Afternoon at Poolside, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu

Written by @joehairie & content arranged by @Lan
(Photos by team members)


The poolside at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu is said to be the perfect place to chill out, swim and casual lounging, sipping that refreshing beverages from the poolside bar. From our room, the view of the pool is certainly mesmerizing, it made us having that urge to come down and spend the late afternoon there. Some say the view of the dotted islands from the poolside is way much interesting. The staffs told us that lounging at the poolside bar is the best thing to do, ‘order that favorite bevvy of yours’, they said adding that inviting remarks of ‘simply enjoy the moment.’ Being curios and curious, we came down to have that moment.



@Lan was super excited. Indeed he was. He’s supposed to be one of the swimmer for his varsity (which was long ago!) to which he had to withdraw due to his commitment in the International Exchange Program. I guess for the rest of his life, he will conquer any pool he goes in, doing that serious laps. So I looked at the pool and try to decide if it’s best suited for @Lan and his laps. Apart from pleasing @Lan, fulfilling his small request, I need to see if the overall view, inside and outside, is same as what some had claimed. There’s also this urge to go to the poolside bar and enjoy that refreshing drinks.

About The Poolside

The Swimming Pool

According to Hyatt Regency Kinabalu website, the poolside is newly-renovated outdoor pool, overlooking the picturesque islands of the South China Sea. The pool area features a separate children’s pool, a large landscaped deck with four cabanas, comfortable deckchairs and a massage area for a range of relaxing treatments provided by the hotel’s well-trained Avantang Spa staff.

The Cabanas (4 units)


A range of cooling refreshments, delicious cocktails and tasty snacks are available at the pool side dining area, located next to the swimming pool.  Pool attendants are on duty to help with anything you need and fresh towels are provided. For added convenience, Wi-Fi Internet access is also available if required.

Guest getting the towel from Mulilin (pool attendant)

Though the swimming pool is only for the usage of hotel guests and Avantang Spa and Fitness members only (complimentary basis), do note that non-hotel guests can actually pay RM95 nett to have a full day access to Avantang Spa and its facilities. There are no official lifeguards on duty and children of all ages must be accompanied by an adult. The pool dimensions are: 25 m (82 ft) in length, 10 m (32 ft) wide and 1.4 m (4.6 ft) deep, which makes it an ideal lap pool. The pool is open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.

The Swimming Sequence by @Lan


We challenged each other. @Lan challenged me to take the best shots from my frames using the Sports function in my new toy while I challenged @Lan to produced the best sequence in his laps. We somehow worked together and that co-operation produced some good images of splashing water, only if he is allowed to do the start jump for the sequence, that will be perfect. Capturing moments of swimmers dive off a starting block is always challenging! We always follow the rules though, no jumping here.


Since there’s no jumping platform, @Lan had to dive into the water for about 1 meter before resurfaced for his first free-style stroke. We planned for 5 laps so that I had enough time to switch places in order to take photos and video.


Though not really an athlete, @Lan actually knows how to maneuver his way, sprinting from the start to the end. He proved that the pool at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu is actually good for some casual or serious laps. I captured the moments that he wished for, mission accomplished! I have also prepared a video of @Lan doing his final lap. A bit tired he was but still managed to get to the finish point. Here is the video.



We spent about 1 hour, relaxing at the Cabana, swim and soaking in that amazing pool. Indeed it was a good experience being there, we had nothing else to do anyway so being here was great enough. Though it’s not a big pool, it’s good enough for everyone, escaping from the heat of the day, spending quality time with family members and friends.


Poolside Bar 



The poolside bar is located at the front of the pool area so it’s an easy access for the guests. We both personally regard it as ‘a passage’ to the mighty and refreshing beverages. There are many seats be it near to the bar or head for the comfy sofas.


There are some chairs facing the bar and it’s a good place to have a chat with the bartender. It was still early when we came to this bar. It will be near sunset time that people do come and have drinks at this bar. Guests will have the best view of the sunset as well while sipping their favorite  drinks.


The area on the left side of the bar has many comfy sofa and guests will have amazing view of the sea and the Islands that formed Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. The waterfront area is clearly seen from this area.


The poolside bar is one of the few designated smoking area in Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. Guests are not allowed to smoke near the poolside so head to this place if you need to smoke while enjoying that beautiful view and the sea breeze.


Large group need not to worry as there are some sofas that can be combined. One great outdoor area to have casual chat with friends and family members.

Our Experience


When we came to the bar, Rozaimah warmly greeted us with her smile and she’s ready to take our orders soon after we were seated. Though she was actually attending to other customers at the Cabanas, she managed to divide her attention equally. We told her that we don’t consume alcohols and in need for some suggestions. She suggested that we ordered 3 beverages which were two mocktails and one young fresh coconut. She prepared all 3 orders in record time and we tasted all of em’, we were extremely satisfied not only for her ability to suggest good beverages for us but ably to finely prepare such refreshing beverages to our liking. Here are the images of our selected beverages.

Fresh Young Coconut RM12.00
Mojito (Mocktail) RM27.00
Pinacolada (Mocktail) RM29.00


Our thoughts

We love the size of the pool. It’s good enough for some serious laps and the children’s pool is good for the kids too! The Cabanas are unique feature at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu pool. The poolside bar is indeed a great place to chill out and we had great moments, enjoying the view and sipping the beverages suggested by the attentive bartender, Rozaimah. If you are planning to come to Kota Kinabalu and in need of a hotel that is centrally located in the city center and a great pool, we do recommend you to choose Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. We enjoyed our moments at the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu poolside and can’t wait to have another great time here.

Hyatt Regency Kinabalu
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88991 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel : + 60 88 221 234
Fax: + 60 88 225 972
Email: kinabalu.regency@hyatt,com
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“Hyatt Regency Kinabalu has been awarded the 2016 certificate of excellence for superior service by TripAdvisor”


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