Haus Cafe @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Written by @curiostraveller
(Photos by @joehairie unless stated otherwise)
The Front Entrance

Some say it’s a cafe with unfinished design. Some say it’s a hipster cafe. We say, it’s a cafe with Industrial Design, purposely left unfinished on some parts, implying a big statement, a significant impact and trademark readily for viewing to those passing by. Alluring that is, as if it’s a call for people to come in and check out what’s inside. That is definitely genius and smart. Welcome to Haus Cafe, one burgeoning cafe in Kota Kinabalu City, we must say. The concept is different. While other cafes tend to outshine competitors, Haus look at things differently. Being humble that is. The owner intend to create that community feels by ensuring that the cafe is fit for people of all ages and background. It ain’t only for the avid coffee hunters and young career people (as you can see in many other cafes), the door opens for everyone.

About Haus Cafe

Haus Cafe lighting’s during evening

Haus cafe is owned and managed by Farish Aziz (For Wikipedia, click HERE), a well known actor, a celebrity that is. Being super talented he broadened his ‘skills’ by opening the Haus Cafe. Located at 88 Marketplace, Kota Kinabalu, the cafe started it’s business on December 22, 2015.

Operating from 9 AM to 11 PM daily (Except Tuesday-Off day), the cafe is supervised by the Manager, Ms.Charleen. Though pretty being compared with other cafe’s products, the Manager told us that Haus is readily to introduce more food creations that differ from what people are getting from cafes alike. According to Charleen, Farish Aziz himself keep infusing his positive thoughts into the overall Haus concept.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Farish Aziz (Photo by Farish Aziz)

Food and Beverage Menu


Food Menu

There are about 12 or so items in the Food Menu, with some being main(s) while the rest are sides. It’s quite fascinating to see some menu with unusual names such as Tamaha and Tabarus. Probably that’s the radical thought of a young clever business person such as Farish Aziz, daring to bringing up the cafe Industry one level up. Being radical in business is a must nowadays.

It is one of many creative ways to attract customers. Brilliant idea, Farish! Such names made we wondered for a while and I became more curious. Curious to know what’s on the plate for that super unique food names. Price wise, it’s mid range for the average customers, the lowest being RM5.00 and max at RM24.00. Simply put, affordable for all.

During our visit on July 20, 2016, we actually wanted to try Chicarito. Unfortunately, we didn’t. We must try this one soon…uhhhh can’t wait as it looks so pretty good, perhaps it’s one of the food that I will use the word ‘Heaven’ to describe the’s so Mexican..


Beverage Menu

Don’t be confused with the numbers like 11/12. Upper value is for hot selection while the latter for the cold. The menu is written manually on the board, attached to the wall near to the Cashier Counter. The picture below shows another option in the beverage menu. Pardon us for the not so clear picture.

More beverage menu..

Our Experience

We tasted these 4 food options..

Altogether, we had 4 awesome option from the Food menu and 3 from the beverage list. Each has its distinct taste. We both had mix opinions about the foods presented to us. We carefully tasted each and will relay our thoughts, honestly, in this entry.


Fries were delicious especially when mixed with that beef ragu and melted cheese. It’s so close to Heaven actually. Love this dish so much. However, it will be best if the beef ragu and melted cheese being spread evenly, on top of the fries. That way, the dish will look ‘rich’ and more tempting. Taste wise, overall, superb. We strongly recommend this dish for future guests at Haus Cafe. Brilliant idea to put the Turkey Strips on top, so crunchy and tasted amazingly delicious.

Wondon Beef Wrap-RM24.00

The salad dressing said to be top secret. It tasted amazingly delicious. The Fries had enough seasoning. Tasted good enough. We wish some melted cheese were being spread on the Fries. That will be more tempting. The Tortilla Bread, just nice, not that thick and not too thin, perfect combination with that braised beef and fried egg. It had that sufficient moist when we had the first bite. Again, this dish will look so nice and tempting if it has melted cheese on top of the fries. In its current presentation, the fries looks a bit ‘plain’.

Haus Salad-RM16.00 9For Plain Salad without Chicken, RM10.00)

Haus Salad, the healthy option at Haus Cafe. Again, the salad dressing is top secret as claimed by the Restaurant Manager, Ms Charlene. Of course it tasted so good. The Turkey Strips were again the best part of this salad, we had em’ one by one. Chicken, fried perfectly and crunchy but tender inside. I am not that pretty sure if this salad looks that presentable if the chicken opted out by customers. It will look a bit ‘plain’ I must say, but that before tasting the overall greens which were fresh and crunchy. With the dressing, it’s close to heaven.

Bread Butter Pudding with Ice Cream-RM17.00

Quite loving this dessert. It had all the elements in being a dessert. By far, among the best dessert that we had in Kota Kinabalu City. Now, I must say, this dessert as ‘heaven’, for the taste and affordable price, we STRONGLY recommend this option to all of you.

House Oreo-RM9.00

Rich with oreo on top and inside, with scoop of ice-cream, it’s worth trying this option. For the oreo lovers, this is the one for you all. Amazingly rich in taste and looked so presentable. Highly recommended.

Iced Green Tea-RM13

We had some little issue with this option. We had pretty serious discussion in rating this particular drink. While it looked so rich, it did not, in taste. Need a little bit of umpphhh and perhaps it will be one great beverage. It lacked that taste of Green Tea actually. The degree of sweetness, acceptable, by our standard.

Refreshing Lemonade-RM8.00

Less is more, simplicity is the key and the Refreshing Lemonade was the king of of all three beverages that we had today. It didn’t taste sweet, it had the right consistency in lemony taste, we felt refreshed after drinking it. A perfect drink and helps in digestion actually, detoxing that is.

The Layout

Let’s take a tour and see what it looks like in Haus Cafe. Some of you might have never been here, so before you come here, let’s get familiar with the inner part of Haus Cafe.

Main Dining Area

There are 2 areas inside the Haus Cafe. The main area are basically meant for you to be seated properly and have meals. Power sockets are available for you to re charge your lappy or other gadgets of yours.

Main Dining Area

Love the lighting sets. Such cool feature. Look at both walls, left and right. Ain’t that a bit Industrial concept. Kind of an unfinished job but somehow gave that feel of that Industrialization era where bricks and zinc were main components, only if they have enough metal showcase, that’s 100% industrial. We still say it is, for the ‘feel’ of it.

Lounging Area

The second area of Haus Cafe is for you and your friends to chill out, lounging, talking or gossiping to your liking, whatever that is. While doing that, have your preferred beverage or perhaps some fries to bite. Your call!

Lounging Area

Another part of the lounging area where you can actually be with the books, if you wish. Read as much as you want, just make you sure you return the book(s) that you read to its original location. There are many many books to choose from. Good music being played here, a bit Latin at times and contemporary as well.

Books just for you..
Cashier Counter and Beverage Station

Remember to place your order here. If it’s not peak time, you may wait for the staff to come to you and take your order. Amazing dessert waiting for you to discover em’. so head to the Cashier counter and choose..

Lounging Area

Above picture, cool lounging area with a mini stage there. If you are interested to showcase your talent, contact Farish Aziz. Unearth your talent ,Farish has many contacts anyway, who knows you will be discovered here by big productions!

Kids/Resting area

A corner meant for kids but don’t be surprised if you happen to see adults here. Taking nap or relaxing. Farish is one kind person who let customers do that. Next to it, is the smoking room, the catch, you need to get out of the cafe from the main door..

Our thoughts

We received so many request from our readers via email. The request were mostly asking us to  list the exact scoring elements. Haus Cafe will be the first business outlet that will be shown publicly its tabulated scores, in details. Here it is..

Food (Taste and Presentation) Average Score: 4.00/5
Tabarus : 4/5
Wondon Beef Wrap: 3.2/5
Haus Salad: 4/5
Bread Pudding: 4.8/5
Clearly the obvious thing that need some improvement is the Wondon Beef Wrap. While it had all the right taste in that Tortilla with some great salad dressing, that Fries were a bit not presentable. Tasted good but it will look ‘glamorous’ with something on it, such as melted cheese or just anything.

Beverage (Taste and Presentation) Average Score: 3.97/5
Haus Oreo: 4.4/5
Iced Green Tea: 2.5/5
Refreshing Lemonade: 5/5
The Iced Green Tea barely made it to passing score (2.5). It didn’t had enough Green Tea taste in it. It looked rich, in presentation but not when we tasted it. 

Overall & Service.Average Score: 3.8/5
X Factor: 4.5/5
Service by staffs: 3.1/5
Yes, we felt that X Factor. We do think that we belong to this cafe. We went to the right place. We didn’t feel intimidated, discriminated, isolated or whatsoever. We felt like being at home and that was a super important criteria. However, in the service segment, only Ms Charlene took the initiative to serve us properly. The other staff seemed to be isolated and keep being at the counter area. There were not so many customers that day. It is important to build up conversation with all customers, no matter who you are. At certain places, the Chef will take the initiative to go around and talk to customers. Only Charlene had real conversation with us. One or two staff sent the foods and drinks but did not take the opportunity to chat. A simple question like, “how are you today”…will do and that will ignite more conversation. Just our 2 cents..never be afraid to be friendly…that’s called service..

Our Rating for Haus Cafe

Category: Modern Cafe

Dining Theme/Category: Western/Mexican

Date of Visit: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We rated our experience as : GOOD 3.923/5

Food-Presentation and Taste : 4.00

Beverage-Presentation and Taste: 3.97

Overall & Service by front Staffs: 3.8


Important Note:

For cycle 2, we will be using new rating system for all Cafes/Bars/Restaurants/Lounges. We will use a straight forward indication as shown below.

5.00-4.00 Excellent

3.99-3.00 Good

2.99-2.50 Average

2.49-1.50 Bad

1.49-0.00 Worst

Planning to visit? Head to:

Block F Ground Floor Lot 3A
88 Marketplace, Lorong Pusat Komersil
88300 Kota Kinabalu

Phone: +60 88 210 310
Instagram: Click HERE
Facebook: Click HERE


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