Jom Durian Bah! @ Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu

Blogged by team for Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu
(Photos/Videos by @curiostraveller & @joehairie)


Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu’s team is bending the rules a bit on its No Durian Policy by having ‘Durians’ in the hotel ONLY for this month of August at its Promenade Cafe, Dynasty Restaurant and Deli Corner.

“We want our hotel patrons (especially Durian Fans) to enjoy a month long of luxury indulgence in the comfort of a hotel environment. Our team of Master Chefs has creatively used the right hint of the King Of Fruits from Savoury dishes* to desserts* to enrich the overall taste of each delicacies.” -Executive Chef H.K Cheung, Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu.

As the saying goes, “There is always a first time for everything and bending the rule on No Durian Policy in a Hotel makes us-Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu-the First to step out of the box”-Anita Chung, Group Director of Sales & Marketing.

For current, ongoing and upcoming Food & Beverages promotional details, please call:

Promenade Cafe/Dynasty Restaurant/Lobby Lounge/Deli Corner
Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu
Tel: +60 88 252 396  / 265 555 (Ext: 5107)

(* Durian Curry Chicken with Cheese, Durian Boiled Chicken Soup with Durian, Deep Fried Durian Cheese Rolls, Sweetened Vanilla Ice Cream with Durian, Mini Crystal Durian Lotus Paste Mooncake and Durian Cake)

The Gallery

Disclaimer: Take note that the portion of the food as shown in the images below were tailored and served for large group of people. The actual size of portion might be differ for individual order. For more information/clarification, please contact the hotel. 

Durian Curry Chicken with Cheese*

(Available at Promenade Cafe)

This particular dish is served on top of existing International Buffet Dinner Spread from Monday to Thursday and is priced at RM88 per person.




Tom Yam Seafood Soup with Durian*

(Available at Dynasty Restaurant)

Said to be popular in Thailand, it’s now available for Diners in Kota Kinabalu at Dynasty Restaurant, Promenade Kota Kinabalu and is priced at RM22.80 per bowl.



Durian Boiled Chicken Soup with Durian*

(Available at Dynasty Restaurant)

This dish is priced at RM12.80 per bowl (please refer to disclaimer).



Deep Fried Durian Cheese Rolls*

(Available at Dynasty Restaurant)

Creamy Durian and Cheese inside the rolls and is priced at RM9.80 per serving.


Mini Crystal Durian Lotus Paste Mooncake*

(Available at Dynasty Restaurant and Deli Corner)

This delectable mini size Mooncake is priced at RM3.00 per piece. For more information about Promenade Hotel’s Mooncake promotion, click HERE.



Sweetened Vanilla Ice Cream with Durian*

(Avalaible at Dynasty Restaurant)

Price: RM10.80 per bowl




Durian Crepes*

(Available at Deli Corner)




*PPP,PPTM & participating discount cards are applicable
*Price quoted are inclusive of 6% Goods & Service Tax

Our Thoughts

We both are big fans of Durians and we love all the savoury dishes and desserts that were served to us. We strongly recommend to those intending to come to Promenade Kota Kinabalu to indulge in their latest promotion of Jom Durian Bah! Do try each of the dishes being highlighted in this entry. To those not so fancy about Durian, we suggest you to try the Durian Curry Chicken with cheese first. You will be amazed at how the Durian taste being balanced with other distinct taste(s) of that menu. Not that strong Durian taste we shall say, it’s good for everyone, actually. Wait no longer, this promotion is for limited time only and you don’t want to wait until the next Durian season. That will certainly be a long wait!