So you’ve been to Sydney, Australia? You ain’t until you jump on that Glass Floor @ Sydney Tower Eye!

Written by @Lan & Edited by @joehairie
(Photos by & Skywalk @ Sydney Tower Eye)
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Holiday in Sydney, Australia? Not a big deal mate. Almost all of our friends have been here..and some relatives too! They went and they came back, some even regard Sydney as second home, why not? Sydney is one big vibrant, colorful and peaceful city to live in. We both keep dreaming of going there again and again. Our friends told us in details their big itinerary, what they did, what they ate and so on. Each tour they were on was like discovering something new. Good for them! However, NOT all that have been to Sydney have actually jump on that glass floor! The Glass Floor that will make your hands sweat like hell, thrilling that is and it is 268 meters above the stunning Sydney city! Welcome to Skywalk @ Sydney Tower Eye. This is an exciting journey of us jumping on that glass floor..

We both think that Sydney is the best city in the world!


It’s winter when we arrived at this lovely city. A city full of beautiful landmarks from the Iconic Opera House to the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower. It was foggy when the A330 Malaysia Airlines safely landed at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD). Minutes before touch down, we both managed to capture the moment of that foggy Sydney City, with the 2 landmarks, the Opera House and Tower Eye of course! Already we were excited like kids and can’t wait for that aerobridge to be connected to the plane..we wanted to get out of the aircraft after 8 and half hours journey and we want to get to that Sydney Tower Eye!


After checking in at the hotel (Oak Goldsbrough Apartment @ Darling Harbour), we did not waste any time. We unpacked, had some light lunch and off we went to the Westfield Shopping Center, which is at the corner of Pitt Street and Market Street. Ain’t that far, we shall say. From the Hotel it is straight down to the Darling Harbour area and crossed we did the pedestrian bridge, getting ourselves to the middle of the city. It’s not hard to find that Sydney Tower anyway, just look up, it’s up there, one can easily get there even without a map! It’s the only tower mate..

Image result for sydney tower
Look up for this particular tower..

The Experience

We purchased our tickets in advance from the official website,, which I will be writing about at the end of this entry. Be smart though if you want to purchase the tickets, adjust your schedule and money-wise, choose the Ultimate Sydney Pass where you will not only be able to do the Skywalk but have access to the other 4 top Sydney Attractions as well. It will certainly make your trip an easy one. Back to our experience..after finding the way up to the reception area, we showed our booking number and immediately we were acknowledged and escorted to the 4D Cinema. Together with some clueless travelers, we watched the whole thing, from start to end.



The 360 view of Sydney City from the Observation Deck @ Sydney Tower Eye

We were then escorted again, this time to the observation deck and we were given some time to explore around, looking at the amazing 360 degree views of Sydney City. A staff then reminded us of our 3 PM Skywalk! The friendly staff briefed all skywalkers about the safety issues, the Do’s and Don’ts. We put on the blue uniform (as named by one Indian Visitor) and after some checking by the staff, we were tied to the safety rail, and off we go to the upper deck, the Skywalk! Woot woot! We both actually joined another group of travelers, from India, Singapore and China. So we were guided to do one big round of that tower, of course tied to the safety rail and at each turn the staff explained in details of the area that we were seeing.

A bit scary, but we braved ourselves for a pose, smiled, confidently..

Without we knowing it, it was time for the group to step on the Glass Floor and we thought that was it, taking pictures individually and in group. We were wrong. We were then asked to do some jumping, in smaller groups and then, the whole group! It was funny as the feet seemed not co-operating, refusing to make a lift, even an inch..the brain definitely controlled the situation, as if it said..hey, if you jump, the glass will break and down you go to the busy street! There was one Indian woman who was hesitating and after some time, she actually managed to jump, well, a little bit. Let’s have a look at the pictures, showing how confident we both were up to the point of being asked to jump!

That was nothing, standing on the glass, posing with hands up on the air!
We were asked to go to the middle part and start to pose naturally..


The Jump!

Look at my right feet, it refused to listen to the Jump Order!

We thought the session will be over soon when suddenly the staff, smilingly asked us to jump, as high as we can! Oh no! I ensured that my right feet stayed to the strongest surface, my brain told me to do that, so it stick that way. The staff was not satisfied and she told us we will not be able to leave the area if we don’t jump, so I braved myself, following @joehairie steps..

..and jump we did..

Did the glass break? Nope.. it did not though we landed quite hard on that surface! And I was in that Heavy Duty’s winter, remember? We were then asked to go to the right hand side of that Glass Floor, so we did. Yes, we are good travelers, we listen and keep obeying instructions.

More pose! We both love posing…
..and the Thumbs-up!Ol, are we done? Nope…

The Big Group Jump!

We were ‘united’ with the rest of the group members and were asked to go to the middle part of that Glass Floor to which we thought will be the session for normal group photo. Like kids, we ‘pushed’ each other, excited to have a group photo..

Our ‘panoramic’ group photo
Close-up photo
The hip hip hooray group photo, as we thought
Now jump, the staff we obliged but look at the feet, glued! Take 1
Okay,Take 2..the staff said, now jump!
Take 3-Final Jump! Ok 4 did, 3 stayed on the surface..same as take 2? Look carefully..

And we did it…

The magnificent 7.. we’re proud with our jump!

We did it! We actually jumped on the Glass Floor! Have you done it? If you haven’t, the next time you are in Sydney, please do.. Ok, we know you are regular visitor to Sydney but have you jump on the Glass Floor? If you already did, congratulations! You officially visited Sydney.

Our Rating


4D Cinema-4.8/5
Observation Deck-5/5
Staff(s) Working Attitude/skills-5/5
Common Facilities 
Amenities: 5/5
Entrance fee worth the total experience?-5/5
Total Average Score: 4.98/5 (EXCELLENT)
Is this place worth visiting?
5.00-4.00 Excellent:Highly Recommended/Must Visit
3.99-3.00:Good: Recommended
2.99-2.50:Average: You may skip if you want
2.49-1.50:Bad: Please skip! 
1.49-0.00:Worst: AVOID!

Buy your tickets online!

Save your time and money, buy your tickets online, easy steps, follow the instructions given and complete the purchase, all you have to do is counting the days for your special task, doing Skywalk @ The Sydney Tower Eye. We recommend you to get the Ultimate Sydney Experience Pass. This particular pass will give you access to

  1. Sydney Tower Eye + Skywalk
  2. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
  3. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo
  4. Madame Tussauds Sydney
  5. Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary


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