. Someone put that recently when we were not in the room. It’s the day to check-out and we glad we did. We packed our things hurriedly and asked the concierge to send one staff with the trolley. He came but he failed to push the trolley as it’ extremely heavy. We helped him. The weight: as if someone was sitting on our luggage.

We checked out at the Club Lounge late afternoon. We asked one of the staff (Siti, not her real name) about the phone calls and we even told her about our experience. She chose to remain silent but smiled insincerely, with pale face. The Manager insisted us to pay for that freaking RM3.50. We paid as we want to leave quickly.

Since it’s another 2 days before we leave for another station, we decided to go to our friend’s house, staying there for 2 nights. The taxi we were in was moving at very slow pace as the driver complaint something heavy was on the roof of the car. This was when we realized that ‘thing’ followed us.

When we arrived at our friend’s home, it was almost 7 p.m and much to our surprise, the dogs began barking, making that long noise as if they just saw a ghost (as in Asian belief). We told everything to our friend and he decided it’s best to see the Bomoh or Dukun or Shaman or anything you want to call it. We hesitated but he insisted. Now, that very Bomoh, told us that someone followed us and that thing, a HER, one painful young woman. He did something that we didn’t understand and all of the sudden we felt ‘free’.

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Weeks later during a trip, we met Siti who was holidaying with her family. We took the opportunity to talk to her over coffee and finally she admitted that the room we were staying is actually haunted. Someone, a young woman worked for that hotel not very long before we came. She’s 4 months into pregnancy. One day, she went to work as usual and on her way, she was hit by a passing car at the main junction in front of that hotel.

She died on the spot. That same evening, staffs heard her voices singing as usual, walking on the floor she’s working. They checked it out, no one’s around. It’s like that every evening. Her husband died of the same cause at different place, weeks later. People said he was careless enough while riding his motorbike. That husband, worked in the same hotel.

Siti admitted that previous guests did complaint about some unexplained calls made from that room but since most guests were of Westerners, they complaint less about seeing supernatural things. One thing they did mentioned was the high temperature during the evening.

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Was it the husband and wife who were playing with the phone? What about the lime? Siti said, someone, an insider in the management, paid a local Shaman to give ‘special’ limes to the housekeeper and put it under the TV Cabinet. It’s a belief among the locals to get rid of that bad spirit.

After that lengthy explanation from Siti, we asked why the Manager was being so unfriendly when we talked about our experience. It turned out that the Manager did not want us to know anything. We’re Malaysians and it is easy for us to spread the story to the locals, as he thought.

It took us few years to re-write our experience, we never tell anyone else except Siti, the friend, the Shaman and the Manager. We kept quiet all this while. Months later after that experience, Siti and the Manager resigned. We called Siti, she said they resigned as they could no longer having to lie to each guest whenever there’s complaint, a reason that actually did not make any sense.

Later, we learnt that Siti and that young woman were best friends. She’s emotional about the whole thing? Perhaps as they were best friends. The Manager? Really I don’t know why he actually resigned, one thing we know was that they soon worked in the same company which was own by the Manager. To this date, we never saw Siti again as she changed her number. Is the room still being haunted? I don’t have the answer.

Next time you are in your hotel room, check every corner, under the bed or just under anything, if you found lime(s), immediately ask for a new room. Don’t say we didn’t warn you enough! A joke you think, well up to you until you encounter one strange thing, please don’t blame us. Denying the existence of free and lost spirits? You decide.

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