Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan: Dishing out The Eatery’s legendary Mee Curry Sibuga

Written by @joehairie
Lunch at The Eatery on Friday-September 16, 2016.


It’s not an ordinary dish, though the name is. It’s actually a legendary dish named as Mee Curry Sibuga. From the ordinary Mee Curry, it’s been re-born and this one is uniquely different in both taste and presentation. At The Eatery @ Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan,  Mee Curry dish has been given an elevation by Chef Basri, producing his own version that tasted amazingly delicious that will make you go for second and perhaps third. It is a common menu, yes, undeniably easy to find in most eateries. Be warned that this particular Mee Curry has something else to talk about, not to be missed by any foodie out there.

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Dishing out The Eatery’s legendary Mee Curry Sibuga

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The Eatery


Located on the 13th floor, The Eatery is the hotel’s signature all day dining restaurant, serving a wide array of local and international flavors on its breakfast and dinner buffet spreads. Overlooking the azure blue Sandakan Sea, the Eatery boasts a modern contemporary interior reflecting the Four Points brand of being simple, honest and uncomplicated. Charming modern lighting, colorful dining setting with strategically located live cooking stations make up for a truly interactive dining experience.

Positioned as the city’s leading all day dining venue, The Eatery features a vibrant mix of local and international cuisine complemented with interactive live cooking stations including grill, wok, noodle, pizzas and pasta plus a dessert bar. In addition, the venue also features exclusive booths for diners seeking privacy with magnificent views of harbor.

Mee Curry Sibuga by Chef Basri


To those who have no idea what Mee Curry is, it is actually somewhere between Singapore Laksa and a spicy variation of the Mee Rebus (an Indonesian noodle dish with yellow noodles). The aromatic Mee Curry has a slightly orange broth that become reddish after the Sambal being applied into it and is served with half a hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts, chunks of fried tofu and of course generous seafood!.


The taste of the curry is not that too strong and goes well with the yellow noodles. Its gravy consistency is smooth and not watery, it’s thick – which may be attributed to the use of coconut milk.  The crisp bean sprouts are not soggy and give the dish a much- needed crunch, while the seafood and tofu soak up the flavorful curry broth, complementing the overall taste of the dish.


The Eatery’s version of Mee Curry is created by experienced, humble and talented Chef Basri. Being a local hail from Kunak, Sabah, he cleverly infused his thoughts into the nationwide most loved dish, Mee Curry. Perhaps his past experience gave him the inspiration to twist the dish into something that impressed the most fussy diners, who else? Us.

Our Thoughts


What is the  most important element in Mee Curry? The Gravy, in its original state without adding the sambal. One must first taste the gravy before adding the sambal! The first thing needed to be checked is the consistency, not extremely thick and not watery either. Did Chef Basri dish pass this test? Absolutely yes.

The second element is the sambal. Have a tea spoon size of it and taste it, literally put it on your tongue. Taste it and determine if the sambal has the connection to your soul, bearing in mind that each individual has different taste(s). While some prefer extreme spicy sambal, some do not. Chef Basri Sambal? We both tasted it. Spot on, there you go.

Being consumers, we do always go for the largest dish that has extremely cheap price tag on it, don’t we? This Mee Curry Sibuga is priced at RM24.00. For all the condiments inside it, is it worth paying that RM24.00? We say yes to it. Does the taste worth that RM24.00? Presented with same value of RM24.00? Yes and Yes. Can we get a cheaper Mee Curry elsewhere? Yes. Will it have the same quality as Chef Basri creation? A big NO.

The fresh ingredients freshness is one important factor. Put in as many prawns, the expensive one if you want but if it does not taste like today’s catch from the sea, that dish is destine to fail. Chef Basri use the freshest seafood, the prawns, mussels and so on tasted like all of it being brought out from the ocean minutes ago. The supply of fresh seafood in Sandakan is endless anyway! A big bonus for Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan.

In cafes or restaurants, I personally seldom finish eating any dish, to the base of the bowl/plate. @Lan has always been observing me, he practically knows when to expect things when it comes to food and me. This time around, I finished eating the whole bowl of that Mee Curry Sibuga, not because Chef Basri constantly watching me consuming it but because it was amazingly one dish that came down from heaven, to that point.

It is about concoction of all the elements inside that Mee Curry Sibuga. It is about the dish ability to connect my taste bud, soul and thoughts, all together. If the herbs and spices are being used correctly and not being overly applied,  put cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, garlic or whatever it is, it will sure become one and harmonious, that makes it so irresistible.

For food critics like both of us who have been professionally trained and certified (if you must know it), we tend to be very sharp in voicing out our ‘two cents’. If we don’t like the food, we will directly tell the chef or the owner of that eatery that we are at. Not that we will shoot the ‘bullets of death’, we will always try be constructive. For this Mee Curry Sibuga, it is the love arrow for the chef!

The Mee Curry Sibuga by Chef Basri has all the perfect elements, spicy in the sambal, sweet but at an acceptable level in the gravy, freshly selected vegetables with fried tofu and  ‘sort of’ today’s catch seafood that eventually produce that salty taste. Squeeze that lime onto the gravy: you will get the sour taste. Combined…it is one dish that is not only dubbed as legendary, it has been elevated as if it is sent from heaven.

It is a food that came out from somewhere in the common eateries, being brought into The Eatery and re-invented after much thoughts being put into it. If we both finish our food, it means that dish is absolutely great!.. and so we did with the Mee Curry Sibuga.

Mee Curry Sibuga by Chef Basri is a dish that received the perfect score :  10 out of 10, sincerely from both of us. We strongly recommend this dish if you dine at The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan. 

Mee Curry Sibuga is available at The Eatery @ Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan and priced at RM24.00. It is available all day long and if you look up for it in the menu, it is listed in the Asian Cuisine category and contain coconut milk, dairy product & gluten.

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