Why we chose to stay at Oaks Goldsbrough Apartment @ Sydney, Australia

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There are many Hotels in Sydney, Australia but we end up choosing Oaks Goldsbrough Apartment @ Darling Harbour. Current exchange rate is definitely the biggest factor when we have to decide which hotel to stay, especially when travelling overseas. To be honest. Oaks Goldsbrough Apartment was not the cheapest when we googled for some Sydney hotels information, there were some better rates not to mention up to date and branded hotels. We both initially thought it might be much wiser to use some of our available Loyalty Programme Points and stay at our favorite brand. We did not. We always save the best for last. We finally chose Oaks Goldsbrough Apartment and we did that because of 7 logical reasons, at least for the two of us. Might work for you too…

#1-Responsive Staffs

@joehairie thinking of the Oaks Hospitality…(@Plaza Premium Lounge)

For the two of us, fast and kind response from staffs even before we set foot in a property means that we will be receiving better service in comparison to the property that ignore any emails. The first thing that we always do, which we advise you to do as well, is to see how fast the staffs at certain hotels react or reply to any queries or interest. We actually emailed to 11 hotels, from the non star property right up to the famous hotels in Sydney. We asked certain questions such as discount, availability and so on. Now, we know we can get the answers from the website(s).

Image result for good service images

However, we purposely sent the emails to see if any of the Hotels ready to sincerely attend to such queries. Oaks Goldsbrough was the first to reply and was pretty welcoming us. The person who replied the email even guided us from A-Z, cleared all doubts and ensured that we will be treated properly. It took about 4 days for the other 3 properties to respond with some generic info that did not look convincing, not even a little. 7 properties did not reply at all. Oaks Goldsbrough won our heart and we decided to explore more before making the final decision.

#2-Median price with the perfect feature-Kitchenette


As the staffs at Oaks Goldsbrough kept replying to our emails and did pick up the phone when we called (3x), we then proceed with the next step, checking the price. It was not the cheapest (the studio rate-the lowest category), to be honest, it was somewhere in between the cheapest and the most expensive one. The cheapest rate from another property did not even reply our queries. So we decided to have a deeper look into the extras offered by the Oaks Goldsbrough.

@ The dining table for Coffee + Banana Cake = Happy!

The Studios and Apartments (1 or 2 bedrooms) comes with one important feature, Kitchenette Facilities! A perfect feature for travelers like us, the key to save some money. The kitchen has everything even the smallest knife up to the Microwave and Fridge! The oven? You can even bake your own cake here! Mathematically speaking, if daily lunch and dinner at a restaurant cost us about AUD80 (average) and if we opt to cook for ourselves 3 days in a row, imagine the savings! For both us, that AUD80, undeniably huge number.

#3-Location : Darling Harbour!


Oaks Goldsbrough is in within the Darling Harbour area, what more can we ask for? Our main intention coming to Sydney was to stay in the Darling Harbour area and (again) Oaks Goldsbrough is located in the area that we preferred. There are so many things to do in Darling Harbour area alone, most importantly most of our planned activities started here in this area, for example, we had to be at the Cockle Bay Wharf at 7.30am in order to go on board the Whale Watching cruise. Had we stay somewhere far, we might miss that cruise.

Barely made it into the Whale Watching Cruise on a cold wet early morning..

#4-Perfect Studio Room!

Love the beds and balcony!

Apart from that important Kitchenette feature, we had a real balcony, we just love the fresh and cool air during the winter, seating and enjoying our coffee at the balcony was one exciting activity for the two of us. Look at the pillows, 3 for each of us. The dining table enabled us to had proper meals, at times we had our hot noodles (yes, we cooked!) outside. Balcony is one important feature for smokers like us, we hate giving the room the tobacco smell. Storage? Not a problem, plenty of em’ in the Studio.

#5-Laundry Facilities in the Studio!

The studio that we stayed had another important feature, Laundry Facilities! Since we were bringing in some winter clothing, we knew that we did not have to carry too many unnecessary extra t-shirts and so on. We brought few and washed daily, there’s a dryer anyway! The facilities not only made us travel light but saved some money as we did not have to go to do our laundry outside. In addition, when we reached home and unpacked, we had all our clothes washed. Travel made easy when we had everything in hand, ready for us to utilize!



When there’s water there’s sure to be some sort of transportation and at Daring Harbour there are 2 ferry stations namely King Street Wharf, or Pyrmont Bay Wharf. If you alight at King Street Wharf, you’ll be close to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf. If you alight at Pyrmont Bay Wharf, you’ll be close to the Australian National Maritime Museum and Harbourside shopping centre. Both ferry stations are within walking distance to the Oaks Goldbrough Apartment.

In a ferry…

Getting to Circular Quay is not a problem at all, we both always took the ferry, well we went by foot twice, not that too far, we enjoyed walking anyway. The Darling Harbour area is kind of the center of everything that we need to go to, from our favorite restaurants right to the Market, be it the Sydney Fish Market and even Paddy’s. Either commuting or by foot, it’s possible to get to every place that we have planned earlier.

We need to be close to this market…

#7-Our plan-activities

We want to go to the Sydney Tower Eye, it’s in within walking distance from Oaks Goldsbrough and so are the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf. We had to meet some important people at the Darling Harbour area as well. 80% of the to-do list executed in the Darling Harbour area alone and that’s where Oak Goldsbrough is. How easy things were for the two of us and all because we chose the right place to stay, The Oaks Goldsbrough Apartment at Darling Harbour, Sydney. We paid a little bit higher than we should but in the end our decision gave us the advantages.

Our Rating

We are happy to rate our stay as: 5.0 (Extremely Satisfied)

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Thinking of staying at this amazing Hotel Apartment? Head to:

243 Pyrmont Street, Darling Harbour NSW 2009
Phone: +61 2 9518 5166
Fax: +61 2 9518 5177

Email: goldsbrough@theoaksgroup.com.au
Website: www.oakshotelsresorts.com
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About Oaks Goldsbrough Apartment

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Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments offer central Sydney accommodation in an architecturally renovated historic building. Situated in the hub of Darling Harbour, the property combines the charm and elegance of the 1800s with today’s modern amenities. Goldsbrough offers one and two bedroom fully self contained apartments and comfortable studios with kitchen facilities, most with harbour views. Enjoy a workout in the air conditioned gym or swim in the indoor pool. Goldsbrough Apartments are conveniently located close to transport and just a short stroll to shops.

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