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Once you hit your 20s, work and deadlines will be part of your day to day. This certainly happened to me.I met different people from other cultures, and I also start to appreciate the little things in life, such as my parents financing the things I needed. But when work comes and the paycheck is in, it’s time to learn to save, or start spending as if there was no tomorrow. A lot of what I earn ends up on many things other than bills, which may be the case of many. After all, money is meant to be spent, right?

Spending on Material Things

But it is the things people spend on what matters. In a world dominated by the Internet, we try to show the happier side of life, with us wasting money on luxury watches, pricey meals, and branded clothes. But are they really what makes us happy, or is it an addiction? Do we really want this life of temporary luxury we post on social media? We invest in material things, but we forget to invest in our life. This isn’t only speaking about the bills we have to pay, but with the things we’ve always wanted to experience.

Shoes can take you anywhere, but will you be able to go to other places with them after spending a fortune on a brand name? It has been said that spending your money on experiences makes people happier than spending it on material things. The happiest people in the world distance themselves from shopping excessively, opting to spend what they earn on travels and the like. How do they do that and why?

Why Spend on Traveling and Experiences?

You may wonder how you think investing on travels can be better than spending on clothes you can use repeatedly. Even I have had thoughts about spending on experiences and travel! I used to think that it was something I could do once I reach a milestone, or once I finally had a vacation or the non-existent budget. It was a constant cycle where I bookmark events I’d like to attend and then will have to decline them because I never have the time to do so. But I soon realized that it was just fear of “wasting” my money on these things that hindered me from actually experiencing new things. I would have rather bought material items that make me happy, only to want the upgrade of it during my next paycheck! It got me thinking, so I did a bit of research on it, and here’s what I found:

Studies from the Journal of Positive Psychology show that those who bought luxury items start to lose value over those material things right after purchasing it. Many people who have been interviewed say that memories now seem much more important than getting the latest gadgets and luxury items. They even start to think on their purchases, saying that they should have just spent it on places they’ve aspired to go to.

Experiences Over Material Things

It made me realize: While it’s great to reward yourself with items you’ve been eyeing on for so long, it’s also best to put aside a bit for the memories and experiences you can make for yourself or with loved ones. Remember, no one will remember the latest phone you had, but the photos from your latest trip will definitely spark laughter and memories with the people that matter most.

As I slowly grow up and face adulthood, I start to learn a lot of new things that college has never taught me. College never taught me about finances, only about how it impacted the world. We were taught economics and basic accounting, but it is only now I face the “real” life that I had to learn how to become independent, how to save up and spend wisely on things I need and want. But as soon as I started spending more of my “free” money on traveling rather than material things, I learn that this is what makes me happier. Granted, I still prioritize security and savings while spending a bit on my guilty pleasures. But I also always allocate funds for the places I’ve always wanted to visit, and the experiences I’ve wanted to try. Start saving up for your next trip and see how much of a difference it can make for you!

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    This is exactly what people need to start doing in their 20 s . Exploring the world is way more important than buying things that will end up in the trashbin or worn out . Experimenting the hidden secrets of the world is a life time journey that can never be forgotten . Buy less , travel more

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