Shenanigan’s Fun Pub @ Hyatt Regency Kinabalu : 22nd Anniversary Party and Miss Shenanigan’s 2016

Written by @Lan & Edited by @joehairie
(Photos by team members & Daryl Thong)


22 years ago, I was somewhere in Penang for my tertiary education and heard many good things about Shenanigan’s Fun Pub @ Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. In the early 2000’s, I was here along with some close friends, which include @joehairie, my current Chief Editor. In 2016, we both came again, this time around to witness the Shenanigan’s 22nd Anniversary thereafter the Grand Finale of Miss Shenanigan’s 2016. Who would’ve thought that such brand as Shenanigan’s ably to survive that long 22 years? All big names started to exist in the same year as Shenanigan’s have long ‘gone’. This one stays and will do for many years to come.

The Scenario


“The pub’s décor is themed as an Irish pub, and from the island bar, you can watch the skillful bartenders prepare cocktails and long drinks, as the entertainers keep the party-goers on the dance floor all night. It’s an institution in the city, having been around years, outlasting its competitors. With a heady mix of young urbanites and young professionals, along with established regulars, Shenanigan’s is definitely an all-round crowd pleaser.”


When things scheduled to be busy around 9 pm but people coming in as early as 7 pm, it meant something. On October 7, 2016, from 7 pm to 9 pm, it was actually a special slot to celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of Shenanigan’s Fun Pub. Invitations were sent to VIP’s and media representatives. The public were expected to come in at 9 pm. They came earlier. Why? Because they knew things are getting better here at Shenanigan’s. People did not want to miss the Anniversary Party. By 8 pm, fewer vacant seats left, if it’s looked unoccupied, the glasses marked the presence of those occupants, whom mostly were in the loo, perhaps.

While media representatives were here and there capturing moments, VIP’s were seen discussing things in a very casual way while patrons had good time, chatting and drinking their favorite bevvy. Waiters were like thunder cats, refilling all those empty glasses. It was hectic, pretty busy night just like what we’ve experienced in the early 2000’s. Has Shenanigan’s regain its popularity? We put our money to that. We believe that. No other same outlets existed that long, surviving that 22 years. There are few in Kota Kinabalu now, but this particular brand is well known and while keeping its die hard fans around, new comers, the curios and curious will sure to come.

For its convenient location, easy access and abundant parking lots around, Shenanigan’s Fun Pub is definitely the #1 entertainment spot in Kota Kinabalu. It’s an Award Winning iconic nightspot in the city, offering live bands and DJ performances daily, except on Sundays. Let’s get back to the Anniversary Party. Performers sang from their heart and managed to get people to come forward to the dance floor. More and more joining, well, there’s no empty seats anyway, so straight to the dance floor perhaps, moving soulfully, according to the songs rhythms of course! The rest, well, it went past midnight…people did enjoy themselves. Did you come? Yes? Good for you. No? Fret not, there’s always tomorrow (in the evening of course).

The 22nd Anniversary Party

The Performers


The event started with some awesome performances by Rosario Ninih Chamini Bianis, the winner of Bintang RTM 2016. We were amazed by her vocals, delivering the best for the crowd. Soon after, Esther Applunius delivered her powerful vocals as well that made me came nearer to the stage to record one of her performance. Of all performances that night, we must say that Esther was the best (probably because we are her fans!). Another performance by VDJ Syful Najee followed after that before the ‘Birthday Cake’ cutting ceremony. Great performance by the performing band as well, The ComMotioN Band.


‘Birthday Cake’ cutting ceremony


Soon after the great performances by talented local artists, the Finalists of Miss Shenanigan’s 2016 and VIP’s were on stage, ready for one important ceremony, to mark the 22nd Anniversary of Shenanigan’s Fun Pub, cutting the birthday cake. Everyone were excited, not for the cake but more to remembering the challenges in bringing forward the Pub to its current state now. Things have changed and will always will but the name of Shenanigan’s will still be here, to entertain patrons.

Lighting the candles-A small but meaningful ceremony…..



Cake-Cutting Ceremony-Miss Shenanigan’s Finalist with Mr Thor  Gervasi, Mr Humphrey Ginibun and Peter Bennett 

Miss Shenanigan’s 2016


CHERLEC sponsored the winners crown worth RM4,200
Kwong Hin
Wine Cellars
MHD Cactus Studio
Carls Makeup


Ms Malaysia World 2010 Jasdinta Mirasol
Ms Shen 2009 Rounna Roberts
Ms Shen 2014 Pachara Apin
Ms Shen 2015 Kristina Lovie

We’re made to understand that it took 1 month planning for making the Miss Shenanigan’s pageant turned into reality. The management of Shenanigan’s worked pretty hard to get all the details listed, not forgetting the effort to get some sponsors. Its the biggest payout for pageant winners no other club has ever done. All major beverage sponsors supported the event as well!.

The competition actually began early September where preliminary rounds were held and later 6 finalist were chosen for the Grand Final held on the same evening of the 22nd Shenanigan’s Fun Pub Anniversary. During stage performances by various talented local artists, the finalist actually went around and mingled with patrons, had some casual chat and conversation. Great idea of the organizer, this way people get to know the finalist better.

We both met all 6 finalist, each of them coming to our table, by turn, of course! Honestly, only one was able to shine, Miss Phanthegerow Louiselle Estrop. We asked her some casual questions like where she’s from and things associated to her daily life, she answered those questions, precisely, short and did not add any fictional stuffs. Great girl we must say! She is what she is

Miss Phanthegerow Louiselle

Of all 6 who came to talked to to us, only Miss Phanthegerow Louiselle knows what she’s doing. Honestly. She was natural, in terms of talking to people, not being over the board, not even being nervous. The way she greeted us was truly natural.  We will never lie whenever asked to give some comments. Few finalists were a bit clueless, creating things that are not supposed to be talked about. When all 6 finished doing the rounds, we both immediately came to a conclusion that Miss Phanthegerow Louiselle will surely be the winner. She’s a beautiful person, inside and outside, smart and most importantly, she knows what she’s doing. Honestly, until now, we do not know how the winner was actually selected, we never ask anyway. One thing that we were proud of, our choice was the same as the result.

We have inserted the links to all 6 finalists personal Facebook Page, click the names and you will be able to know each of them better. 

NataLie Dee, Junnette Natasha, Sinta Sebastian, Ren Rena Dyirfil, Phanthegerow Louiselle Estrop  and Brenda Anura Londoh . (cc: Daryl Thong)


Phanthegerow Louiselle Estrop II
1st Runner Up
Brenda Anura Londoh II
2nd Runner up
Sinta Sebastian
Miss Popular Elegant
Junnette Natasha

Our Thoughts

We are glad that Shenanigan’s Fun Pub is still around. Great memories since early 2000’s at this Pub will never be forgotten. It’s good to see that it is still a place ably to entertain the crowd, infusing new approach by highlighting talented local artists as the performers. It’s been 22 years now, Shenanigan’s is still the leader of all entertainment spot in Kota Kinabalu City. Once, people do thought this place is going to be deserted by party-goers but such thoughts are now proven wrong. People still coming and in great numbers.

We do hope that Miss Shenanigan’s pageant will still be held in many years to come. Such a lovely event to attend and see all those beautiful ladies vying for the title. It gives some ‘spaces’ for the local beauties to present not only their pageant skills but giving them a passage, greater one, opening the door of opportunities into International levels perhaps. It’s not about beauty, it’s about the way they are able to put themselves forward with their best inner qualities.

Miss Phanthegerow Louiselle, keep being yourself and never change your already amazing inner qualities. Congratulations for being the winner for 2016 and we do hope to see you move forward to some greater level(s). You have the package and we hope you know how to use the advantages given by the creator. Once you are up there, never ever forget your roots, be yourself and you will sure to be someone who will make all of us in Sabah, proud. Perhaps your current winning is at minimal stage but do use this opportunity to move forward.

Things do change, rapidly. At times, the management of Shenanigan’s Fun Pub must be able to adapt to such changes, looking at the current trend especially at what the younger generation are keen into, in terms of music and everything else related to entertainment. It will be them who will take over as near future guests, the older generation will be going for a slower pace. Having said that, we hope to see Shenanigan’s Fun Pub will be there at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, for many years to come.

Happy Birthday, Shenanigan’s Fun Pub!

Live Entertainment @ Shenanigan’s Fun Pub

Every Monday to Saturday, be entertained by an energetic in house resident band 9:30 pm onwards at Shenanigan’s, Kota Kinabalu city’s most established nightspot brings to you fiery performances from these experienced entertainers. Known for heady music with happening bands, Shenanigan’s live band is always ready to set the stage ablaze and interact with the crowd for a guaranteed fun night out. The band sets the tone for each evening with a mix of easy listening ballads, chill out R&B and soul, to foot-tapping retro classics and top 40 radio hits.Shenanigan’s Fun Pub, an institution in its own right, features classic and innovative cocktails, draught beer, liquors and nightly specials. Come for the Shenanigan’s daily themed nights.

Best Night Spot Experience 2015 – Sabah Tourism Awards
Best Night Spot Experience 2013 – Sabah Tourism Awards
Best Entertainment Spot 2009 – Sabah Tourism Awards
Hotel Parking:
Flat rate of MYR 10.00 upon validation.
Effective 1st April 2015, all rates quoted are nett and inclusive of 6% Goods and Service Tax (GST).
Mondays to Thursdays
6:00 pm to 1:00 am
Fridays, Saturdays and eve of Public Holidays
5:00 pm to 2:00 am
Closed every Sunday.
Smart Casual. No slippers and singlets for men.

Shenanigan’s Fun Pub
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