16th Sutera Harbour 7K Charity Run 2016 @ Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu : Part 2

Written & arranged by @joehairie. 
(Photos by curiostraveller.com team members)


Part 2: Warm up & Flag Off (To read Part 1, click HERE)

When Kota Kinabalu City Mayor, Datuk Yeo Boon Hai, flagged off the run, that very second, front line runners sprinted like never before, followed by some happy go lucky runners. While most started walking after running about 500 meters, serious runners reached the main junction going out of the Sutera Harbour mammoth complex in just under 15 minutes. Kids, elders, moms, dads, the singles were all on the street trying their very best to finish the run. It was not about winning. It is about supporting the Special Olympics Sabah and Sabah Thalassaemia Society and at the same time running for fun and healthier lifestyle. Yup, some managed to get new friends, tagging people while doing the run.

The Warm Up Session

Before the flag off, the Warm Up session started and runners did their very best to stretch out, getting ready for the 7KM run. The warm up session was led by Yumiko Katakura and held at the Covered Tennis court. Here are some videos and images for you to see, who knows you want to come and join in the fun for the 2017 edition..

Everyone regardless of gender, age, race & religion happily warming up, indicating that they are super ready for that soon to be flagged run.

1st Flag Off 

2nd Flag Off







The Run in Gallery










End of part 2. In the final part (Part 3), we will highlight the scenarios after runners reached finishing point as well as the fun fitness programme and show time.

To learn more about SH7KRun, click HERE.


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