8 reasons why you should have your Sunday Buffet Lunch @ Dreamtel Kota Kinabalu

Written by @curiostraveller & Edited by @joehaire
(Photos by @joehairie unless stated otherwise)


Sunday is normally the day when you go out with family member and friends to enjoy some good foods. It is that day when all of us actually keep thinking which is the best place to go and when the term buffet comes to our mind, the issue of affordability suddenly become the mother of all issues! Worry not as we have found a great place for you and your family/friends to enjoy Sunday Buffet Lunch. We reviewed Dreamtel Cafe not long ago, for this particular entry we will line-up 8 reasons why you should choose Dreamtel Cafe as your next ‘stop’ for your Sunday get together meals.

#1-Affordable Price (RM38 nett only, per adult!)

The main buffet counter

Google and study, trace the best price for a buffet on Sunday in Kota Kinabalu. You will be amazed to know that Dreamtel Cafe @ Dreamtel Kota Kinabalu is offering one of the lowest price for Sunday Buffet Lunch. Yes, we admit that it is not a 5 star hotel and the servings are not of 5 star standard. However, Dreamtel Cafe does offer delectable and scrumptious dishes, readily available for all of you, on the buffet counters.

Price : RM38.00nett per person (Adult)
RM19.00nett per person (Child aged 6 to 12)

Banner by Dreamtel Kota Kinabalu

#2-Validated by X Factor Reviewer

We came to sample the amazing foods on Sunday August 14, 2016. While we both were invited, we actually invited another guest, someone who we never met before. We’re friends in Instagram and after realizing that this person is an avid foodie, we decided to invite him and his wife to sampled the Sunday Buffet Lunch by Dreamtel Cafe. We asked for his opinion in regard to the buffet itself and a day later he emailed to us, stating his pros and cons comments.

Our invited guests-Mr & Mrs Firdaus

Do note that we never paid him and we met for the first time, in person, on that Sunday. Here are his opinion:

“Dreamtel Cafe managed to served local food such as Jeruk Bambangan, Tuhau, Rebung and Ikan Basung Goreng. Jeruk Bambangan was delicious when I tasted it, it had a great balance of sweet and sourness and it goes very very well with the fried Basung and Nasi Bukit. Red meat served with very generous cutting, cooked to perfection (medium cooked as all red meat should be cooked and eaten), juicy and not dry and hard. 

“For RM38 per head, the menu served for that day is worth paying for. The atmosphere was pleasant and  motivated me to enjoy the food. Indeed, a good place to have a great Sunday meal.”

“Fried noodles served on that day was totally out of this world love it so much, it makes me go for second round just for it. The lamb and satay was great, where the lamb was cooked with the juiciness still intact (not well done, dry and hard) the generous cutting size of the lamb shoulder should be praised where compared to other hotel’s restaurant the cutting will be smaller and thinner.”

#3-Cozy Cafe-Perfect for you & your family

Indoor dining area-perfect for family!

Dreamtel cafe has two main seating/dining areas, indoor and outdoor. Being a 100-seat restaurant, it surely ably to accommodate your family and friends. The cafe is not a complicated area where you have to maneuver  here and there just to get to the buffet counters. It’s straight forward location for all buffet stations, either indoor or outdoor.

Outdoor buffet stations

#4-Location-The 1+1 Factor (Gaya Street Sunday Market + Lunch)

Dreamtel Kota Kinabalu

Padang Merdeka

The hotel is located near to the Padang Merdeka and has plenty common parking lots. Since the buffet is on Sunday, no worries about having to pay for your parking fees. It’s free on Sunday. Yes, again we admit, at times it is difficult to get some parking slot as people flock to Gaya Street on Sundays. This is Kota Kinabalu we are talking about, which place in the city center is free from parking issue?  Get yourself and your family here earlier, secure a parking slot, while waiting for the Buffet to start, do visit the nearby Gaya Street. Have some fun with your family looking at all the items on display in the Gaya Street Market. It’s Sunday! The day when family should spend time together!

Gaya Street..visit this Sunday Market while waiting for lunch time

#5-Friendly Staffs

Untitled - 3 1
The front staffs with Chef Guy Alden

Staffs at Dreamtel Cafe are attentive, polite and will even get you your favorite coffee, even though it is  supposed to be self service! The Chef, Guy Alden normally goes around doing his routine, checking on everything. Say Hi to him, he is a nice guy and will be more than willing to explain in details the food being served at the buffet stations.

#6-The Satay and Its Gravy!

Chicken or Beef? Your choice…
Satay in the making!

The buffet is RM38 for adult. If you happen to be a die hard fan of Satay, head to Dreamtel Cafe and straight forward get yourself to the Satay Station. Have as many Satay you want. It;s buffet anyway! We recommend the Beef Satay or have Chicken if you want that, no problem. Both Satay and Gravy, absolutely delicious. Mathematically speaking, a skewer of Beef/Chicken Satay in Kota Kinabalu is about RM0.60-RM1.00, in cost. Now, if you are a Satay lover, have about 30 skewers, gradually and then head for another dishes. You pay only RM38 per person, tell us, does the price speaks for the volume? Is it worth paying that RM38 per adult? You decide…

#7-Sabah Traditional Food 

Sabah Traditional Food for you to consume!

It’s trending now, diners are expanding their palate. Now, everyone want to eat Tuhau and the options from Sabah Traditional Food. For the non Sabahan, this is your opportunity to sample the finest of Sabah Traditional Food at a very affordable price. You will not be able to get such treat anywhere else in Kota Kinabalu, in a buffet context, for RM38! Plus, you get to sample other kind of foods as well!

From left to right: Tuhau, Mixed local vegetables with anchovies and Bambangan

From left to right: Ikan Basung Goreng, Tapioca Shoots and Bamboo Shoots with Chicken

and what about some Ulam-ulaman cum healthy options? Yes, they have it all…


#8-You may get lucky in the monthly lucky draw!

Image from Dreamtel Kota Kinabalu Official Facebook Page
Sample of the voucher

Dine and spend any amount during the Sunday Buffet Lunch (lucky draw is offered whole day actually) and you will be eligible to win some cool vouchers to have another meals at Dreamtel Cafe. Just fill in the form which will be given by the staffs at Dreamtel Cafe, and you might be the next winner in the monthly lucky draw. Good luck!

We gave you 8 strong reasons, wait no more, head to Dreamtel Cafe this Sunday, if you can’t make it this Sunday, there is always another Sundays! We recommend you to come early to get your parking slot nearby, head to the Gaya Street Market and when it’s almost 12.30pm be at Dreamtel Cafe.

Sunday Buffet Lunch Time : 12.30pm – 3.30pm

dreamtel logo

Dreamtel Cafe @ Dreamtel
5 Jalan Padang, 88000
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 88 240 333
Fax: +60 88 248 333
Website: www.dreamtel.my
Email: sales.kk@dreamtel.my
Facebook: Click HERE


Pasta for you?
Creme Brulee & Lychee Pannacotta
Local delicacies..
Salad station
Outdoor seating area
Soup counter
Wanna have some? Come and get it…

About Dreamtel Cafe

Café Dreamtel is a 100-seat restaurant featuring local and international dishes using Sabah’s fresh produce daily. There are 2 seating/dining areas, indoor and outdoor. The operation hours are from 6.30 am to 10.30 pm. Buffet breakfast is served from 6.30 am to 10.30 am. A la carte menu is offered to guests for all day dining options. From time to time and normally according to festivals/celebrations in Sabah (Malaysia), Dreamtel offers unbeatable dining promotion to guests. Not only it is among the cheapest in the city (by hotel standard), the Chef ensure that the foods and beverages are of high quality in both taste and presentation. The Head Chef of Dreamtel Cafe is  Chef Guy Alden Peter.

About Dreamtel Kota Kinabalu

Dreamtel Kota Kinabalu is conveniently located within the centre of Kota Kinabalu city. Local tourist attractions are within walking distance such as the Atkinson Clock Tower, the famous Sunday Market at Gaya Street, handicraft market and shopping malls like Wisma Merdeka, Suria and Centre Point. Most banks and ATMs are located at Gaya Street.  Dining facilities include the Dreamtel Café and 24-hours in-room dining service. Other services include meeting facility, concierge service and laundry or dry cleaning.With 160 guestrooms, the Hotel has a wide selection of room types to suit varying guest requirements including Twin, Double and Triple. Whether you are travelling for business or on holidays with friends and family, Dreamtel has just the room for you.


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