Golden Hour Dim Sum @ The Asian Restaurant, Horizon Hotel Kota Kinabalu

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For the Dim Sum fans, here is one good news. The Asian Restaurant at Horizon Hotel, Kota Kinabalu is currently running the Golden Hour Dim Sum promotion. The promotion started on August 15 and it will be on for a limited time only (until September 16, 2016). We sampled some of the Dim Sum and in another coming article, we will be highlighting our personal thoughts about the taste and presentation of each of that Dim Sum. This entry is about the new promotion  of that Golden Hour Dim Sum.

About The Asian Restaurant


The Golden Hour Dim Sum promotion is available at The Asian Restaurant which is located on the Lobby Level of Horizon Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Apart from the on going Golden Hour Dim Sum promotion, the Asian Restaurant is well known for its unique fusions of Nyonya, Thai and Chinese cuisines. Lovers of Nyonya Style Stewed Spicy Chili Chicken, Crispy Western Butter Prawns, and Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Mango Style Chili will be more than satisfied with this restaurant top notch offering in these favorite dishes. For a delicious treat, the Claypot Assam Fish Head will be the highlight of your perfect dining experience.


Halal Certification

Official Halal Stickers are displayed everywhere, literally..

Worry not as all of the food items at the Horizon Hotel, Kota Kinabalu are Halal Certified. From the Dim Sum to the other ala carte options at The Asian Restaurant, to the pastry selections at the Pastria and even at Deco Cafe & Grill as well as The Poolside, Halal issue is not left unattended. The Hotel Management obtained the required Halal Certificate from The Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAINS). Muslim Diners do not have to worry about the Halal Status of the Dim Sum offered at The Asian Restaurant, we personally asked the Management team and the Halal Stickers are just everywhere, to be seen.

About the Golden Hour Dim Sum Promotion

From August 15, 2016 to September 16, 2016, The Asian Restaurant @ Horizon Hotel Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is giving a 35% off their fan-favourite & highly-acclaimed Dim Sum menu from 8 am to 11 am daily from Mondays to Fridays. Do note that this promotion is not available on Public Holidays. If you come after 11 am (after that window period 8 am to 11 am)  you will get 20% discount. We recommend you to come for the delectable Dim Sum for your breakfast so that you enjoy a flat discount of that 35% instead of the 20%. The Management Team said that the current promotion is guaranteed to knock your socks off first thing in the morning, an indication to how great the Dim Sum are! To avid Instagrammers (as we both are!), when uploading your moments dining the Dim Sum, do include these hash tags ‪#‎horizonkk‬ ‪#‎horizonmoments‬ ‪#‎kkcity‬ ‪#‎foodie‬ ‪#‎dimsum‬ ‪#‎promo so that we both can see your ‘moments’. We love to view that nice pictures of yours!

The Menu (Dim Sum)

Be prepared before you come, as The Asian Restaurant Dim Sum menu is quite amazing in numbers, categorized and you might be a bit confused. So before you come here, look at the menu, have your ‘serious meeting’ with your dining mates and choose, well if you want to have all of em’, it’s your call. When we do write-ups, we will always try to insert the menu so that our readers/followers who are about to dine, are prepared well enough. For the the Dim Sum, you can always come back for more (items that you didn’t order before). For your guide (you may print if you want), here are the Dim Sum options according to the said categories.

Dim Sum Menu

Credit: Horizon Hotel Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Ms.Filzah M.Hilmi)







Food Tasting Session (August 18, 2016)

We both came with some of our media friends to sampled some great foods from both The Asian Restaurant and Deco Cafe & Grill. We all actually get to tasted two (2) different sets of promotions, namely Golden Hour Dim Sum (The Asian Restaurant) and The 4  Chef’s Signature (The Deco Cafe & Grill). This entry is about the Golden Hour Dim Sum promotion. We will publish a separate entry for that 4 Chef’s Signature.

Chef Loo Kok Keong, Chef Mohd Yusof and Chef Mohd Imbran presenting their creations, the amazing Dim Sum and superb 4 Chef’s Signature items.
The 8 types of Dim Sum that we sampled

There are about more than 40 types of Dim Sum options from the menu and the sub menu categorized into 6 parts. From that long list, we had 8 types of Dim Sum during the food tasting session. Those 8 types of Dim Sum were of high quality and we might be probably using the term, food that cleverly being produced out of creative meditation, a term that we actually learnt in Bali, Indonesia.

We tasted these 8 Dim Sum…




Other Related Discount


For Maybank Card(s) holders (refer to the banner above), you will get 15% discount on your total bill. Now, do play smart, we advise you. The Maybank discount promotion is NOT APPLICABLE to the current Golden Hour Dim Sum Promotion, so don’t ever think that you get a whopping 50% discount! Ain’t working that thoughts of yours. If you come with family members or friends, some of them maybe tempted to try that scrumptious options from the ala carte menu (apart from Dim Sum Choices).

Let’s play a smart game, shall we? Let’s assume you come for lunch at noon, the Dim Sum promotion discount is 20%, correct? So insist on having your bill for Dim Sum separately, so that you get 20% discount for the entire Dim Sum that you people ate. 2-3 persons might be opting for the normal ala carte options, so do advice in advance that you want the ala carte options to be billed separately from the Dim Sum. That 2-3 friends will enjoy their own 15% discount, if they use Maybank Cards! If you are the mastermind, the person in favor to pay all the bills, just make sure you separate that orders and inform the waiters/waitress of your intention. If all of you want to have Dim Sum, then we advise you to come in between 8 am – 11 am, so that you get that 35% off your Dim Sum bill.

Special Mention

From left to right-Kelly Chow (Sales & Marketing Manager), Wong Fook Loi@Hafizan (The General Manager) & Filzah M.Helmi (Communications Manager)

We want to thank the Horizon Hotel Management Team and the entire team (Kitchen & Front staffs) at The Asian Restaurant for inviting all of us at the Food Tasting session on August 18, 2016. Such a great honor and amazing opportunity to sample all the great selections!

Craving for that Dim Sum promotion and its 35% discount? Head to:


The Asian Restaurant
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88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: + 60 88 518 000 (Asian Restaurant ext: 2508)
Fax: + 60 88 518 118
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