Muffinz Deli Café @ The Magellan Sutera Resort, Kota Kinabalu: Part 1-About

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(Photos, banners & Videos by @curiostraveller and Muffinz Café)


When you come to a café, you have high expectations- good food, excellent service and conducive environment for you, your family and friends. However, rarely a café ably to cater all these expectations. High end cafes normally are just too quite because the clientele comes from elite patrons, if they must talk loudly, they will talk about business. How do you get the kids to adjust in such café? The normal café’s on the other hand are just too loud, not that perfect for those wishing for a quieter spot. It is said that there is a place in Kota Kinabalu where you can actually  mix up all kinds of people, a cafe that gives the freedom to its patrons, of all ages, so to say. Welcome to Muffinz Deli Café at The Magellan Sutera Resort.

The write-up outline

Our write-up for Muffinz Deli Café  are divided into 2 parts as follows;

Part 1-The Facts: About Muffinz Deli Café

This part we will highlight the key points given to us by the Muffinz’s management. The information given will then be used to justify our own actual experience. Yes, we were invited but that will not stop us from delivering our own thoughts. We will be straight honest in what we want to write and for that you need to read Part 2.

Part 2- The experience

For this part, we will be revealing our own experience and shall be rating this café  according to scoring standard. This is the part that you will be able to know the details of the café  as seen and experienced by us. We will tell you if it is a truly a great café , a perfect spot for you, your family and friends. Click HERE to be directed to Part 2.

About Muffinz Deli Café


Take the opportunity to spend time with your family, kids or friends at Muffinz Deli Café and you’ll be greeted by the wonderful splash of vibrant colours that makes all kids and even adults gets excited about. Muffinz is a family friendly eatery; it comes together with a kid’s corner called The Little Magellan, where kids can simply play and join in the activities free of charge – unless stated otherwise.


Muffinz Deli Café is located at Level 1 of The Magellan Sutera Resort and offers seating capacity of 70, both indoor and outdoor. Muffinz offers patrons gourmet coffee beverages, whole-leaf Dilmah brewed hot & iced teas, refreshing fruit smoothies, yummy summerlicious floats, ice creams, sorbets, variety of cakes & pastries and healthy salads & sandwiches.


The café specialty food and beverages includes Melon Avocado Smoothies, sumerlicious floats, Chicken Pie and Shephard’s Pie. Child friendly menu available and it comes with a colouring activity.

Muffinz_Fruity Buds

Also available at Muffinz are the bi-monthly cakes & pastries promotions. For the month of July and August, the special promotion is the rich & creamy Hazelnut Tiramisu at the price of RM15.00nett per slice and RM100.00nett per KG.

Muffinz Hazelnut Tiramisu Cake

Muffinz Deli Café offers free WiFi and features a room for private events such as birthdays and gatherings. Kids can enjoy and play along with Barney, Mickey Mouse and Winner The Pooh mascot every Saturdays at 2.00pm. Kids can also enjoy exciting games, face painting and get free candies.


All prices at Muffinz Deli Café are NETT and inclusive of 6% GST. The outlet is open to public from 10.00am to 10.00pm daily and SHMGCC members will enjoy 25% discounts.


The Menu 

This is the menu as at 10 August 2016. Take note that if you visit Muffinz at a later date (e.g a year from this date) the menu might have been changed with some addition of newer products or certain products being taken out.

Untitled - 52

Untitled - 52 0

Untitled - 52 1

Untitled - 52 2

Untitled - 52 3

Untitled - 52 4

Untitled - 52 5

Untitled - 52 6

Untitled - 52 7

The Questions

Is this cafe up to the game in becoming one of the best or perhaps the best in Kota Kinabalu City? Is the cafe ably to satisfy our needs by offering the best products and service? Do they really mean it when they say, Muffinz Deli Café offers the best for all kinds of patrons? What about the rating from us? Are we going to highly recommend Muffinz Deli Café?  We will be answering all these questions in part 2.

Muffinz Deli Café
Level 1, The Magellan Sutera Resort
Sutera Harbour Resort
Tel: +60 88 308 432 / +60 88 318 888


About The Magellan Sutera Resort

The Magellan Sutera Resort Overview 1340 x 340
Image by

The Magellan Sutera Resort in Kota Kinabalu is a magnificent 5-star resort with 456 rooms and suites. The grand entrance is a majestic longhouse style lobby; an architectural tribute to the Rungus natives of Sabah. With fine timber furnishings and traditional handicraft artifacts, this resort is a favourite with families and couples and those seeking a relaxing, tropical holiday in Borneo. The suites are lavishly decorated and present fabulous views of beautifully manicured gardens or the South China Sea set against a backdrop of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.



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