Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan : Bakar Bakar Friday Night at The Eatery

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(Bakar Bakar Friday Night (Buffet) on September 16, 2016)


Happening every Friday night, Bakar Bakar (Grill in English) at The Eatery is about stimulating your taste buds with the aromas of the grills! All that you need to do is to pick from wide selection of fresh seafood or succulent meats and the Chefs will be more than happy to grill them to your liking. While waiting for that grilled food of yours, you may actually help yourself with other selection from the buffet spread! You will be spoiled with the many choices and this is happening only at Four Points Sheraton Sandakan.

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Main Selections

The main selection is at the buffet station that consists of raw seafood and meat. Grab your plate, choose as many items as you wish and send em’ to the Chefs at the grill station. You will then be given a number, simply put that number on your table and your grilled items will be sent to your table accordingly. If that serving alone is not enough for you, head back to the same station and repeat the whole process. You have about 3 1/2 hours for that, so take your time! We went to this Bakar Bakar Night and had wonderful buffet dinner! Exclusively for you, we have prepared the best way to dine (as we did), presented in the images below.


Locate this station. Amazing spread of seafood and meat. Choose accordingly and as you wish…

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Chicken/Beef Skewer, Marinated Fish in banana leaf, Smoked Chicken Wing, Minute Steak with blackpepper, Crab & Prawns, Chicken Sausage & Green Mussel & Marinated Squid.


After choosing your desired seafood items, head to the Chef’s station to get em’ cooked to your liking.


Here is a video for you watch!

Now that you chosen items are perfectly grilled, you may start feasting but don’t miss out on the sauces prepared for you by the team…choose as you wish! If you feel like repeating the whole process, you are mostly welcome to do that, it’s buffet concept anyway!


Apart from the grilled items, you may go around the buffet stations and pick whatever you feel like consuming. There are many to choose from, be it pre-cooked items, healthy options (greens), desserts (strongly recommended!), soup selections and even Ice Kacang (Again, dessert-our favorite). Here are some of the photos that we managed to line up for you, in case you are coming! However, do take note that certain items might not be available during your visit as some will be served on rotation basis.


Malaysian/Asian Healthy Option


Western Salad/Healthy Option


Pre Cooked Food Station

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..and desserts!

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Our Thoughts

The Bakar Bakar Friday Night is reasonably priced and those in Sandakan are so lucky to have one branded hotel to be generous in offering such high quality buffet! The price is RM65 nett for Adult, RM32 nett (Senior Citizens) and Rm24 nett for Children. We were amazed on how efficient the team was in handling all the grilling and refilling, not to mention looking for the numbers on the right table.

Seafood and meat were fresh and we ate a lot of perfectly grilled prawns! The healthy options were amazing as well especially the Kerabu. We love the pre-cooked items as well. All were cooked perfectly and taste amazingly delicious that we kept refilling our plate.Did I tell you about the Mini Cheese Cake? The Red Velvet? The desserts were all of high quality.

There was not even one microscopic thing that we dislike about the Bakar Bakar Friday night. Everything were just perfect. The staffs including the Chefs were so helpful, attentive, polite, friendly and smiled genuinely. Used plates were collected quickly and utensils were replaced without us realizing it.

It was a truly memorable buffet dinner and we still crave for more! Pity, we both are not in Sandakan now, if we are, we really wouldn’t mind coming here twice a month and indulge in the spectacular Bakar Bakar Friday night. There’s no need to think twice about coming, given that the price is reasonable.

We rated Bakar Bakar Friday Night as EXCELLENT and we strongly recommend this amazing promotion to all of you, that is if you are in Sandakan. A perfect score of 10 out of 10! 

Want to be part of the awesome bakar-bakar night? Head to:

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