Coban Rondo Waterfall @ Batu-Malang, Indonesia

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(Photos by team members)


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”-Confucius

With height of about 84 m and located at an altitude of 1,135 meters above sea level, Coban Rondo Waterfall/Air Tejun is indeed one famous landmark in Malang, Indonesia and mostly visited by Indonesian Tourists and locals, at times by foreign tourists too. Some travellers will simply skip this place as most will stay in Malang City for a night or two only, before or after the trip to Mount Bromo. As foreigners, we did not know the existence of this place. It was our guide who took us here. Coban Rondo is not being widely mentioned so not so many foreigners know about this place.


There is a small natural pool of water and not that deep so people basically standing up to enjoy that endlessly flow of cold, clean and fresh water. The youngsters seemed to enjoyed themselves, as they get themselves soaked in that small natural pool. It might not be so grand on the surface but the overall view of Coban Rondo is certainly breathtaking. There’s a sad story about this place, kind of a legend or something but still worth to elaborate.


The Sad Story


A very long time ago, there’s a newly wed couple. Their names were Dewi Anjarwati of Gunung Kawi and Raden Baron Kusuma from Gunung Anjosmoro. They were one happy couple, living harmoniously and peacefully. One day, Dewi Anjarwati wanted to visit Raden Baron Kusuma parents somewhere near to Gunung Anjosmoro.  However, Raden’s parents were both hesitating as both Dewi and Raden are newly wed, just reaching their 38 days as husband and wife.


According to Javanese tradition, newly weds are not supposed to travel far, fearing something bad will happen. That was why the elders were a bit hesitating in allowing the plan. However, Dewi and Raden were stubborn and insisted on carrying out their plan. They even were willing to face all the consequences should anything happen to them.On their way to Gunung Anjasmari, the couple met Joko Lelono. Joko immediately became attracted to the beauty of Dewi Anjarwati and he tried his very best to ‘steal’ Dewi from Raden.


This resulted in one fierce fight between Raden and Joko. Both men used mystical powers during the fight and fearing for Dewi safety, Raden instructed his entourage to bring Dewi to a place called Coban (Waterfall/Air Terjun). Dewi and the Raden assistants waited for Raden to come but he did not come. It was at this place that Dewi keep thinking of her fate, regretting the decision not to listen to Raden parents advice. Up to this day, this place is named as Coban Rondo/ Air Terjun Janda or Widow Waterfall.

Getting Here


The precise location of Air Terjun Coban Rondo is Desa Pandesari, Kecamatan Pujon, Kabupaten Malang, East Java Province. GPS Coordinate is  7° 53′ 5.86″ S 112° 28′ 38.28″ E. This waterfall is about 12KM away from Kota Batu and 24KM from Malang City. To get here, one may opt for tour arrangement, simply drive or take the public transport (Minibus from Arjosari, Malang/or taxi).

Opening Hours 07.30 – 17.00 GMT+7
Ticket : IDR 15.000 /person
Car : IDR 10.000
Motorcycle : IDR 5.000

What to do here

Wander around the stalls that sells amazing food/beverages



Fun Activities


Be entertained by the tame monkeys


Admiring the beauty of Coban Rondo Waterfall/Take some photos