Tamu-Tamu Collective @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Written by @curiostraveller & Edited by @joehairie
(Photos by @joehairie and credited sources)


We both were quite surprised to meet some young talented artisans and craftsmen who dedicate their time, soul and utmost attention into producing some beautiful and high quality handmade products. Not many people especially the younger generation are keen enough to get themselves into craft production. This particular group of arts and crafts enthusiast produce absolutely amazing products, inspired by the cultural diversity that is made of various ethnics in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Welcome to a Brand that is championing the traditional arts infuse into the handmade products., Tamu-Tamu Collective.


Standing from L-R: Haizum Alban, Eleanor Goroh & Adam Kitingan.Sitting from L-R: Jason Labunda & Jesse Joy

We were at the Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu and by chance we met the representatives of Tamu-Tamu collective. They were showcasing some of their beautiful handmade products in the hotel lobby.  This entry is an introduction to Tamu-Tamu Collective. In few weeks time, we will be publishing an article about their products and the wonderful people behind the Tamu-Tamu Collective.




Tamu-Tamu Collective is an initiative to gather artist, artisans, craftsmen and all talented individuals based in Sabah who are making their own handmade or homegrown products under one group. They gather once a month with their goods in the Tamu-Tamu Art Market. From August 21-22, 2016, they will be manning their booths and run workshops at the Rhythms of Rimba Festival at the Rainforest Discovery Center in Sandakan,Sabah. A week after that they will be at the B-Side Cafe in Kota Kinabalu. At times, they will be having their showcase at Syarikat Biru-Biru, Kota Kinabalu.


Photo Credit: Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

The word ‘tamu’ means farmers market in Sabah. A tamu is organized by the batives of Sabah where each ethnic group could meet for a day or two to trade at some designated place.


Photo Credit: Tamu-Tamu Official Facebook page

Tamu – Tamu Collective is an initiative to gather artist/artisans/crafters and all talented individuals making handmade/homegrown products both traditional and contemporary under one collective.

-To have an active handmade/homegrown community in Kota Kinabalu.

-To have a platform for the exchange of ideas and skills.

-Igniting entreprenuership.

-To encourage people to come up with their own handmade/homegrown items.

-To educate or to raise awareness of the people that handmade/homegrown products posses great quality and workmanship.

-To learn and reignite traditional crafts through outreach program with rural craftsmen/communities.



Tamu-Tamu Collective have been featured in the Malaysia Airlines Going Places Magazine (August 2016 Issue). To read the entire article written by Tan Lee Kuan, here is the link that will direct you to that said article.

Click This LINK

Photo Credit: Tamu-Tamu Official Facebook Page

Tamu-Tamu Collective

Facebook: Click HERE

Instagram: @tamutamucollective

Mobile: +60 17 8969 798 (Jesse Joy)


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