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Satay Chicken with Sayur Lodeh is back for a clucking good time, a phrase by The Chicken Rice Shop that made us craving for it. It is said that the Satay Chicken at The Chicken Rice Shop needs no sticks! Brilliant! No more pretending to politely biting each meat and pull it off from the skewers. So, off we went to nearby Chicken Rice Shop which is at the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. This limited time menu is available at all Chicken Rice Shop across Malaysia and if you want to try it, better hurry up before the promotion period is over!

The Offer & Menu

Let’s have a look at the promotional banner/poster by The Chicken Rice Shop. Looking at the poster made the two of us drooling as we both are big fans of Satay. In addition to that already delectable Satay Chicken, Sayur Lodeh is offered as well. Sayur lodeh is a soup prepared from vegetables in coconut milk popular in Indonesia, but most often associated with Javanese Cuisine.  In Malaysia, it is regard as a Malay Vegetable Curry that goes very well with just about any Malay rice meal. It comes light and spicy, and isn’t as rich with coconut milk the way that other curries can be.

The promotional poster. Credit: The Chicken Rice Shop Official Website

There are 3 menu sets and simply choose according to the number of diners at your table.We both opted for Meal B, obviously. @joehairie wanted to have some Steamed Chicken as well and luckily we did not have to order separately from the ala carte menu as that particular dish is included in the Meal B set (As well as Meal C). For RM46.90, we say it is reasonably priced and worth trying as the Set that we ordered came with several extra side dishes. We played smart as we ordered the Soft Drinks for both of us, that was of course included in the set as well, to which we end up paying exactly RM46.90  as highlighted in the poster.

Satay Chicken Menu Meal-Meal C. Credit: The Chicken Rice Shop Official Website.

There are two main dining area in The Chicken Rice Shop @ Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, indoor and outdoor though the outdoor is not actually outside the Shopping Mall building. Staffs were amazingly friendly and attentive towards customers, that was what we saw when we came here. They appeared immediately when we needed them, remember that we ordered the Soft Drinks (included in the menu). Not only we did not have to add any amount to the bill for that Soft Drinks, it’s refillable. That was why we need the staffs to keep coming to our table so that our glasses were always full!  Awesome.

Outdoor Dining Area

The Meal B set

Let us have a look at the pictures of the main and side dishes that we received and consumed. We were extremely satisfied with the taste and presentation as well as the portion of each dish, all of em’ made us ate to the fullest. The Chicken Rice Shop never fail in delivering the best to its customers. The creations in promotions are not only priced reasonably, it always tastes amazingly delicious, presented in portions that will make customers smile all the time.

The Satay Chicken
For Single Serve Chicken, we opted for Steamed Chicken
Sayur Lodeh, sorry about the mess, we consumed half then only take the picture…so irresistible.. 
The Golden Fortune Wings replaced by this amazing Honey Chicken, luv this so much! Amazingly delicious!
Ipoh bean sprouts (Regular)
Nyonya Pai Tee (Regular)
The Set include Soup of the day and Rice (Quantity of bowls depending are different for each set)

Our Thoughts

The Star-Satay Chicken

It’s definitely the star of all creations by The Chicken Rice Shop, at least for the two of us. We are so totally in love with this particular dish. The taste was all over the Chicken, inside and outside. The lemongrass and other elements in making satay chicken were easily detected by us, which means it was done perfectly. Such an amazing dish! The Satay Chicken has no skewers, mostly meat and that’s totally awesome! The peanut gravy must have came from above heaven. Whoever that person is in The Chicken Rice Shop, the person who thought of giving the finest taste and texture to that peanut gravy, must be someone who love peanut gravy. A satay lover just like us. The only critic: perhaps it will be best if the peanut gravy is given in a bit larger portion, we love peanut gravy anyway, we crave for more…

The Star-Sayur Lodeh

This is among the best Sayur Lodeh that we ever had. It was thick when we checked the gravy. Taste wise, amazingly delicious and had that salt fish taste though we failed to find any piece of that. Perhaps it was taken out from the gravy before being served to customers. The vegetables were fresh and still crunchy though it’s been in the gravy for quite some time. It had all that amazing taste of sweet, creamy and salty. Although we prefer spicier version, we realized that the dish is also meant for those who do not like spicy food/gravy especially the kids.

The Side Dishes

We tried the side dishes before (yes, we are big fans of Chicken Rice Shop, so we know how good the side dishes are). All of em’ are of high quality and keep having the same consistency every time we come to any Chicken Rice Shop restaurant. Be it in Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu, the brand is able to maintain the taste and presentation of all the side dishes especially the single serve chicken. We love that crunchy sound when we bite the Pai Tee, the freshness of that Ipoh Bean Sprouts as well as the Honey Chicken.

The Staffs

It does not matter which restaurant we go, staffs of Chicken Rice Shop seems to play by the book as they always able to maintain their working attitude positively. We love the way the staffs smiled genuinely especially at the Suria Sabah branch. Friendly, polite, attentive and many more positive adjectives fit their profile. Amazing! It is actually hard to see the consistency in staffs positive working attitude in any other chain restaurants nationwide. The level of service varies in between branches of other brands but not the Chicken Rice Shop. The staffs and the management are just professional!

Our hope

We do hope that The Chicken Rice Shop keep infusing genius thoughts in creating dishes from time to time. This year alone, up until today, we had already consumed 2 amazing dishes, namely The Takhrai Chicken and recently The Satay Chicken. We hope to see more dishes that will surprise both of us and the other customers as well. We pledge our loyalty to this particular brand for being able to produce the best and we will definitely be choosing this brand over the other similar brands when it comes to Chicken Rice.

Our Rating

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND this Satay Chicken to all of you. There are so many Chicken Rice Shop Restaurants across Malaysia and while the dish is still available, please do hurry up and get to the nearest Chicken Rice Shop. The promotion won’t last long.

It is true when they said “Chicken Rice and More” is more than Chicken Rice, this time it is about Satay Chicken!

We are more than happy to rate this dish : 5.00 out of possible 5.00 
Level of satisfaction: Excellent

For cycle 2, we will be using new rating system for all Cafes/Bars/Restaurants/Lounges. We will use a straight forward indication as shown below.
5.00-4.00 Excellent
3.99-3.00 Good
2.99-2.50 Average
2.49-1.50 Bad
1.49-0.00 Worst


Craving for Satay ChickenIf you are in Kota Kinabalu, wait no longer and head on to:

The Chicken Rice Shop
Units No. C-312 & C-313, 
Concourse Level, 
1 Borneo Hypermall, Jalan Sulaman,
88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel / Fax: 088-447 361

The Chicken Rice Shop
Lot B77, Lower Ground Floor, 
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, 
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel / Fax: 088-447 443

The Chicken Rice Shop
B17/36, Basement Floor Imago, 
KK Times Square, IMAGO Shopping Mall, 
KK Times Square Phase 2, 
Off Coastal Highway, 
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel / Fax: 088-274 084
For other location across Malaysia, refer to the Chicken Rice Shop website. Click HERE.
Official Website: Click HERE
Official Facebook: Click HERE
Official Instagram: Click HERE

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