Pancake House International @ Jalan Pantai, Kota Kinabalu

Written by @Lan & Edited by @joehairie
(Photos by team)


Mark your calendar as on September 8, 2016 onward, Pancake House International Kota Kinabalu will have another new outlet and this time around it is located at Jalan Pantai (same row as Maybank). Infusing family concept, it is definitely another new eatery that will give your palate a broaden scope as the menu is quite extensive. Most importantly, the prices are affordable, wallet friendly that is. Unveiling its menu to the media representatives recently, we both were quite amazed with the overall concept and list of food & beverages in their colorful menu. The food choice is not only about pancakes and waffles, the choice goes beyond and so is the quality as you may find in the existing outlets.

The Interior & Exterior

Let’s briefly have a look at the exterior and interior of this new outlet. We will be inserting more images when we go to this cafe again in the near future. The place is quite colorful both inside and outside which we think is appropriate. Being a chain cafe/restaurant, it applied the same concept as what we can see in any other Pancake House all over. We will be writing an in depth review after the 2nd visit and will be relaying our own thoughts regarding the whole concept of this outlet.

Glass wall-Exterior
The logo on the door handle
Business Hours
Reception/Cashier counter (Wall)
Feature Wall with lots of deco and frames
Dining area
Dining area

We have found the perfect spot for you to take wefie or selfie, whatever you name it. During the preview, this spot became the targeted area to take beautiful photos!

Food & Beverages

The menu is quite extensive. During the Food Tasting and New outlet Preview, we managed to had some of the food and beverages listed in the menu. Here are the pictures of the food and beverages that we sampled. For a comprehensive list of Food & Beverages, we encourage you to come on September 8, 2016 and have a look at their amazing list/menu. For this entry, we will only line-up the images and for our own thoughts, we will be presenting that after the 2nd visit. If you see Must Try! in any of the images below, it means we strongly recommend that particular items, for you to try. If there is the MANDATORY word beside the food’s name, it means we urge you to try that over the other options.

Latte & Iced Mocha


Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle-Must Try!
Durian Pancake-Must Try! MANDATORY
Chocolate Marble Pancake-Must Try!
Blueberry Pancake-Must Try!

Pancake Peak (Orange)
Pancake Peak (Lemon)

Hot Food/Appetizer/Special Set

Grilled Salmon-Must Try!
Pan Chicken Burger
Fiesta Taco Salad-Must Try!
Lamb Chop-Must Try! MANDATORY
Vegetarian Special Set

House Special Set
Almondigas Soup-Must Try! MANDATORY

We have shown to you some of the food that we sampled recently. It will be best if you come to this outlet at Jalan Pantai and try for yourself then decide if the food are best suited to your palate. Personally, we like this place a lot but we will be looking into more factors during our 2nd visit and then will write up our experience, relaying our own honest thoughts and rate the cafe according to our standard scoring system.

Opening on September 8, 2016 onward
Operation Hours: 0700 Hrs- 2200 Hrs

Pancake House International Kota Kinabalu
Jalan Pantai (Same row as Maybank)

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Instagram: Click HERE


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