The Unexplained Entity in Bali: My personal experience

Written by @curiostraveller & Edited by @joehairie


Do you believe in the existence of entity? Let me share my personal experience close to encountering such thing in Bali, Indonesia. One fine Thursday Evening, I was having my coffee at Starbucks, Discovery Mall in Kuta. I was alone as Joe was attending an appointment with a potential business partner. I remember it was exactly 9.30 pm when I got myself seated and was just starting to enjoy my Latte when suddenly I saw big groups of people (mostly local) start walking towards different directions. Motorcycles were here and there on the road.

One group was walking towards south and the other to north. This followed by some other people from inside the mall itself. Its kinda surprised me as normally people who works in that mall normally end their duties at 10 pm. Customers still on their seat and were amazed to see flow of people going here and there. I turned around to see the Starbucks sales counter and I saw staff starting to pack as if they were closing. I thought they will be closing at 12??.

Lucky I had my Latte in a take away cup. I grab my cup and started to walk too, might be there will be some interesting happening nearby. Just as I started walking for few meters, all lights from Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Burger King and even shops across the street of the mall, switched off and staffs were rushing for home. Now all people of the surrounding areas including the clueless tourist walked to different directions. Where are they going? Back to Hotels?

I decided to walk straight north towards Kuta Beach when I heard some local giggling and happily walking towards home (as in their conversation). I asked them, whats happening here in Kuta? Well, they told me that there will be a RITUAL shortly in Kuta Beach. What kind of ritual and what time and can I go watch it? I asked them. They told me, no, go back to your hotel. Owhhhhhh. And all the sudden, all lights even the street lights switched off and motorcycles started to go slow and people stop talking but walked a bit faster than usual.

Though there were like hundreds of people around, walking, I felt a bit nervous as no one preferred talking already. Even the loud tourist, kept quiet although I heard some whispering and another whisper told them to go back to the hotel. NO, it is not Nyepi. Nyepi is in March or April I think. This was January I am talking about. Suddenly, it was too dark as no more motorcycles were around, only sea of people trying to get home. As I was staying in the Saimai Residence, I had to take the junction going to the more quiet road. Luckily there were few local girls going home as well.

I asked them what’s actually happening and they told me they too don’t know anything as they are not from Bali but Java. So I followed them as they are walking towards the same direction. They suddenly went into a building and I was left alone, my only companion-my Latte. I ran and ran until I reach the Saimai.Just as I was about to go up the stairs that leads to the Hotel, I heard a very strange voice that seemed to come from above. It was like a roaring thunder or  something like that but a bit humanly. I looked up but there was nothing above.

I felt something touched my neck, slightly and a breeze of breath, of human, I supposed. This was when my ‘Hair standing up’. In my culture, we believed that such phenomenon is caused by something or ‘someone’ nearby, a subject that you can’t see, let alone describe. But I can tell you one thing, I dare to swear that after few seconds, I see some reds above, not that large but was exactly above, like 100 meters above me. What next? A sudden whisper of a nasty giggles on my left ear. Then? Of course I ran. Rushed into the lobby and almost breathless as if I am attacked.

The night shift receptionist, was way alarmed to see me. He was speechless as well and I am sure until now, that he knew something was going on but preferred to keep things as secret. He then asked me why I rushed in suddenly and looked pale and breathless. I told him my entire story. Know what? He sat, kept quiet and suddenly smiled (pretending, I know). He told me that there will be a ritual soon nearby at the beach. What kind of ritual? Well, he didn’t explain thoroughly. I have to respect him as he is a Hindu himself and do not want to offend him by asking too much about his religion or rituals or things like that.

I went back to my room and sat on my bed for almost one hour. In that one hour time, I saw darkness outside (from my window) and occasionally ‘red’ thingy here and there. I did not dare to look close, who knows it will come right on the window panel. I had this unexplained nervousness, sadness and depression. It made my stomach hurts a lot as if I am wanting to poo. Later, I heard someone walking outside my door. Peeked and saw Joe returning to his room. I met him and told my entire story. He said “Oh yeah, how come I didn’t experience anything?”. Hmmmm…Just wait and see, I told him.

Joe had this big room, its kinda a suite but the living area and bed are not separated by a wall. You can see through the entire room from his bed, end to end. Although I was a bit jealous  by the size of his room, I later retracted that feeling as I knew there’s something creepy at the end of his room. the very right corner, near the bathroom’s door. That area, is spooky and still are, I can feel that the very minute he checked into the room. As if someone or something will be sitting there, looking at whoever on the bed.

Guess what, the next morning, he revealed that there was actually something in that room. Something spooky. I was glad that I never stay in that particular Suite. Until today, I keep asking myself, what did I encountered that particular night? No one have ever tell me the kind of ritual that took place that night. I wonder and wonder, until now. Was that an entity? Or was it just my silly imagination? Believe me, I know when something spooky is around or nearby, I know that feeling, the feeling of hair standing up, goosebumps on the neck not to mention the whisper. Whisper? Yes, I encountered some experiences before in Sabah.

Once, I had to stay in a school hostel for few nights as I was hosting some students. It was in the toilet when I hear someone whispered my name. I was alone. That thing, whispered my exact full name and asked what was my reason for coming to the school? That thing (turned out to be a girl) even told me her name. I panicked and went back to my dorm. The next day I asked some students, who the hell is Marina? They told me, 2 years ago Marina, a broken heart student, committed suicide, hanging herself, in the same toilet I was in. It used to be the toilet meant for girls, 2 years ago!!!!!.

Yes, I believe in what I heard in Bali..the ever disturbing ‘small’ laugh, presented in a whisper right into my left ear. Pardon me Bali citizen, I never meant to actually link that unknown ritual to the spooky and freaky experience of mine, but it happened the same night. One day, if any Balinese read this post, do tell me your opinion, either the experience linked or not. Anyway, after that experience, I did read a lot about supernatural happenings in Bali. I kinda like it, gradually, to know that behind those reveals, there are stories, some said to be true stories. To end my story of the unexplained entities that I encountered, I want to share a video, found in YouTube. hope it will help you in trying to imagine ‘things’ in Bali.

Leak Bali 2
for illustration only..

This post is about my personal experience. Never I intend to humiliate any culture as I do respect cultures worldwide, I am just trying to portray my encounter with the supernatural.


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